Biggest Tax Hike in History – 5 Disturbing Things – Every American Should Be Very Afraid

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On the surface, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are pushing a “Tax Emergency” because of the pandemic.

But it’s really a fast-track way to impose more radical socialism and big government dependency programs on America.

Here are 5 things you should know:

1. Who is hurt?

Higher taxes hurt people.

They hurt especially:

  • Workers
  • Families
  • Small businesses
  • The Retired

Higher taxes, less opportunity, less jobs, less freedom.

2. False Messaging By the Media and Politicians

They say it’s paying your “fair share”. If they were honest, they would say it’s really social engineering or reshaping America into a collectivist/socialist society.

3. Dividing America into haves and have nots.

Sanders, Biden, and the Democrats crippling tax hike will be further dividing America into 3 classes:

  1. Super Rich
  2. Those dependent on government handouts – both companies and individuals
  3. Everyone else

It’s destructive to economic growth, but also, further divides our nation.

4. How much should someone pay in taxes?

I often ask people on the air, at a speech, or on campus, how morally should a person be taxed?

What is fair?

How would you answer?

50% – Unfair confiscation and morally wrong most people would say

40% – Way too much – outrageous most people say

30% – Still way too high – still unfair most people say

So what is fair? 20% – Jesus said 10% for a tithe.

What are Sanders and Biden pushing? They are pushing over 60% with federal, state, and local taxes.

For example:

61% – In New York

59% – California and Hawaii

5. Taxing business, not individuals! Big Lie.

The politicians say it’s taxing businesses. But the reality is as a business owner, I must pass higher taxes to my customer. I can’t afford not to. I must to survive.

Businesses will increase their prices. If this bill passes you’ll see higher taxes:

  • Food going up
  • Clothing going up
  • School supplies going up
  • Gas going up
  • Paint and home repairs going up

And yes, you will see an increase in your utilities – mainly natural gas and water.

Corporations don’t pay taxes, people do!

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3 Comments on “Biggest Tax Hike in History – 5 Disturbing Things – Every American Should Be Very Afraid”

  1. Craig,

    You say we should be very afraid. Did you know that the Bible says 365 times not to be afraid. Ps 46:1-3 . A better word is concerned. We are not to fear those that kill us but rather fear God that decides our eternal destination.

    These are prophesied times of increased believers persecution while the world goes to hell until Jesus returns.

    Trust God fully no matter how bad it gets. Pray that God’s will be done, especially in your life.

    I have been ministering & starting churches for over 52 years, I now do journalistic articles on current events that tie into end-tine Bible prophecies & email them to those interested. If interested to receive, email

    Minister Rick

  2. Folks, even Christian folks, keep wishing for, and referring to Jesus’ return, but doesn’t the so- called rapture come first? I wouldn’t want to be here when Jesus returns; He’ll be pretty angry at that time — or am I mistaken?

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