Evolutionary Brainwashing at the Natural History Museum … and in Schools

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My wife and I recently went to Washington D.C. for a meeting with President Trump.

During that trip, we decided to go to some of the museums in the area.

Recently, $110 million was spent to refurbish the Natural History Museum with new exhibits and a complete renovation.

We were excited.

Unfortunately, down every hallway, evolution – Darwinism – was presented as fact.

But Darwinian macro evolution by natural selection is a theory. It is not scientific fact … the evidence is far from being conclusive.

Yet the media, many secular politicians, and teachers in schools present it as indisputable fact.

The propaganda and the indoctrination of visitors with assumptions treated as facts was neither subtle nor minimal. It was a propaganda museum.

Did you know that more than 1,000 Ph.D. scientists have signed a statement dissenting from Darwinism?

That’s right.

The Discovery Institute has a list of scientists who disagree.

Their petition, A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism reads “We are skeptical of claims of the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence of Darwinism should be encouraged.”

It further states, “To limit teaching to only one idea is a disservice to students because it is unnecessarily restrictive, dishonest, and intellectually myopic.”

Famous scientists have signed the declaration. You can see it here.

You can also learn more about the problems with the theory of Darwinian evolution here and here.

The determination of the secular world to disregard not only creationism, but also any doubt about evolution and Darwinism – and that any doubt or dissent is non-scientific – is pervasive.

In fact, those who believe in creationism – or in the intelligent design theory – are ridiculed.

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3 Comments on “Evolutionary Brainwashing at the Natural History Museum … and in Schools”

  1. Darwinian evolution doesn’t meet the criteria for a theory and is at best conjecture. We live in a very exciting time of scientific discovery and with each new discovery the argument for evolution sinks lower into the depths.

  2. Mr. Huey and the first responder to comment have it correct. In fact, it’s even more severe than they have represented it. Logically (on several separate tracks), scientifically (by fixed laws of physics), and mathematically (statistically), evolutionism (as well as spontaneous generationism) is impossible. Thus, the materialist paradigm is utterly dead. I’ll leave it to the reader to reason out what this must mean.

  3. Life is irreducibly complex. Complexity requires inter-working (and often complex) parts that function from the beginning with ALL the basic parts and systems in place in an environment conducive to that form of life with a source of food/energy. The chances of that happening by accident are mathematically impossible. When you add the unique and specialized requirements of reproduction, you add even more complexity.

    Had a conversation with someone convinced of evolution by chance/random mutations. Asked him a simple question: “Tell me everything you know about ear wax.” “What?!” was his response? “O.K., it’s waxy.”

    “But how did it evolve? How dd the ear “know” it needed to make it and then know how to make it and develop the mechanism to make it and gather the materials needed to produce it and do all that in the right spot in the ear canal? You are a highly intelligent person (he had recently earned his doctorate, but not in any biological science), you’re not dumb like earwax, so how did it happen? Of course he had no idea. I’m sure most of us don’t.

    I asked him how many kinds of ear wax there are. He didn’t have any idea. (There are two basic kinds, waxy and flaky). I asked him who has what kind? He didn’t know. (Most people have waxy, but a large portion of some Asian peoples have flaky). I asked him if he knew that earwax has antibiotic properties. He didn’t. (Probably most people have no idea). I asked him how did the gland that makes earwax figure out how to make it with antibiotic properties? How did it know it should have antibiotic properties? If it didn’t have that from the beginning, what caused it to know how to start the process and obtain the right ingredients?

    As you no doubt now realize, earwax and the process of manufacturing it are a bit more complex than we ever gave thought to, and it’s not even alive. It’s something we all have but know very little about. If we who are by comparison highly intelligent have to make the effort to learn about earwax, how did earwax happen “all by itself” by accident? Obviously, it didn’t. Nor can evolution by random chance explain highly complex, or even “simple” life forms and all the systems that need to be in place and functioning right from the start.

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