Your Voice Has an Impact Even Before the 2020 Presidential Election: Have You Expressed Your Opinion Yet?

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If the 2020 presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?

If you haven’t already voted in our 2020 presidential election poll, click here to let me know.

And write a brief reason why you like your chosen candidate.

We’ll be sending the poll results to the media and sharing them in our national radio and TV interviews, on social media, and in public speeches.

We’ll also send out the results in all of our newsletters.

Your voice is important … Your voice has an impact.

Your preliminary vote will influence the press … the politicians … large donors … and most importantly, other voters.

These valuable poll results will be used to do strategic marketing and training to:

  • Help impact the 2020 election
  • Highlight the true trends in the critical presidential race
  • Give a voice to you and your friends

In an unofficial poll taken by the Huey Report at the FreedomFest conference, 66% of attendees who voted picked President Donald Trump for president for 2020. The breakdown of the other 34% of poll participants was as follows:

  • 20% voted for potential Libertarian presidential candidate Congressman Adam Kokesh.
  • 7% voted for Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.
  • 7% voted for former Libertarian vice presidential candidate and now Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld.

The surprising results are probably based upon looking at the socialist alternatives of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Tom Steyer and Joe Biden.

The poll also revealed a positive excitement about:

  • Business deregulation
  • Protection of religious and civil liberties
  • Appointments to the Supreme Court of strict constructionists versus judicial activists
  • Opposition to socialism

Please, take a moment to tell us who you want to win the election – and write a brief comment on why you like your choice. Then, share the poll with your friends through email, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Thank you in advance!

Once again, click here to access the poll.

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2 Comments on “Your Voice Has an Impact Even Before the 2020 Presidential Election: Have You Expressed Your Opinion Yet?”

  1. MAGA——–>Trump2020. We do not want Socialism or Communism in this
    Country the U.S.A.

  2. Hello to whom it may concern. I am a supporting and retired democrat. There are millions of retired and disabled seniors like myself depending on social security and medicare to survive on. We have already worked hard all our lives and paid into the social security system and medicare. We deserve if the president is re-elected not b have these lifetime benefits cut or terminated in 2023. We should not even have the second thought at our ages and health conditions of thinking to going back to work to make a decent a living to survive. With the high tech fast pace in demand technology world as of today, the demand has doubled , maybe even tripled since we were young. If president Trump is re-elected we should have the fair rights by law and of civil rights to protest within our favor within stopping this action taken. Actually within a sense taking away our benefits would be destroying our lives. Appreciate your return feedback responses via email.

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