China: Why You Should Be Very, Very Concerned – Biden’s Afghanistan Actions Create New Danger China Threat

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Biden’s total mishandling failure and appeasement in Afghanistan has a dangerous unintended consequence: a dangerous signal to China we won’t stop you.

Biden’s policies are risky and dangerous because they will lead to more war and more communist domination.

China has one objective: world domination. Nothing less.

Yet Biden’s disastrous weakness and incompetent handling of encouraging China in Afghanistan is an open invitation for China to invade and conquer the free people of Taiwan (the Republic of China).

And there are more bad decisions.

  • The Biden Administration has approved the sale of license applications worth hundreds of millions of dollars for China’s blacklisted telecom company Huawei to buy chips for its growing auto component business.
  • Biden withdrew the Trump-era executive order to the Department of Homeland Security for establishing the requirement for student and exchange visitor program certified schools to disclose agreements with Confucius Institutes and classrooms.

The withdrawal of the rule destroys Trump’s efforts of transparency and accountability for American colleges, who now will continue to promote propaganda to the student.

  • Biden’s China policies of opposition track with 48 pro-socialist groups such as, Code Pink, and others. This is what their message was to Biden:

“We, the undersigned organizations, call on the Biden administration and all members of Congress to eschew the dominant antagonistic approach to U.S. – China relations and instead prioritize multilateralism, diplomacy, and cooperation with China to address the existential threat that is the climate crisis.”

Ignored is the crushing freedom in Hong Kong; ignored is China’s worldwide subversion, including the oppression South China sea.

Ignored is the threat to Taiwan.

For the security of America, for the stopping of Chinese community domination worldwide, we must stop the reckless Biden pro-China policies.

The 2022 elections are a critical time for the future of freedom.

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