November 3, 2015 Election Recommendations for Riverside County

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November 3, 2015 Election Recommendations for Riverside County

Here you’ll find the candidates running for the 2015 election in Riverside County.

Before your read about the recommendations, please take a minute to understand how the rating system works.

Rating System Explained

  • thumbup thumbup thumbup 3 Thumbs Up = strongest endorsement for values voters
  • thumbup thumbup 2 Thumbs Up = above average
  • thumbup 1 Thumb Up = better than opponent. Some races are between candidates that you will disagree with. You may not want to vote for any of them, but at least a 1 star makes one candidate as better than the other. It’s the lesser of the two evils. 1 star is not really an endorsement.
  • 0 Thumbs Up = no endorsement: We either oppose the candidates or have found no reason to support a candidate. If you don’t vote for a candidate or issue, all your other votes you make for other offices still count.


Trustee; Banning Unified School District; Trustee Area 3

  • Ernie Saldana
  • Kerri L. Mariner


Council Member; City of Blythe (2 Elected)

  • Dale S. Reynolds
  • Richard Contreras
  • Robert Crain
  • Eric Egan

Board Member; Palo Verde Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Robert E. Jensen
  • Jamey E. Mullion
  • Alfonso “Sonny” Hernandez
  • Samuel Burton
  • Alice Dean

Desert Hot Springs

Mayor; City of Desert Hot Springs

  • Adam Sanchez
  • Scott Matas

Council Member; City of Desert Hot Springs (2 Elected)

  • Asia Horton
  • Larry Buchanan
  • Jeanette Jaime
  • Anayeli Zavala
  • Richard B. Duffle
  • Yvonne Parks
  • Russell Betts


Council Member; City of Menifee; Council District 3

  • Lesa A. Sobek
  • Stu R. Blaze  
  • Neil R. Winter
  • Darcy Kuenzi


Council Member; City of Norco (3 Elected)

  • Jason Bemowski
  • Ted Hoffman
  • Lance Gregory 
  • Lisa Campbell
  • Robin “Mrs G” Grundmeyer
  • Herb Higgins
  • Berwin Hanna

Palm Springs

Mayor; City of Palm Springs

  • Ginny Foat
  • Bob Weinstein 
  • Ron Oden
  • Mike Schaefer
  • Guy T. Burrows
  • Robert “Rob” Moon
  • Ricky B. Wright
  • Bill Gunasti

Council Member; City of Palm Springs (2 Elected)

  • David Brown
  • J. R. Roberts
  • Paul Lewin
  • Geoff Kors
  • Jim King 
  • Anna Nevenic 


Council Member; City of Perris

  • Malcolm Corona
  • Raul Mark Yarbrough
  • Olivia Balderrama
  • Cindy Espinoza 
  • Ruben Arras
  • Sharmin “Riti” Islam

Trustee; Perris School District; Trustee Area 2

  • Tom Elliott
  • Edward Garcia

Trustee; Perris School District; Trustee Area 4

  • Virniecia Green-Jordan 
  • Lynne D. Guthrie


Trustee; Riverside Unified School District; Trustee Area 2

  • Patricia Lock Dawson
  • Sandra Ramirez

Trustee; Riverside Unified School District; Trustee Area 4

  • Tad A. Hove
  • Tom Hunt

San Jacinto

Trustee; San Jacinto Unified School District; Trustee Area 1

  • Mary Deanna “Dee” Cozart
  • Lisa Ann Huber 
  • Joe Schnake 
  • Trica S. Ojeda

Special Districts

Director; Desert Recreation District; Division 2

  • Frank C. Figueroa
  • Francisco J. Duran
  • Rudy Gutierrez

Director; Desert Water Agency (2 Elected)

  • Craig A. Ewing
  • Richard Oberhaus
  • Kristin Bloomer 

Director; Cabazon County Water District; 4 Year Full Term (2 Elected)

  • Alan L. Davis
  • Diana Morris
  • Sarah C. Wargo
  • Irma Y. Jorquera
  • Julie Rossiter
  • Maxine Israel

Director; West Valley Water District (3 Elected)

  • Don Olinger
  • Michael Taylor
  • Rafael Trujillo
  • Greg Young
  • Anthony “Butch” Araiza
  • Manny Gonzalez
  • Alan G. Dyer

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