Special California Recall Alert for Christians

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The California recall election is a potential tsunami….crushing tyranny in California and across America.

That’s what I just called it on a national interview…because this is an epic national election of historical significance.

Below is my discussion of the election…and a powerful endorsement for one candidate…with Christian attorney Brad Dacus (Click HERE).

Why should you watch it?

First because what Brad says every Christian should hear.

Second, you can then share this with family and friends in California.

If Gavin Newsom is recalled…and a conservative elected…the consequences on national politics will be profound.

It will show what can happen even in pro-Socialist states in stopping the madness.

The California recall will lead to a historic change not only in the other state governments, but in Congress and the Senate.

Watch the video. Click HERE. It’s only about 7-minutes long.

Then please send this to every Christian who lives in California you know.

The time is now.

This is possible.

Thanks in advance.

Also, for our full endorsement statement, go to www.electionforum.org and see our voter guide.

What do you think? Let me know at craig@electionforum.org.

6 Comments on “Special California Recall Alert for Christians”

  1. We need to impede the ballot harvesting at the Registrar’s level. LA County is the key to the election. Harvested ballots must be in the mailing envelope, and must have the signature of the voter and the harvester. This is where the signature validation must be done. Both names must be matched to a real person before the envelope is opened. If there is no real person on either of the signatures, the envelope must not be opened, and the vote not counted. Subsequent follow-up should attempt to find the person(s) responsible for each of the unverifiable ballot. If shown to be fraudulent, open a criminal investigation.

  2. How can we Californian know for sure that a cheating Dominion machine will not be utilized in the recall election? May the Lord ´s holy fear be upon those involved to hinder further cheating. psalms 11: 3

  3. My thanks to those who are working hard to facilitate the Recall of Newsom by informing our Ca. citizens of the facts as to the reasons for the recall, as well as information regarding those who have entered the race to replace him.

    I remember there was an effort in the past to divide Caiifornia into three States, because there is such an enormous difference between the needs of residents in North Ca. vs. South and the land in between those two. The shape of our state does have an impact on what and how we vote. It would be interesting for all our residents to know the pros and cons of dividing Ca. into two, three, or even four separate states.

  4. Maybe they should come up with a secure system so people can vote online and that will cut down the mail in ballots

  5. Let’s put this “Recall and Vote” in God’s hands for a positive outcome for California! It’s Larry Elder for me!

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