Election 2016: 3 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate: What Every Christian Should Know

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Election 2016: 3 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate: What Every Christian Should Know

The third and final debate of the 2016 Presidential Election was perhaps Donald Trump’s best performance and Hillary Clinton’s worst performance.

Chris Wallace gave good and fair treatment of hard questions for both candidates. Unlike the first two, which were biased against Trump and favored Hillary Clinton.

In the hour and half debate, the three issues were key to Christians.

  1. The Supreme Court. The first question asked is the question Christians must ask themselves: “Who will the next President of the United Sates appoint the US Supreme Court?” Hillary Clinton’s answer was stunning. She said she would only appoint those who would be pro-abortion and keep the flawed law Roe v. Wade, judges who would enshrine homosexual marriage as law.

Donald TRUMP said he would appoint conservative judges who would uphold the Second Amendment and protect life. They would interpret the constitution the way the Founders intended it, and not legislate from the bench.

Trump v. Clinton: Debate Three (Credit: Conservative Daily News)

  1. Donald Trump said that his conservative, pro-life judges would overturn Roe v. Wade so the issue could be deicide by the states, and he supporters every effort to stop the barbaric killing of babies in the last trimester, partial birth abortion. In fact, he described the gruesome process in detail on national TV.

Hillary Clinton said she would support abortion rights, support Planned Parenthood, and that she believes the fetus has no constitutional rights. Christ Wallace pointed out that she voted against a ban on partial birth abortion as US Senator from New York. At nine months or later, she would support ripping the baby out of the womb of the mot her.

  1. As Christ Wallace suggested, Hillary Clinton will follow the policies of President Obama and his stimulus program. Wallace asked that since the program produce less than 2% growth, why bother doing the same thing? Hillary Clinton’s answer was that more money, and spending would turn the economy around.

Donald Trump took issue with Clinton’s plan. That only way to create jobs, grow wages, and get American moving again would be to reduce taxes and regulations so that businesses could grow and expand, include getting rid of Obamacare, which have kept our economy in the lowest growth rate since the 1940s.

What do you think? Were there other highlights to the debate that I missed? Email me at craig@electionforum.org

2 Comments on “Election 2016: 3 Critical Questions Asked in the Final President Debate: What Every Christian Should Know”

  1. Statistics I found, show “born again Christians” registered as Democrats about 40% and Republicans about 55%. Given America’s god offending condition this would not surprise me if it’s true. Because that there are literally no Democrat politicians in a existence not taking positions egregiously offensive to Christ in the Democrat party, but there are at least a few politicians in the GOP consistent with the admonitions, commands, and other requirements for Christians found in the Word of God, the question becomes, with socialism and fascism being clearly anti-Biblical and the Democratic Party representing a hybrid of both, how could anyone claiming Christ vote for a Democrat politician?

    I left the last church I attended because the pastor applied the Word of God to everything, but only superficially to government by telling us to vote. This, even though Christians representing themselves in government (or not) ultimately determines whether or not Christians remain free to exercise their God given inalienable rights, or fail to represent God in government which offends God and brings tyranny upon their own children.

    I’m voting for Trump this time. That said, I would vote for an atheist who preserves, protects, and defends the constitution, before I would vote for a GOP politician claiming conservatism and Christianity while having a voting record proving he/she is a fake conservative like our existing two GOP congressional House and Senate leaders and many other RINOs. We need to stop fixating on Democrats and replace the ‘traitors in our own GOP camp’ with true conservatives – otherwise we just slow America’s destruction by voting GOP.

  2. It seems both candidates lead very sullied lives, seemingly without repentance or remorse. The GOP Candidate has a long history of abuse towards women, racism and tends to use threats, intimidation and fear to influence others. I cringe knowing David Duke and the KKK love the GOP candidate; financially contributing to Mr. Trumps campaign. The DRC candidate denied the death of men who gave their lives in Benghazi and has done some very horrible things to those whom may be a political threat to her. Its like choosing between Herod and Jezebel. Sin is sin and the lessor of two evils is still quite evil. John the Baptist was beheaded for confronting (standing up to) Herod about sin. I want the one vote I have for the presidential candidate to stand as a message; although one or the other may lead the nation soon, i cannot in good conscience align myself with either of them but will pray for whichever despot we get vote into office throughout their term. On the whole economy issue and spending, carefully consider what is being said. Individual, household and corporate budgets are not the same as that of a sovereign nation which issues its own currency. None of us like being missinformed (the nice way to say it) with the goal being to persuade one towards voting for or supporting a person/party.

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