Coronavirus: Is Prayer Wrong?

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Vice President Mike Pence is leading the nationwide effort to protect us and to contain the novel COVID-19 virus known as Coronavirus.

One of his first acts was to pray with his team for guidance and direction.

But the media and the politicians attacked him for praying openly and publicly.

What do you think?

Should he have begun this effort in prayer?

Should he have invited photographers into the room, making the event known to the public?

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11 Comments on “Coronavirus: Is Prayer Wrong?”

  1. Thank God for our wonderful president and vice president! Mike Pence doesn’t hide his faith under a bushel; he shows it in every decision and responsibility, and I respect him for that transparency. God does answer our prayers and we trust Him to protect our nation. We, however, have to follow Christ, and our nation has fallen short of that. I pray that we get back to what the founders intended.

  2. Praying is freedom of religion and we should always include God in our daily undertaking and thank God for Pence and Trump for bringing back God in the White House and encouraging back Americans back to God!

  3. God tells us to bring everything to HIm in pray, Thank the Lord for President Trump and Vice-President Pence

  4. Thank God for His mercy and grace on our country by giving us Godly leaders like President Trump and Vice President Pence! We should always go to God first in prayer in all matters and VP Pence has done this! What a witness to a lost world. God is faithful!

  5. I thank the Lord for Vice President Pence’s humble example for us to follow as a nation whenever we are facing a crisis or need to make a decision. He is a leader who is not ashamed of the Gospel. Once it was common in America for our leaders to ask all Americans to call upon the Lord at such times. That’s why our national motto is “In God we trust.” Let’s join him.

  6. Praise God! Donald Trump and Mike Pence are leading our country “for such a time as this.” Pray for Christians to get out and vote!

  7. Grateful to God for our President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence leading in prayer. They are confident men who know where to turn. Our help comes from the Lord!
    Who is the media turning to? Hollywood? … Praise be to God! He is on the throne. And Jesus our Savior seated next to our Father! All glory be to God in the Highest!

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