7 Steps to Make Sure Your Ballot is Counted in 2020

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It is sad and disturbing, but many ballots will not be counted in 2020.

Here is our action plan to make sure your ballot is counted.

  1. Go to the poll personally if you are able.  When you go to the poll, you can vote in the traditional voting booth.

Or, as many are doing, you can hand the poll workers a signed and completely filled-out ballot.

This is the preferrable strategy.

Most states have local voting polls.  There are also many states that offer voting drop-boxes.

This will better ensure you vote counts.

2. If you must mail in your ballot because of health reasons, fear, traveling out of town, etc., the key to having your vote counted will be to mail it early.

Give the post office 10 – 12 days, if possible.  7 days as a minimum.

3. Whether you hand your ballot to an election official or choose to mail it in, remember the following reasons why many ballots are rejected:

  • Signature.  The signature you sign is not the same signature used when you first registered.  If you don’t remember or often change your signature, it is likely the vote will not count as it must match the signature you used when you registered to vote.
  • You must seal the ballot in the envelope provided.  DO NOT use your own envelope. 

4. What happens if you do not receive your ballot?  Call the voter registration office. 

5. Double-check with the voter registration office to ensure you are registered to vote. 

Many states have the ability to track your vote.

6. Use our Voter Guide to vote for and not against your values. If our voter guide doesn’t cover a certain candidate, and you do not know where they stand on the issues, simply leave that position blank. Your remaining selections will count.

Our voter guide is broken into 3 categories:

CraigHuey.com … Secular

ElectionForum.org … Evangelical Christian

And, just for the judges, we have JudgeVoterGuide.com

*Both CraigHuey.com and ElectionForum.org also contain the JudgeVoterGuide.com information.

7. Finally, share this information with others.  Please email it to your list.  Use your social media. 

Be a mobilizer and help transform our culture and politics before the election.

And purchase a copy of my latest book, The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values. What do you think? E-mail me at craig@electionforum.org.

2 Comments on “7 Steps to Make Sure Your Ballot is Counted in 2020”

  1. Here in California we have vote centers. at the vote Center you can hand your ballot to a poll worker however we don’t trust poll workers anymore
    The safest way is to scan our ballot on the machines at the vote Center which records immediately

  2. Rose & I will be voting in person. Do not trust mail in. Thanks Craig for all you do. I expect you back when we turn Calif RED again. !!
    Vote for James Bradley & Arthur Schaper.

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