Beware of the Trap: Netflix at War Against Christianity [Video]

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Netflix is conducting an all-out attack against Christianity … targeting Christians with false doctrine.

How and why?

Shelly and I watch Netflix on occasion…

And while rare, they do show powerful Christian movies … such as The Case for Christ.

We were up in the mountains recently … and I turned on my Netflix menu “Because You watched.” This feature identifies shows similar to others you already watched…

The menu recommended Come Sunday.

I was delighted … Another Christian movie, I thought…


The movie was produced to undermine faith … but in a very subtle way…

Very effective against those not grounded in the Word…

Subtly, Come Sunday:

  • Undermines the justice, mercy and love of God
  • Undermines the truth of salvation by grace alone through faith in Christ alone
  • Undermines the necessity of repentance from sins

Don’t be fooled if you have Netflix … or if you get Netflix in the future…

Warn others not to be fooled by the Netflix recommendations.

No need to watch the heresy and the blasphemy … unless you want to do so to sharpen your discernment of false doctrine … and your apologetics skills.

It’s simply propaganda for universalism, which teaches:

  • There is no hell … no eternal separation from God for unbelievers
  • Everyone is saved

The apostle Paul gave this advice to the early church in Galatia – a part of modern-day Turkey – on how to recognize false doctrine:

“But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, let him be accursed!” (Galatians 1:8)

Watch the response of Archbishop J. Delano Ellis II to Carlson Pearson’s doctrine of inclusion (10 ½ minutes):


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14 Comments on “Beware of the Trap: Netflix at War Against Christianity [Video]”

  1. We also use Netflix. Things like this make me wonder if there is a better choice. One of my sons uses Apple TV, but I am not sure that would be better. My husband is not a believer ( I got saved three years into our marriage), so going to 100% Christian entertainment is not an option.

  2. We cancelled our Netflix account after 8 years with them. Didn’t phase them in the least. Went with a Month-toMonth subscription to NBC so we can watch a few shows that are not Christian, but are not offensive either. When we watch all they have to offer we will look for another streaming media between $10 and $15 per month.

    1. Trying to find the bible series I saw that the only shows and movies left are about false Christianity. There is clearly a hidden agenda to undermine the Christian faith. Netflix has officially sold out to the anti Christ.

  3. Pureflix-I have not tried it,but I know others have talked about it. And a secular alternative I think owned by Walmart is

  4. We love Not always top box office movies but we always find some great movies, documentaries and educational shows. Give it a try 🙂

  5. Did you ever kook at the “ever popular” Highway to Heaven series? There is never any mention of Jesus and most messages are for political statements regarding racism, handicapped and homeless. Although the story lines are good, the doctrine is Way Off and sometimes downright heretical.

  6. Do you all not see how lukewarm you are & all this talk about worldly pleasures & entertainment. Jesus didn’t give his life to have HIS followers spend time to find the best deals on worldly things. Just think there are Christians today wondering if they & their families will still be a live at the end of the day or will they be martyred. Then look at what you are doing. But this is the American church, filled with pleasures of this life. Practically speaking, your tax dollars pay for videos for free at your local library & you can order them if your local library doesn’t have it & they have Christian movies. And you can get to know the librarians & witness to them. Remember, the Kingdom of God is to be first & HIS righteousness! Do you really think this is the righteousness of Christ?

  7. Sorry, but this article is mis-leading. One bad movie hardly constitutes a “War on Christianity.” There are so many options on TV now days to choose from one needs simply to switch channels.

  8. Dear Mr Huey,
    Thank you so much for posting the response of Archbishop J. Delano Ellis II to Carlson Pearson’s doctrine of inclusion in your blog with your movie review!
    A nephew of mine recommended our family watch Come Sunday because he “felt good about it”. I am grateful to God in His mercy & grace that we didn’t go out to get it. I will be sending this link to that young misguided man and continue to pray for the Lord to open his eyes to the Truth.
    May God bless all that you do in His name.
    In the bonds of Christ!

  9. netflix is standing FOR abortion as they oppose Georgia abortion bill. I’ll be cancelling Netflix and going elsewhere. Abortion is child abuse of the utmost! Praying for our country!

  10. Other streaming services are pushing out anti-Christian movies and shows as well, but Netflix is the worst. For example, Netflix’s “Castlevania” anime is overtly anti-Christian, depicting Christians and angels as equally bad or more so than vampires and demons. By the way, the Japanese video game series that the American anime (Netflix is an American company, right?) is based upon is *pro-Christian*, adding insult to injury.

  11. Some of these comments state there is hardly a “war on Christianity” well hardly or just a little war is how it starts….. they the far left…. push their anti-God agenda a little at a time….. and before you know it….. it’s full blown into no more FREE speech or choice. I agree if you don’t want to watch it turn the channel or don’t use Netflix… AGREE, but some where Christians WILL have to stand up for our rights…….

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