“Dangerous” and “Illegal” Christian Concerts Attracting Thousands of People — and Thousands of Salvations [Video]

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Sean Feucht’s concerts are growing in numbers and locations nationwide.

In Sacramento, the politicians are outraged that 12,000 people attended Sean’s concerts and listened to the gospel …”illegally.”

In the failed Democrat-Socialist city of Portland, Oregon, 7,000 people came amidst intimidation by rioting mobs.

In Seattle, the politicians shut down the one park Shawn was going to go to … and when they did, thousands came anyway to a “gospel protest” in the street.

Here are 7 facts you should know:

Fact #1: Seattle – like Sacramento and other cities Sean went to – is a city in chaos, with rioting, looting and killings.

The city has turned its back on safety, freedom … and the gospel.

Fact #2: Sean choose to go to Seattle, one of the worst, most dangerous cities to have his concert and Bible studies, despite the threats and dangers.

Antifa, BLM and others involved in violence all threatened the gathering.

Fact #3: The fundamental right of Americans to worship according to their conscious is being crushed by tyrannical state and local leaders … and Christians demonized by the biased media and Democrat-Socialist politicians.

Sean stood firm.

And the results were amazing.

Fact #4: The protesters tried to pour blood on Sean and disrupt the event.

Sean’s security stopped the disruptions. His security team was squirted with a red liquid — looking like blood — from the terrorists.

Fact #5: Sean is not alone.

Across America, spontaneous revival — concerts, baptisms and teaching/preaching — are taking place.

In Orange County, California, 1,000 people were baptized.

In Washington D.C. next week, The Return — a national and global Day of Prayer and Repentance — will see thousands attend.

Please pray for repentance and revival.

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4 Comments on ““Dangerous” and “Illegal” Christian Concerts Attracting Thousands of People — and Thousands of Salvations [Video]”

  1. if they can call rioting looting and burning peaceful protest, we can call gathering a peaceful protest and it will be to give the only one who can really give peace Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, and let them be washed by the blood of the Lamb, law and order must be restored to this nation.

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