Dr. Peter McCullough: His Special Warning to Parents and Grandparents About Vaccinating Children [Video]

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Dr. Peter McCullough believes that healthy children should not be given the COVID-19 vaccine because the percentage of those children that die from the virus is minuscule, but the adverse effects should worry everyone.

Dr. McCullough is a leading cardiologist and epidemiologist who has chosen to speak up while other doctors have remained silent.

Dr. McCullough used his associates at John Hopkins University to look into COVID-19 vaccines and kids:

“My research team at Johns Hopkins partnered with FAIR health to study pediatric COVID-19 deaths using approximately half of the nation’s health insurance data. We found that 100% of pediatric COVID-19 were in children with a pre-existing condition.”Dr. McCullough says, “and so, for those reasons, a good doctor would never, ever consider vaccination of a child.”

He believes it makes sense to vaccinate for “horrible” diseases like polio, or widely contagious ones like chickenpox or mumps and measles, but not for a virus-like SARS-CoV2 that does little to no harm to children.

“We would never vaccinate against the common cold,” he said.

But he does recommend vaccinating children against COVID-19 who have other severe illnesses.

McCullough said we don’t have enough data on the long-term and adverse effects of the vaccines on healthy children, and the data that is available shows more harm than good comes from giving vaccines to young people.

He says, “In this case, we would never expose children to a vaccine that didn’t have a long-standing safety profile. FDA standards for just an antigen-based vaccine has to be two years of safety profile. We need a lot of assurances that it doesn’t cause defects and growth, that it causes potential long-term risk for autoimmune or cancer,” he said.

Especially for gene transfer technology, the safety profile is five years, he said.

McCullough said the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials that were done with children aged 12-17 did not provide data-supported vaccinating healthy children.

Dr. McCullough has evaluated data that show myocarditis is a major concern when given the vaccine to children. He rebuked the FDA advisory panel for saying that adverse effects from the vaccine in children are “mild” and “rare.”

McCullough has found evidence that the vaccines cause myocarditis in a significant number of its recipients, mostly male. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle.

He even cited a study by Dr. Tracey Hoeg at the University of California, Davis which found that the rate of these events is higher than first thought.

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One Comment on “Dr. Peter McCullough: His Special Warning to Parents and Grandparents About Vaccinating Children [Video]”

  1. I agree with Dr. McCullough
    More truthful and accurate testing is needed!
    Fear of death is leading this rush to vaccinate.

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