Forced Masking is Back: Lies, Lies, Lies [Powerful Video Exposed]

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It’s back!

Forced masking is back.

Here are 6 things you should know — Including 3 lies the “health bureaucrats” are telling you:

Masking Reality #1School Mask Mandates Are Back

The medical establishment, the health bureaucrats, and pro socialist politicians want you to mask-up again… And people are being forced to do it.

In California for example, school districts are now again forcing kids to wear masks.

The colleges and universities are forcing students to wear masks.

And the cities and counties like Los Angeles, are saying that they want to impose forced masking again.

For example, in San Diego, the unified school district, the second largest district in California, reinstated indoor masking for all students and staff for grades K-12. They claim they are doing this as a response to the increase in COVID infections in the county. However, the way officials have been counting COVID infections has been dubious at best.

Needless to say, parents are livid and have been expressing their anger at San Diego Unified Board President Sharon Whitehurst Payne. Payne said that “kids and parents who do not want to wear masks, can go to our school that’s online. They can opt not to return to the regular school but go to the school where they don’t have to go to school at all other than via zoom.”

As for kids going to summer school, Payne said, “They [kids/parents] should make it known that they don’t feel comfortable and at that point, just not return.”

Not only is her response outrageous, but it’s also moronic, and not based on any sound science.

However, her attitude is asymptomatic of the problem and frustration parents are feeling all over the country. In fact, parents are so frustrated and angry they are fighting back like never before.

School board officials are being recalled across the nation, including 3 school board members in San Francisco, which made national headlines.

Their lies are all built on a house of cards that is crumbling.

These “medical” guidelines that they link their mask mandates to are never based on real science or any peer reviewed studies. In fact, all the peer reviewed studies regarding the effectiveness of masks show that masking children (or adults) does not stop the spread of COVID. These same studies have shown that masks impede speech, learning, and cause medical and phycological problems, like depression.

Based on these studies, the C.D.C. (Centers for Disease Control) had to admit that they had not done any of their own studies and had to acknowledge that “non-surgical cloth masks provide little protection”. Even CNN medical reporter Leana Wen had to give in to “real science”, saying that “cloth masks are little more than facial decorations.”

More and more studies are showing that masks are ineffectual.

A recent study done by researchers at Yale University found “no evidence that mandating mask wearing reduces transmission of COVID”.

Science journalist Faye Flam reported in Bloomberg Opinion that “The states with mask mandates haven’t fared significantly better than the 35 states that didn’t impose them. There’s little evidence that mask mandates are the primary reason the pandemic waves eventually fall—though much of the outrage over lifting mandates is based on that assumption.”

Masking Reality #2The “Proof” to Mask is a Lie

California, New York, Seattle, and other Democrat run cities and states are doubling down on mask mandates, based on “junk” science and lies.

Democrats are using scare tactics to impose their draconian will on the people — science be damned.

These power hungry, corrupt politicians and their “ministers of health” are reinstituting mask mandates in schools and other public places, warning that a new more virulent strain of COVID is on the horizon this Fall, as-well-as other “pandemic” illnesses like monkeypox.

California’s medical officials, including Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer have been lying about the COVID data, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths in California.

Ferrer stated that “5% to 10 % of COVID patients that are being hospitalized are ending up in the ICU and are needing ventilators”.  It should be noted that Ferrer is not a medical doctor, but has a “social justice” PhD — That should tell you everything you need to know.

However, a video from USC Medical Center reveals the truth.

In the video, USC doctors contradict Ferrer’s statements, noting that “only 10% of COVID positives are admitted to the hospital and virtually none are admitted to the I.C.U., and none are on ventilators.”

It’s also been uncovered that those who tested positive with COVID and died, died because of a comorbidity, or previous condition, like cancer, or heart failure — they just happened to also have COVID. However, officials are recording those death as COVID deaths.

These public health officials are violating the trust of the people. They are using these “fake” statistics to impose mask mandates on children and adults — Decisions not based on true science but on a foundation of lies.

This undercover video has revealed their lies.

State officials are instilling fear among the public.

Their policies are impacting public health.

They are harming children with these mask mandates.

Now doctors from USC Medical Center and other medical associations are calling for Ferrer to step down voluntarily, and if not, for the L.A. Country Board of Supervisors to fire Ferrer, and other medical and educational officials who are peddling these lies and harmful policies.

Here’s a link to the full video. Click HERE.

Masking Reality #3States Outlawing Forced Masking

The idea that masks really work is a lie. I’ve been documenting multiple studies since 2020 that show masks don’t work. But the science against masks is ignored, and the socialist politicians and deep state health officials keep spreading their lies that masks work.

Currently, school masking is banned in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and Utah.

Every state should do this. What about yours?

Masking Reality #4Political Theatre

The masks are political virtue signaling to help the socialist politicians that want to control your life, from cradle to grave.

It’s political theatre to promote reliance on politicians and the government.

Masking Reality #5Don’t Be Misled, Live Free

Want to wear a mask… Okay, it’s your choice. It’s a free country.

But don’t force me to wear a mask… I choose to live life and not live in fear.

Masking Reality #6Masking Can Be Worse than Not Masking

A recent peer reviewed case study analyzing COVID death rates in Kansas concluded that mask mandates caused higher COVID death rates.

Kansas was used in the study because state officials allowed each of the state’s 105 counties to decide on whether they were going to force citizens to mask up or not. Eighty-one counties decided not to impose a mask mandate.

The results from the study defied the conventional “wisdom” of established Washington DC “health czars”, like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx — Mask mandates caused 1.5 times more deaths compared to those without masks.

This and other peer reviewed studies from around the world show that masks don’t work — Not cloth. Not Surgical. The reason is that the tightest weaving we can achieve in a surgical mask is 60 to 80 microns wide. Viruses, by comparison, are roughly less than 1 micron wide… small enough to pass through any mask.

Bacteria, on the other hand, are much bigger than viruses, and can’t easily pass-through masks. However, they can accumulate on them, which can cause various illnesses if not cleaned properly.

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  1. They have been padding the death count ever since covid came out. I mean, when you pay hospitals thousands of dollars per covid patient you’re going to get a lot of fraud, and when coroners are told to put the death down as covid you’re going to get a lot of false covid deaths! More covid deaths were created from falsehood than from reality, so who knows how many people really died directly from covid? I do believe it’s a lot less than they’ve told us!

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