Free States vs. Oppressive States: The American Dream Destroyed? What You Need to Know About Hope Ahead [Audio].

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I recently did an interview with Tom Roten about the lockdowns, Biden’s new expansion policies, and the growing revolt against lockdown restrictions and the growing hope for change.

It create a lot of comments and controversy. I know you’ll want this “insider” perspective.

You can listen to it HERE.

During the interview I discussed the following:

  • Within one year, government control over our lives exploded and new government powers devastated the lives, jobs and businesses of millions.
  • Why? Schools should be open now to educate children, but are closed for political, not scientific reasons.
  • The lockdown states’ vs. the free states’ economies are an example of freedom vs. coercion.  
  • Free state Florida’s unemployment rate is around 3-4% and jobs and wages are booming. The unemployment rate in California is closer to 10% and jobs and wages are suffering.
  • Why small and medium-sized businesses are hit the worst in lockdown states.
  • 40% of restaurants are gone forever in California because of the lockdown. In Florida, they are packed and expanding.
  • Millions are dependent on government handouts and control now…and have no desire to see it stopped.
  • How Republican and Democrat governors violated individual liberty and turned their backs on what made America great…only a handful stood up for what was right – freedom.  
  • We are seeing the American dream being destroyed if things don’t change.
  • Revolt: In California, there are enough signatures for a recall in a campaign against Gov. Newsom because of his lockdown policies.
  • Hope and change – good change is coming. And a renewed hope in the American dream.
  • We are going to see the result of a growing revolt impact the 2022 election that could turn things around.

In fact, we will see the changes in state after state in the next election.

And this is why the entire bureaucracy is trying to get so many horrific bills passed now.

I explain in the interview that these bills include S.1 that would “allow ballot harvesting” to be legal in every state.

The Biden administration also wants to pass the Equality Act, which would destroy churches, Christian business owners and religious liberty, as well as transform sports for boys and girls.

I point out 75% of people often don’t vote in the primary and it is very important to do so to elect the right candidates.

30-40% of evangelical Christians are not registered to vote… and about half of those who are registered don’t vote.

In the last election, there was a significant drop in the number of evangelical Christians that voted, as well as a significant change in how they voted.

The evangelical Christians are the ones that can sway an election if they show up to vote. We must work to mobilize this group to show up to vote now.

And we need to strengthen the integrity of the election process created by state legislatures.

Right now, people are driven by fear, and the government is now making us think that without them taking care of us, we cannot function.

Click HERE to listen to my part of the interview. It is 22-minutes long.

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One Comment on “Free States vs. Oppressive States: The American Dream Destroyed? What You Need to Know About Hope Ahead [Audio].”

  1. My wife and i and many i know are in absolute agreement with your comments. Something has gone terribly wrong in our nation and government. While upright people have been lulled asleep by success and prosperity and distracted by many other things. The foxes have gotten into the chicken coop. And they are running amuck

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