Tipping Point Shocker: Private Insider Report Reveals How the Democrat Socialists Plan to Win In November Election – Four Things You Can Do To Stop It

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The election in November is a tipping point.

The Democrats can win the Senate and the House, which means more socialist legislation, more attacks on religious liberty, more inflation, higher gas prices, and less individual freedom.

We must switch control of the Senate and stop radical, partisan judges, appointees, and socialist legislation from destroying freedom in America.

We must change the House of Representatives, stop the Democrats from damaging the legislation, and do the investigations necessary to expose the deep state and corruption within the bureaucracy.

However, overconfidence and lack of marketing skills by the Republican candidates, plus weak financial contributions, and organization, create a real possibility that the Democrats will retain control of the Senate and House.

That doesn’t have to be.

I want to share with you a letter I obtained from Sam Coronal, Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee. He points out why he thinks Democrats will win and how they will do it.

Let me share this intelligence with you.  This is what Sam says:

“Races like these could come down to just a handful of votes — and the work we do together right now could be the difference between holding our majorities or handing the reins back to Mitch McConnell.”

How will they win these key Senate and House races?

Sam goes on to detail what the Democrats need to do.

Here are his strategies:

“Taking an innovative approach to organizing:

Republicans are hellbent on taking back power, and we need to build up our volunteer network to fight back. Your support helps leverage every volunteer who wants to power our work to contact, educate, and turn out hundreds of thousands of voters.”

In other words, they are stressing a Get Out the Vote (GOTV). Voting based upon advanced data, but there’s more…

“Prioritizing voter protection before, on, and after election day:

Once we mobilize voters to head to the polls — and in the immediate aftermath — we must ensure every vote gets to counter. Voter suppression is a feature of the modern Republican Party, and we need to invest earlier than ever to protect our right to vote.”

In other words, organized and trained personnel and lawyers challenge any voter integrity and maximize the vote.

But there is one more key to winning, which is probably the most important.

It’s using advanced data and strategies that Republicans are behind on…

“DNC data and technology powers nearly every Democratic campaign:

Our state-of-the-art data and tech infrastructure helped to support thousands of Democratic candidates and campaigns last election cycle. Grassroots support allows the DNC to continue these efforts and more to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and make all our work more efficient and effective.”

Our approach to winning these key races is to help these candidates overcome the above assault.

Here are 4 things you can do to help:

  1. Make sure you and your friends vote this November. Forget about what the “odds are”, forget about fears of voter fraud.
  2. You must mobilize yourself and your friends and neighbors to do what’s right and make the change and transport a transformation in America.  This can be done!
  3. Many of you can volunteer by texting, phoning, door-to-door, or with some help on a campaign. This is critical for any candidate.
  4. You can donate to the key candidates. We have identified 14 candidates and who they are; our efforts will be towards helping them maximize their digital marketing and overcome the disadvantage and lack of money that these candidates have.

Our approach will be to mobilize evangelical Christians… Doing the most advanced database data marketing, providing candidates with the funding they wouldn’t have, and ensuring all that goes directly to the campaign and not to some organization or a consultant.

You can help us by donating to the Turn America Around Fund HERE. We will use every penny to be able to help transform America in this critical historic election.

3 Comments on “Tipping Point Shocker: Private Insider Report Reveals How the Democrat Socialists Plan to Win In November Election – Four Things You Can Do To Stop It”

  1. Another suggestion: Be prepared to call 911 if you see anyone intimidating or otherwise interfering with voter participation at a polling place.

  2. A “Dominion Elections Terminal” was up for sale at a residential “yard sale.” Another (reported) was found discarded in a trash bin (or dumpster). What is significant about these two reports is an effort underway to determine Item #4 – “state-of-the-art” data and tech infrastructure. These are just two reports of possibly hundreds of others (unreported) for one reason or another…but meets this very important paradigm…how to better “operate” digital equipment for Electioneering purposes. Remember the phrase: “INCREASE THIS EFFICIENCY.” Folks, USA is in the nascent stages of “state-of-the-art” election fraud…can’t get around this fact 2020 was a “test run”. And recent White House efforts to nationalize all elections under “one size fits all” paradigm is Election Fraud’s “handmaiden.” Solution? Micro-encoded paper ballots with secure “Chain-of-Custody” named authorized Poll Worker (with numbered Identities), at each delivery and receiving “stage(s).” 1. Receive – sign off, 2. Deliver – sign off. 3. Numbered Counting Table – Poll Worker In Charge – sign off. Counted ballots – and so forth. Get the picture? Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. Fines? First offense $1,000 dollars. Second, two years confinement. Third offense, five years confinement. Psalm 128. 10 Commandment everywhere. Newt Gingrich for Speaker of the House…to fix Washington DC. God Bless.

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