3 New School Outrage Exposés: Disturbing New Revelations Shock the Conscience [Video]

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Here are just 3 new, disturbing government/public school examples of how out-of-control the teachers union, school administration and school board members are..and yes far too many of the teachers.

1. Elementary field trip to Gay Bar.

In Florida, a school Board member said she was ‘so honored” to chaperone an elementary school field trip to a local gay bar.

Can you imagine?

Yes, because they want to indoctrinate and promote their ideology.

And they don’t even hide it (see “[Radical Teacher in Their Own Words: True Confessions Reveal the Educational Crisis of Indoctrinating the Children [Unbelievable Must-See Video]”.

2. Critical Race Theory (CRT) – Racism

“My children now are in private school and are thriving. We had specifically moved into LCPS district because of its great reputation, yet we’ve been chased out of LCPS due to swift and uncompromising political agenda of Superintendents Williams, Ziegler and the school board that have forced upon us. First it was in early Spring of 2020 when my six year-old somberly came to me an asked if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in a history lesson at school.”

She continued to say “I wish I could return my kids to LCPS; private school’s expensive and I want my kids to be able to walk home from schools with their friends in their own community.  I refuse to allow you to destroy our schools. They are not your schools; they are our schools. You all should be ashamed and you should have the moral courage to admit you are wrong and step down.”

You can see her one-minute talk to her School Board. Click HERE.

3. Police/Homeland Security Intimidation/Totalitarianism on Moms and Dads

In Fairfax County, Virginia dozens of parents recently attended a school board meeting. They were intimidated when they saw a Homeland Security police car outside the meeting and unmarked cars, maybe from the FBI or maybe local police. They also reported seeing a helicopter circling overhead, shining a spotlight on the parents as they waited outside.

See my article, “The FBI/Department of Justice War on Parents: Investigating Moms and Dads as “Domestic Terrorists” – 11 Shocking Things Everyone Should Know”.

Is this happening in your school district?

What do you think? Let me know. E-mail me at craig@electionforum.org.

One Comment on “3 New School Outrage Exposés: Disturbing New Revelations Shock the Conscience [Video]”

  1. School trip to gay bar? Next they will be wanting to take them to see a surgery of male to female transgender or vise-versa, Duh. What will the evil demonic people think of next? Oh, that’s right, we are doing what seems right in our own eyes. Common sense gone, godly thought gone, right from wrong, gone. So satan wins? Do not count on that!!!!!!! If you push too hard in an evil direction, Jehovah will have something to say about it and turn everything for his good.

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