Disturbing but Predicted: Thousands of Ballots Arriving at the Post Office After the Election – Millions Won’t be Counted

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Thousands of ballots continue to pour into U.S. post offices across the country. The vast majority of them are from people who mailed in their ballot three or less days before the election.   

A small minority of them are from people who, as registered voters, never received the ballots sent to them in time to vote.  

This includes key states of controversy where there is a close election. These key states include Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Most states required the mail-in ballots to arrive by election day. Some states required the mail-in postmark to be made no later than November 3rd. Some states allowed ballots to be counted anywhere from 3 to 16 days after the election.

Part of the controversy about mail-in ballots is regarding:

  1. Ballots with no postmarks
  2. Ballots with illegible postmarks and
  3. Backdated postmarks by postal workers

For example, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the election supervisor ordered the election workers to backdate ballots postmarked November 4 to November 3.


Because the Pennsylvania legislature had ruled that mail-in ballots had to be received by November 3rd. But the state Supreme Court illegally overruled the legislature and ordered that ballots be counted if they were received up to 3 days late.

This was a clear case of judicial activism, violating the U.S. Constitution…which gives state legislature the responsibility and the authority to determine election rules within their states – not the states courts.

In my article, Voting by Mail: 6 Shocking Reasons Your Vote May Never be Counted, I had predicted – based on past experiences and knowledge of undeliverability and delayed deliverability – that 9.8 million late mail-in ballots would not all be counted.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a convenient excuse by Democrats desperately wanting to defeat President Trump and take control of the U.S. Senate to implement a massive mail-in voting scheme that was doomed to create chaos and uncertainty regarding the 2020 election.

What have we learned so far?

  1. It was irresponsible of states to send out a ballot to every registered voter without first cleaning up the registered voter rolls and creating a proven system to count the votes by Election Day.
  2. Ballots were sent to deceased voters. Ballots were sent to wrong addresses because many voters had moved.
  3. Many mailed-out ballots were never received by voters due to incorrect addresses and postal workers dumping mail.
  4. Many mail-in ballots were not received by election officials in a timely manner because of inefficiencies at local post offices.
  5. It was irresponsible of the biased media to declare a winner of the presidential election before all of the ballots had been received, verified and counted.

If we can’t have confidence in the honesty and integrity of our electoral process, we no longer have a Democratic Republic. What we have instead is mob rule by those who have the loudest voices…and by those who have the mainstream media news outlets on their side.

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