WARNING! Don’t Pay Attention to Voter Guides You Receive in the Mail [Videos]

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They are usually multi-color brochures that are professionally printed.

They look very official … They look like they were produced by the local Republican Party … or by a Republican-financed Political Action Committee (PAC).

They contain a “sample ballot” on the inside … with large checkmarks in the boxes next to the candidates you should vote for.

But the recommended candidates aren’t Republicans … they are Democrats!

These voter guides are called “Slate Mailers” … and their intent is to deceive you.

If you receive one of these “voter guides” in the mail, toss it.

Watch this short video for more information about how this deceptive marketing technique works – and who’s behind it.

Click here:

Instead of following the voter recommendations in a slate mailer, go to our Election Forum voter guide (California voters).

If you can, also attend an Election Forum live … where you will get the rationale behind our voter guide recommendations.

Watch this 30-second video on what happens at churches that have the Election Forum:

Click here to see the current schedule of Election Forums.

Remember, the California statewide primary election is June 5th.


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8 Comments on “WARNING! Don’t Pay Attention to Voter Guides You Receive in the Mail [Videos]”

  1. Criag – I wrote this in a personal message to you, but felt compelled to post it for all your readers to not follow blindly, but be encouraged to do their homework. My prayer is, once they complete that research assignment they will know not to vote for Cox because our friends that have known him for years know the truth about the man. He is establishment & that is not what me need to improve CA.
    Since I know you’re a Christian I’m going to be praying that the Holy Spirit speak to you with regard to your reasoning for selection. As I see it, by stating you’re choosing Cox because “voting for Travis would rob John Cox of the votes he needs to be number two” may not the best way to advance forward. Your endorsement of one over the other for that reason IS why our Nation has been failing. We as conservative Christians need to step out of the box & make things happen, shake things up & make the changes we want to see. All your followers will vote Cox because you’re suggesting it if they don’t do their own homework & simply take the easy path. By that same standard then, if you endorsed Travis you would be getting him the support he needs.

    I appreciate you know both candidates, and, as do our friends that are holding a fundraising event for Travis Allen, because what they know about Cox is NOT what we want for our State. I suggest that by taking the road of least resistance you are causing someone to lose, not win. Truth be told Craig, Cox will not win against a Democrat no matter what you think, but Travis can.

    I ask everyone to do real research, to learn the true background of John Cox, where he is from & how he lived his life, how & what he voted for and so much more. Thank you.

  2. I concur with C Marie. Our only candidate that can win is Travis Allen. Besides he is the best candidate with a voting record, Cox has none! He is energetic and truly does not pander, he answers from the heart! He is a Californian and loves California, he is NOT a Chicago guy. When you meet Travis you see he is sincere and will answer even the most difficult questions with facts and figures but also he defends true conservative values. He puts parents first when talking about education and vaccines. He has actively helped counties and cities fight the sanctuary state laws. I have not seen Cox show up for any county or city meetings but Travis has spoken to defend the federal immigration laws. In addition, he voted no to illegal drivers licenses, no to frivilous gun laws, no to infringement of parents rights when homeschooling, and many other silly democratic laws. He has a great group of Californians, republicans, democrats, and independents that are not only going to vote for him but have freely volunteered to get him elected. Even Willy Brown says that only Travis Allen could beat Newsom. I implore you to listen to the men speak and you too will be convinced that Travis is the man!

  3. I agree with the above comments about Travis Allen. I was for Cox until I met Travis and heard him speak. His knowledge on what has worked for California, what needs to be changed and how to do it is exactly what we need! Cox just keeps saying “we need to find solutions” but he offers None. I don’t believe he can win against a democrat but I’m confident that Travis will. Craig, please change your endorsement!!

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