Voting by Mail: 6 Shocking Reasons Your Vote May Never be Counted

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Voting by mail does not guarantee your will vote will ever be counted.

Voting by mail actually increases the possibility that your vote will not count.

Some must vote by mail, there is no other way.

But those who can vote in person should do so.

6 Shocking Reasons Your Vote May Not be Counted You Should Know:

1. If you put a stamp onto your ballot envelope and mail it, it does not guarantee it will arrive to the voter registration office.

In fact, between an estimated 2 – 4% of all first-class mail disappears.

It’s been that way for at least 40 years, maybe longer.

It’s not Trump.

It’s not the Postmaster General.

It’s not removing inefficient and antiquated machines.

It’s the bloated postal bureaucracy.

It vanishes because of post office bureaucracy inefficiencies.

In an election, if 3% of 140 million people who mail in the ballot and they get lost in the mail…not counted as a vote, that’s 4.2 million missed ballots.

This election more people will vote by mail than ever before. In pro-Socialist states, like California and 12 other states plus Washington D.C., everyone gets a mail-in ballot and it’s hard to find a polling location.

The states pay for the postage, but they do not use a stamp. It is considered a preprinted Endicia.

Preprinted Endicia means even less deliverability and possibly as high as 5 – 10% lost in the mail.

For 140 Million people, 7 % of uncounted votes would be 9.8 million.

Remember in the last Presential election in the key swing states, President Trump won those states by 80,000 votes.

2.Why does some mail not get to the voter registrar’s office?

There are a number of other reasons your vote may never be counted.

  • Some mail is destroyed in the mail process
  • Some mail is delivered to the wrong address
  • Some mail will be thrown away (by postal employees) at a Postal center…it happens often
  • Or, the local postal delivery person may toss some or all the mail in the trash.
  • If the person picking up the mail knows it’s a ballot, they may attempt to suppress a certain type of vote they personally oppose.
  • Opportunities for these situations arise when little supervision and oversight is given, and the employee would like to cut down on a workload.

3. In many states, it is required the ballots be delivered to the voter official’s office within 3-days for count. Anything received later will not be counted.

Yet, delays in delivery are common, even in first-class mail.

Your vote won’t be counted if it’s late.

4. Some states have as much as 12 days, but you must vote early if by mail.

Then there is the issue of the mail-in ballots themselves, which can lead to fraud and not involve the post office at all.

  • Mail-in ballots are sometimes sent to the wrong address
  • People who have died receive mail-in ballots
  • People who have moved receive mail-in ballots-some forwarded…some to the new occupant
  • People in apartment complexes can pick-up the mail-in ballot from the mailbox or trash
  • Sometimes there is double or triple registration of the same person
  • Some ballots are delivered to people in the hospital
  • Some are delivered to those in nursing homes

5. And then there is the issue of illegal registration and delivery of mail.

  • Anyone can register online in some states.

For example, a previous copywriter of my ad agency registered her dog and used the office address. Obviously, it is illegal for a dog to vote. When no I.D. is required, anyone can register and register someone other than a person.

One lady found her dead cat was receiving ballots.

  • In some states, like California, if you are not a legal citizen, you may register if you accidentally filled in the wrong box at the DMV.
  • The DMV’s many other problems include voter lists which are not vetted properly.

6. With ballot harvesting, it makes it easier for the harvester to use any of these problems, compromise the election and no one would know.

Voter fraud is made easy without having strict voter ID and checking of the signatures in a very strict and formal manner.

That’s why you should vote in person if possible. Otherwise you increase your chance of your vote not counting.

If not, send in your ballot early. Then check with the Secretary of State’s office. Almost all states will tell you if they received your vote online.

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7 Comments on “Voting by Mail: 6 Shocking Reasons Your Vote May Never be Counted”

  1. i agree. The vote will never be correct with the hate of the Democrats at large. I don’t think they have any Christians because God wants use to love our neighbor not hate them.

  2. Voting in person or absentee ballots benefit both parties. Ultimately, accuracy, integrity of our votes are what we are aiming for – a fair election result.

  3. You can deliver your mail in ballots in person. In My area you can take them to the city Clerks offices, polling places or the registrar’s office. Some other locations have drop boxes, you can find them on line.

  4. Just as the previous commenter mentioned, one can complete the ballot at home and take it to a polling station to be sent to the counting office with the other ballots. I did that last time.

  5. As long as ballot-harvesting occurs on both sides (and if I’m not mistaken you’re helping make sure that’s the case) I don’t see a problem. Error-wise, if a few ballots are lost/mishandled by the USPS, that should not be a statistical issue in the outcome. As for outright fraud, that can happen at the ballot box by those entrusted to get the ballots counted. But you are right in your advice to check online after mailing in a ballot to see if it’s been received. Thanks for that.

  6. 41 whole years after I immigrated and only a few months before the 2016 Presidential election, I finally became US citizen. I registered me to vote right away and I voted in November 2016 for the first time ever. I filled the ballot at home but then I personally delivered it to a location near by for my husband to take a photograph of me holding my voting ballot and the “I voted” sticker on my blouse. It’s convenient to send it by mail but check on line to see if it’s actually at its destination is something I didn’t know. Thank you for the advice.

  7. But if you plan on voting November 3rd, a contact tracer will get in touch with you on the 1st and quarantine you for two weeks because you were “exposed”. Go into your courthouse and vote ASAP

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