Vote FOR – not Against – Your Values [California Readers Only]

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It’s time to stop the insanity in Sacramento!

Let’s drain the swamp…

If you live in California – or know someone who does:

  1. Go to our website and check our voter guide:


  1. Listen to the recording of my Election Forum webinar for the June 2018 primary election: 


  1. See how the progressive left is trying to steal the election:

Click here to see the remaining schedule of live Election Forums:

Remember, the California statewide primary election is June 5th.

For readers outside of California, recommendations will be posted next week.


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3 Comments on “Vote FOR – not Against – Your Values [California Readers Only]”

  1. Thank you Craig – Brian Johnston (of CA ProLife) has been promoting John Cox since the beginning (he knows both candidates) and educating us on what you have been saying. Thank you for getting this information out. If Travis Allen and his minions really cared about California, he would concede and not continue to divide the vote…..VOTE FOR JOHN COX FOR GOVERNOR

  2. It is so disappointing to see Christians voting in support of Travis Allen! Educated Christians know that Travis Allen did not support the rights of murdered babies on so many occasions! Before you vote it is your duty to educate yourself on who your voting for. Gods law comes first, thou shall not kill! Travis had so many opportunities to vote for life for unborn babies. He chose to abstain on way too many votes! John Cox has made it clear he will not/does not support the murder of unborn babies. Remember Gods law and support those who respect the Lord and Gods commandments when voting!

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