Georgia “Pastor” Promotes Socialism, Attacks Religious Liberty, is Pro-Abortion, and Hates Israel … and He Could Be the Senator that Changes America (Why Georgia Determines the Next Four Years)

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Georgia is the key to what will be happening to our freedom and economy in the next four years…

This is not about Republican or Democrat.

It’s about the survival of America.

It’s about stopping Socialism.

It’s about protecting the unborn.

It’s about defending Israel.

It’s about stopping the assault on religious liberty.

The U.S. Senate race – putting two pro-Socialist Democrats against two pro-freedom Republicans will determine our future…the control of the U.S. Senate.

Right now, the polls are dead even and the Democrat Socialists have an advantage in vote-by-mail ballots.

That’s why we need your emergency help before our deadline of Wednesday. Click HERE to help.

The Republicans have identified Republican voters from the November election to get to the polls. Democrats have identified Democratic voters from the November election to go to the polls.

The biggest block of people who didn’t vote in November are the evangelical and born-again Christians where over 36% did not vote in November…and 65% of the pastors were silent about the election the Sunday before the November election.

That’s why over $60 million is being spent targeting born again Christians funded by Hollywood and Silicon Valley to flip or suppress the Christian vote.

And it’s working.

The Democrats have made huge inroads in seeking to persuade evangelical born-again Christians to vote for the Socialist candidates or suppress their vote.

That’s the major reason one of the two Democrat candidates for Senator is a “pastor”.

That’s right. He’s a pastor who believes in “Black Liberation Theology”, a pro-Marxist, racist anti-Biblical philosophy.

He is pro-abortion.

He is pro-Socialism.

He is anti-Israel.

He does not speak of the gospel, but a Socialist gospel.

He is deceiving born-again, Evangelical Christians, pastors, and church leaders.

That’s why our campaign to expose his errors is so critical.

To offset this immense anti-Christian, pro-Socialist campaign, we have to tell the truth. That’s why I need your emergency help today.

For the born again Christians who did not vote we must motivate them to vote.

For the Pastors and church leaders who ignored the November election, we must motivate them to get their church to vote.

About 65% of the pastors never even mentioned the November election on the Sunday before the election – and not telling people about voting for, not against their values.

We need to send a copy of our book “The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values” book to every Pastor, church leader and swing Evangelical Christian we can and I need your help to do so.

It’s the only way we are going to be able to keep the U.S. Senate from being a rubber stamp for Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren as they push through legislation.   

Along with the book comes instructions on mobilizing their church.

You can make an emergency donation by clicking here.

Can you help send the book and instructions to:

  • 100 Georgia Pastors…contribute $1,000.
  • 50 Georgia Church Leaders…contribute $500.
  • 25 Georgia Evangelical Christians…contribute $250.
  • 10 Georgia Conservative Catholics…contribute $100.

Maybe you can help us send 1 book for $10.00. Every emergency donation can have the power of changing the Georgia election.

Or you can call 615.814.6633 between 9 am and 5 pm CST to donate over the phone.

Or you can mail a check to 1313 4th Avenue North, Nashville TN 37208.

We are the only group on our side targeting the pastors and church leaders. The pro-Socialist Democrat groups, if not stopped will change America forever…for the worse.

Every penny you donated is used for the project. We receive no corporate or foundation money. Its people like you that will make a difference.

Please help us before our Wednesday deadline. Click HERE.

Thanks for your help in advance. Let me know what you think. Email me at

Thanks for your additional help in advance.

Let me know what you think. E-mail me at

2 Comments on “Georgia “Pastor” Promotes Socialism, Attacks Religious Liberty, is Pro-Abortion, and Hates Israel … and He Could Be the Senator that Changes America (Why Georgia Determines the Next Four Years)”

  1. Do you notice how you always use “buzz words” like socialism? What does the Georgia candidate believe that is socialism to you? Universal health care? Is that socialism? Do you know that the democratic pastor is not born again? Are you his judge in terms of his relationship to Christ. I don’t find that in the Bible. I also do not think that well off white people like you, and me also, have a lot to say to black Americans. We have not had to live their lives. Better for you to listen more and talk less.

  2. There is a spirit…called the Holy Spirit…who is given to true believers to be an helper in their lives. He knows the mind of God. He lives within those true believers…and will guide them and give them insight. If we know the Scriptures, He will use them to guide us to all truth. Today, we need His wisdom more and more as ‘pastors’ make socialism seem Christian.

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