Churches and Ministry Donations Crushed: Finally Amazing Solution Despite Political and Media Outrage

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Churches across America have found that their financial budgets have collapsed.

They’ve been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Financially, people are holding back.

Not physically being in church, people aren’t donating and contributing … and many aren’t even tithing.

Churches aren’t the only ones hit hard by this.

Christian organizations that are reaching out to the broken and the hurting are also suffering greatly.

For the first time in history, the government has actually offered to help churches and Christian organizations just as it’s helping the secular small business owners impacted by the historic and economic shutdown.

Pastors across America have not known what to be able to do.

Most pastors have seen a drop of between 25-55% in donations.

President Trump made a historic decision.

He is allowing churches and Christian organizations to utilize the paycheck protection program that businesses are using to pay their employees, rent, and part of their overhead.

That’s right – your church and Christian nonprofit organization can sign up for help. President Trump did not want these organizations to be left out, so he created a specific executive order that allows churches and nonprofit organizations to receive government assistance.

How amazing is that?

If you need help as a Christian business owner, Christian school leader, Christian nonprofit, or pastor or church Leader, I recommend you go to Pacific Justice Institute’s special resource page where they legally and carefully spell out action steps that groups can legally take.

You can access it here.

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4 Comments on “Churches and Ministry Donations Crushed: Finally Amazing Solution Despite Political and Media Outrage”

  1. I must confess, the thought of attaching an ultimatum to my tithe did cross my mind. Then I thought that was not Christlike and would hurt God’s church. I mailed my tithe this morning. Lord Jesus forgive me.

  2. This President is the most Pro Christian President in history. God has His Hand upon Him, and I declare “No Weapon Formed Against Him Shall Prosper! Amen!

  3. Just remember, Satan is running ram-bid in our society in these last days, and one of the biggest targets is the Church. It is a good comparison to the plight of Job. I declare, this virus will be removed by God by Resurrection Sunday/Passover. All of those Believers with the “Blood of the Lamb” over their doorway will be spared. I rebuke the virus, by the Blood of Jesus! In addition, 2020 will be a year of Justice and Separation as stated in Matthew 25. A separation of believers and unbelievers, sheep and goats, right and left. Look up because our redemption draws near, Hallelujah

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