Chewbacca Mask Mom: “Be Diligent in the Lord’s Work!” [Video]

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Candace Payne of Grand Prairie, Texas shocked the world, breaking records on YouTube and appearing on national news programs, plus guest appearances on Late Night TV.

Her claim to fame?

She put on an impulse buy Chewbacca mask, recorded herself laughing up a Jedi-storm, and became an instant Internet sensation.

The force behind her joy and success, however, is more than intergalactic.

“When I was sixteen,” Payne tells an audience, “I had a vision and dream from the Lord about my future about being used for his glory.”

She is not shy about her faith in Christ, and views her 145 million views on YouTube as a chance to share about her love of God and her work for Him:

“The thing that will take you further and further in the Kingdom of God is: Diligence. Be diligent in the work of the Lord.”

You can see the famous video here:

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