How Pastors’ Silence Caused Trump to Possibly Lose and Biden to Possibly Win

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Call it silence.

Call it indifference.

Call it neglect.

Across America, pastors on the Sunday before the election failed to encourage their church attendees to vote.

They failed to tell their fellowship how to vote their values.

They failed to tell their fellowship how to not vote against their values.

I went to a megachurch on the Sunday before the election and then watched two megachurch services online. Not one of them mentioned the election.

This was the case, it seems, with the majority of churches across the United States. Some of the pastors mentioned the election, oftentimes mocking its importance or the value of a single vote.

Some of the pastors who were pro-Biden did organize their churches.

And there were some 300 churches in California that actually did church ballot harvesting and asked their members to participate.

With millions of Christian voters not voting in this election, the pastors must take some responsibility for their silence.

We must continue to encourage and educate pastors on standing firm for the non-negotiables such as supporting Israel, preserving religious freedom, preserving homeschooling, helping the persecuted church and being pro-life. These all will be under assault in the next four years.

One of the keys to the future of America are the pastors, church leaders, and Christians in Georgia.

If the voters elect the two radical socialist senatos, the Democrats will control the House, the Senate and the White House.

And they can pass anything they want.

That’s why it’s urgent you help us educate and motivate those in Georgia:

  • Pastors
  • Students
  • Youth Leaders
  • Ministry leaders
  • Home Bible Study leaders
  • And some 1.6 million identifiable evangelicals in Georgia

The race is 48-49% – razor thin. The Republicans know their voters but can’t expand it. Same with the Democrats.

But the pastors can motivate new voters.

Only 54% of the Christians voted in November. This book could change everything.

Help me mobilize the Christian Vote…it’s the only path to victory…and stopping the radical transformation of our country.


By sending the “The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values”  to Georgia:
Could you help send the book to:
-10 Pastors
-20 Church leaders
-50 Evangelical Christians
-100 Conservative Catholics
You can donate to our Turn America Around Fund by clicking here.
Or you can call 615.814.6633 between 9 am and 5 pm CST to donate over the phone.
Or you can mail a check to

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7 Comments on “How Pastors’ Silence Caused Trump to Possibly Lose and Biden to Possibly Win”

  1. I’m disappointed that this book is just now coming out. Where was it 6 months ago.? And it should be just a few pages with key Information. And cost slot less. . And The shipping is outrages. So your blaming the spike In Votes for Biden Because pastors did not Inform their fflock how to vote. What about the fraught and illegal voting????what about the post office hold ballets what about……
    This is absurd for you to blame the Christians for that illegal voting fraudulent casting double counting triple counting the ballots. God is on the throne he’s in control and the truth will prevail

  2. We must not leave God on the side. We must seek him. Seek healing for all the strife between the parties, between the races, between all believers and even for our family members. The division must stop and we must become united under Jesus Christ. Jim Bakker
    If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand…..Mark 3:25
    if MY PEOPLE who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and I will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 YES WE ALL MUST CONTINUE TO FAST AND PRAY!
    This fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12.
    Let’s not attack our brothers or sisters, we all are upset about this huge mess! Everyone MUST continue to fast and pray until the election is determined. May God help us all if Biden becomes President. All of us will be in a world of hurt! If we get the outcome so many prayed for sir, your work is just beginning. Our lost brothers and sisters need to understand the evil they were intending to bring. God Bless you.

  3. Thank you for providing the guide.
    I’ve seen you offer it for the last few months and I’ve learned a lot from your website.
    God bless your efforts to hold back the tide. You’re only one person and you’ve done quite a lot.
    I’m fasting and praying about the illegal voting too. There is still time . . .
    We are in the 11 th hour.

  4. I have personally witnessed the deafening silence in 3 churches, two very large churches and a tiny little church. One is where we have attended for 20 yrs. and the others are lead by my nephews. For years neither of the three have addressed how to stand for righteousness in our culture. The hard hitting topics like abortion, transgenderism, immigration and religious freedom are only a few. We can’t tell people to “vote their values” if they were never taught what God’s Word says about these topics that effect everyone’s lives. One of my nephews said his uncle, “why do Christians always think they are being picked on?” And my pastor has said that he cannot talk on these subjects including the written party platforms because he has Democrats in the congregation. All three of these pastors have kept their churches close during the China virus. My husband and I flew to So. California to attend a church that has been open since Pentecost Sunday. We have been watching this church online and have seen for the first time in our lives a pastor that is bold and courageous, unafraid to engage the culture, educating his 14,000 attendees on what God says and also what is happening right now with the fight for our freedoms as Americans! We will never again attend a church that is complacent or afraid to be watchmen on the wall. As long as pastors fear losing nickels and noses Christians will continue to be persecuted in America and we will lose elections. The revival we pray for will also include many pastors.

  5. “As long as pastors fear losing nickels and noses Christians will continue to be persecuted in America and we will lose elections. The revival we pray for will also include many pastors.”
    From “Laurie” above pretty much sums it up!!
    We went to another megachurch in So Cal which wouldn’t even allow a voter registration table on the patio!

    Pastors, show some spine.

  6. The church will get what it did not do for the last 40 years Bibles taken out of schools prayer taken out of schools abortions because they did nothing pastors are afraid to lose their members and their donations it’s very sad and they will reap what they sown thanks for the article

  7. What ever happened to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He will guide you and lead you into all truth.

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