7 Disturbing Facts about Mexico Becoming a Socialist Dictatorship with Millions upon Millions Fleeing into the U.S.

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Every American should be very disturbed…

The U.S. could soon see millions of refugees storming across its southern border.


To escape the socialist dictatorship evolving in Mexico.

Here are 7 shocking and disturbing facts you should know about the recent presidential election in Mexico:

Fact #1. The new president of Mexico is a committed socialist.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected President of Mexico in a landslide victory…

He will be president for at least 6 years…

He wants to transform Mexico into a socialist country.

Fact #2. The media got it all wrong.

The media was optimistic…

They loved Obrador’s rhetoric about:

  • Fighting back against President Trump
  • Reforming the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • The wall along the U.S.-Mexico border

And they loved the man who called for solving poverty and crime by socializing the economy.

Obrador declared that poor Mexicans should “leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”

He said it’s their “human right.”

Fact #3. Obrador made socialistic campaign promises.

The new president has promised to accomplish several socialistic goals:

  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Grant free college tuition for all
  • Reverse efforts to privatize the oil industry and other industries
  • Stop the reforms that were moving Mexico away from state-controlled collectivism and toward more free market-oriented policies

He also wants higher energy subsidies … higher pensions … guaranteed jobs for young people … and other socialist policies.

And he wants friendly relations with Venezuela and Cuba…

Cuba’s dictator Fidel Castro destroyed the country economically … murdered hundreds of thousands … and robbed Cubans of hope.

But Obrador said the Cuban dictator was “a true social fighter who gave Cuba new independence.”

Fact #4. The future of Mexico looks bleak.

Here’s what you can expect to happen to Mexico during the 6-year term of President Obrador:

  • Expect the economy to crumble in the next 3 to 4 years.
  • Expect Mexico to develop close ties with communist Cuba and socialist Venezuela.
  • Expect President Obrador to try to become a dictator.
  • Expect him to end freedom of the press.
  • Expect him to stop political opposition.
  • Expect him to stifle religious freedom.

Fact #5. The U.S. and Mexico are headed for a collision course.

All of this will be very bad for the Mexican people…

This will also be very bad for America…

Expect U.S.-Mexico trade to decrease.

Fact #6. Expect Mexico to become the new Venezuela.

Venezuela is a socialist mess…

The Central Bank of Venezuela hasn’t published inflation figures since December 2015 … when it was 111.8%.

Estimates of the current inflation rate in Venezuela range all the way from 2,349% (the International Monetary Fund) to 27,364% at the end of May this year (Forbes).

No matter how you look at it, Venezuela has suffered a total economic collapse…

After being one of the wealthiest countries in South America, it’s now one of the poorest.

It’s chaotic…

People are starving … there’s no food … there’s no clean water…

There’s no hope … there’s no opportunity…

It’s a disaster – a preventable disaster – that’s been caused by socialism … and socialist policies.

Fact # 7. Millions of people will flee into the U.S. as Mexico becomes the next Venezuela.

Expect millions and millions of Mexicans to flee to the U.S. to escape increased violence, oppression, economic collapse and chaos.

Mexico will be the next socialist disaster…

Are we ready?


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3 Comments on “7 Disturbing Facts about Mexico Becoming a Socialist Dictatorship with Millions upon Millions Fleeing into the U.S.”

  1. Craig —- this is a very good article. I have forwarded it to many friends. The 113, probably a few more since I checked, assassinations of Mexican political candidates in the last 11 months of their election cycle, ending with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as President this month, reveal Mexico to be in very weak internal shape. As you suggest Mexico is following in the steps of Venezuela and Obrador is the perfect far left dictator to drive his nation to collapse or revolution just as Nikki Maduro has done.

    The confused Mexican electorate believe “Democratic-Socialism” is the answer, but it isn’t, it is the problem as any Venezuelan or Cuban or Honduran or Guatemalan or El Salvadoran or Nicaraguan or Brazilian or Ecuadoran will tell them.

    The southern border of the US is extremely unprepared for the disaster that Obrador and his loyal far-leftist are about to unleash in Mexico. As you accurately quoted Obrador has instructed the Mexican people to seek their future in the United States as it it their “right” to do so. Even Obrador is hedging his bet AGAINST his own success with the Mexican economy. If Obrador doesn’t believe he will succeed then the US should take heed of his unwitting warning and immediately prepare for the budding Venezuela next door.

    The tens of thousands of Obrador’s new Mexican economic refugees that could be unleashed in the direction of the US to drain our social services, burden our public schools, break our immigration laws, swell our prisons, and cast their votes for Leftist American politicians in an undying, knuckle-headed, suicidal adherence to the “Democratic-Socialism” model that has failed for the last 100 years is beyond any requirement for aid that cash strapped, traditionally generous, hard working US taxpayers are morally responsible to make. No country is required to commit national suicide for the benefit of an irresponsible, corrupt, criminally dominated, ideologically opposed neighbor.

    The solution for Mexico and all of Latin America is in the tremendously successful US model, embodied in the American Constitution, which has stood the test of time for the last 234 years, something no “Democratic Socialist” state can even come close to matching.

    John Moore
    San Diego

  2. What is happening in Mexico will happen in Canada as well, and that means that within just four more years, the US will be literally surrounded by aggressive Islamic/Communist countries with real armies and air forces to threaten the US. Along with the Soros/Democrats the Mexican and Canadian governments will be able to strong arm America into joining their Islamic/Communist alliance. It is invevitable, historically speaking, the barbarians always win!

  3. It’s crazy and a real shame that the Mexicans would vote for for a dictator that will ruin their lives.

    Beware when all this happens and it tries to take over the USA , no one will be able to hide for long. The only secure way is to…
    Obey The Gospel of Jesus Christ! Amen !!!

    Jesus Loves You!!! Jesus hates sin!!!
    Acts 2:38 KJV

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