13 Shocking Realities Every Christian Should Know About the 2020 Election Results and Voter Fraud

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The confusion surrounding the election results is epic.

That’s because of the false media reports and phony rumors on social media.

Here are 12 shocking realities to help you cut through the confusion, lies and distortions.

Reality #1 – The election is not over until all votes are counted and the lawsuits regarding voter fraud have played out.

The winner of the presidential election has not yet been determined.

Joe Biden is not the new president.

Donald Trump is not the new president.

Reality #2 – We live in a Constitutional Republic governed by law, not by the media and not by man.

The election officials must follow the law. Our elections must be above reproach.

There can be no doubts.

The pro-Biden press, including MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and Fox declared Biden the winner – oh, and Biden agreed.

That night, vice president Biden gave a nationally broadcasted victory speech.

He declared himself president.

His supporters cheered.

The media and big tech social media cheered.

But the election isn’t decided until the votes are certified…… and that has not happened.

Reality #3 – The U.S. Constitution sets the process and dates for a peaceful, lawful election.

The President-elect is not confirmed until the Electoral College vote takes place in December following the November election.

It’s not the media’s place to “call” an election for either candidate, or to declare a winner.

Reality #4 – Biden, Trump, Republicans, Democrats – everyone must believe and trust the results.

That’s why Biden, Trump, Republicans and Democrats must support investigations of fraud and support recounts if justified.

If Biden wins, he needs to prove the legitimacy of the election.

If Trump wins, he needs to prove the legitimacy of the election.

In 2000, Al Gore took his objection of “hanging chad” ballots to the U.S. Supreme Court. And once decided, he conceded the election.

Reality #5 – Regardless of the final outcome of the election, President Trump is still President of the United States until January 20, 2021.

Then, whoever receives 270 or more electoral votes will be the new president.

Reality #6 – Voter fraud is real and it did happen in the 2020 general election.

Depending on the extent of the fraud that is uncovered, it could change the election results.

Reality #7 – The media and politicians are claiming there is no voter fraud.

The assertion that voter fraud doesn’t exist is absurd. It’s the same as saying there is no theft or there is no lying in the world.

People are not sinless and perfect. Some will always try to “game” the system and cheat.

Any voting system that doesn’t require voters to show personal ID opens the door for people to assume someone else’s ID and vote twice … or multiple times.

The mail-in ballots invite fraud.

The “dirty” voter roles open multiple opportunities for fraud.

Ballot harvesting is a goldmine for fraud.

Reality #8 – No one knows if there is enough voter fraud that can be proven to change the election results.

There may be enough proof.

There may not be.

The courts must decide if fraud occurred based on the evidence. And the courts must rule on how to correct any fraud that occurred.

Many of the state judges are judicial activists like the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The U.S. Supreme Court will probably review the most significant fraud that could change the election results.

Reality #9 – Be very careful about false rumors and false information.

In something as big as this, disinformation is everywhere.

There are false “facts” issued by Trump supporters.

There are false “facts” issued by Biden supporters.

And there are false “facts” issued by the media and the so called biased “fact-checkers.”

Over the years, I’ve learned to filter out the falsehoods and to be careful to make sure I’m right about an issue…. And never spread inaccuracies.

Reality #10 – Vote recounts are being done in Wisconsin and Georgia.

Vote recounts should also be done in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania – and possibly Arizona.

What if Trump wins the recount of 3 or more of those states? What if he doesn’t win any of them? Or just one or two of them?

Let’s all trust the outcome will be fair, no matter who wins.

Reality #11 – The Deep State will steal this election – if conservatives, libertarians, Christians and Republicans let it happen.

The Deep State consists of government officials and bureaucrats – and their allies everywhere.

They use influence, money and power to manipulate and change outcomes.

Example: In Pennsylvania, Trump was leading Biden comfortably as of 11pm on election night when the state announced it was going to stop counting ballots until the next morning. But at 4am – 5 hours later – a data update added 138,000 votes to Biden’s total and ZERO votes to Trump’s total.

That is a mathematical and statistical impossibility.

We see the Deep State at work on the local level with power hungry, corrupt, local election officials.

We see “power plays and abusive decisions” from state election officials under the states’ Secretary of State.

We see evidence of the Deep State with politicized, judicial activist judges:

  • All trying to cover up their acts
  • All denying wrongdoing
  • All ideology-driven, not fair and impartial

For a full explanation of this, read my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know. To order, click here.

Reality #12 – Here is how the next president will be chosen.

Right now, Biden is not the president-elect. Neither is Trump.

On December 8th – under federal law – the states must each resolve all their conflicts and issues regarding the voting. Then each state governor certifies the results of the presidential election in each state.

