5 Reasons Lockdowns Don’t Work…They Make Things Worse [3 Powerful Must-See Videos]

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The politicians and media want you to believe lockdowns work.

Here are 5 reasons they don’t that you should know.

1. In the cities and states that have coronavirus lockdowns, cases are rising, not declining. Cities and states without lockdowns have about the same number of cases, or less.

2. Lockdowns destroy choice and freedom.

The Lockdowns are unconstitutional, creating more power for power-hungry politicians.

3. Lockdowns destroy jobs, businesses and economic opportunity.

30 – 40% of all small businesses in lockdown areas will be gone-forever.

No government should determine who is “essential” and who is not.

No government should destroy peoples’ right to work or own and grow a business.

4. Lockdowns destroy religious liberty.

Stopping church going. Restricting numbers who can come. Preventing worship, home Bible studies and ministries. It all violates First Amendment rights.

5. Lockdowns harm kids’ futures – and parents. The emotional and academic harm is profound and will set kids – and parents – back years.

Biden promises lockdowns. Watch Dr. Atlas expose the lies. Click HERE for a 41-minute video. Powerful interview.

Dr. Ronny Jackson explains why the Lockdown will do more harm than good. The interview is about 6-minutes and you can view it HERE.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya explains the hypocrisy of lockdowns across America. Click HERE to see.

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