Once the election results for each state are certified, the electors for the winning candidate will travel to Washington, D.C. and vote in the Electoral College on December 14th. Then we have a President.

Reality # 13 – Pray

Finally, pray.

Pray that any fraud or deceit is found.

Pray that truth and integrity will prevail, and honesty would be established for the 2020 election.

Pray for Biden and Trump, that they would have wisdom and they would act in a way that would be a witness to future generations and to the world.

Pray that America’s integrity in our elections and our process is to gain the confidence of Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, and that the world would want to see our form of democratic republic in their nation and have confidence that our example is something they could emulate.

What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

17 Comments on “13 Shocking Realities Every Christian Should Know About the 2020 Election Results and Voter Fraud”

  1. And perhaps Reality #14 is that the MSM have been extremely biased in “reporting” “news.” The feeds I’ve seen for many weeks have been more like op-ed feeds, not objective reports, and this goes for content, headline wording, and selection of items to put on the feed to begin with. This has profound effects on the fair functioning of a democratic system. If popular trust is destroyed, we are headed for anarchy first and creeping totalitarianism next in response to the first.

  2. Try the Epoch Times a real newspaper with real news and not just opinion and talking heads. Epochtimes.com

  3. Yes, I just received a copy of the Epoch Times (unsolicited), and it seems very good, a worthy read in my early opinion.

  4. No more FAUX News for me. Epoche Times, Newsweek, OANN are my new finds. DO NOT STOP PRAYING FOR THE LIES TO BE REVEALED, and for consequences for those who are responsible for lying and stealing. The laws are made for those who break them or we would not need them.

  5. We don’t just need a recount done in suspect states, we need risk limiting post election audits together with manual recounts. Much prayer is needed to undergird the Trump legal team and everyone involved in collecting witness testimonies and evidence in a timely manner and prayer for judges to rule righteously.

  6. I am concerned with California’s voting machines.
    In the past I’ve voted absentee, but for this election and future ones, I changed my status to in person. I was not given a receipt for the ballot cast that proved what was voted on and I have no proof of my vote -no way to track it.

    Is there any truth to the rumor that California voting machines are put into place and/or managed by Diane Feinstein’s husband’s company?

    I really thought that business owners and others would have been fed up with one party rule here.

    Yay for Epoch times!


  7. There’s no integrity in the voting process as it now stands. Elections are vital to the governing of America, our states, counties and cities and reform needs to take place. Election Tuesday should be a day for all Americans(legal) to vote in person or abroad with a finger print machine that matches the information to the homeland security’s website assuring that the vote is being made by a legal alive citizen of the USA. All loop holes need to be removed and receipts given to insure a proper and legitimate vote! We can put a man on the moon but we can’t vote with legitimacy and accuracy. IT IS A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE
    until this matter is fixed!

  8. Let us pray for those that will show themselves as witnesses, whistleblowers etc. The lawyers need prayer. But everyone and I mean everyone needs Jesus!

  9. I highly recommend that you watch this video and have everyone you know watch it. It really explains how this is not only voter fraud but election fraud. It is easy to follow since it’s so technical. I highly recommend it:

  10. It’s amazing to me that otherwise intelligent people cede their thinking to someone who has lied to us so much (like saying that the end of the coronavirus was just around the corner at least every month since February). Fox news talking heads have no allegiance to truth, but rather only to popularity and money. President Trump’s lies about widespread Election Fraud have withered in court, because judges respond to hard evidence, not to baseless rhetoric. Indeed, many lawyers are unwilling to represent his claims due to the risk of disbarment for bringing a frivolous lawsuit. When did Christians stop thinking for themselves and gullibly believe everything their handlers tell them? OAN is even further afield from the truth than Hannity, Ingraham, et al. Just because they say what you want to hear doesn’t mean their sources or conclusions are sound. Be careful what you hear, and be careful how you hear.

  11. As Christians we need to vote for God’s values; Not killing babies in the womb, Biblical family values (marriage between a man and women), school choice, especially for minority children, support of Israel and more. I am troubled with how many Christians I know voted for Biden and his party knowing they don’t stand for any of these values. Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

  12. Thanks for being a voice of reason on this thread. It is amazing how the “Religious Right” has corrupted so many Christians.

  13. Roy, YOU are amazing. How can you believe the fake news that is more like non stop smear against Trump with no evidence. And the Investigative reports by OAN are fulll of evidence and are well researched. Non of that exists on the fake “news” media. Don’t forget all the news that never gets aired on fake news, news that is expulsatory and would neutralize the attacks they traffic in.

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