Finally…A Special Note to Those Who Feel Overwhelmed or Like Giving Up or Never Voting Again

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A special note to those who feel overwhelmed or like giving up or never voting again.

I just did an interview with Bill Martinez I sent out as a special interview.

In it, I talked about the feeling of defeat and hopelessness…and a solution to our huge problems today.

Listen to the interview…then listen to Bill and myself discuss the solution.

It’s about 18-minutes. You can click HERE to listen.

The tell me what you think. E-mail me at

3 Comments on “Finally…A Special Note to Those Who Feel Overwhelmed or Like Giving Up or Never Voting Again”

  1. THANK YOU. Your talk was so enlightening and frightening. IMHO, I wish the Conservative Republicans would UNITE around exposing the election fraud Iin AZ and legislate Election Integrity.
    I am very Pro- Life, but if we don’t win the majority in the Houses, we don’t have a chance of Saving babies or Winning freedom and justice issues. ELECTION INTEGRITY has to be foremost on every Congressman’s & Senator’s mind right now. We need a master plan and be of ONE mind and ONE focus for now. All the other issues are very worthy- but need to rally around the Election Integrity issue first. I get 10-20 solicitations from worthy causes in the mail most everyday fighting for honorable issues. How can we focus their efforts to the ONE Critical issue of ELECTION INTEGRITY!
    UNITED we have power to protect the volunteers of Arizona who received threatening letters from the DOJ if they continue fighting to uncover the truth in the last election. Alone, they will back down in fear. But with Truth and a UNITED EFFORT of so many worthy causes supporting them and the loud strength of UNITED Conservative Politicians, they will feel embolded.
    THANK YOU. Ellen

  2. You are wasting your time! There is a Socialist-Marxist take over of this country. The 2020 election was clearly stolen. It is appalling that there was no pushback. No defiance. Just harmless sheep. Do you actually believe that this next time that we are going to have people accountable??? We didn’t do it for 2020 elections! Every branch of government is filled with stooges on the Left. Both sides of the aisle. Either bribed or blackmailed, or both!

    The only language that these Socialists respect is lethal force. Just study history. From the Bolshevik revolution in Russia to EVERYWHERE Communists took over. Read Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s accounts in the Gulag Archipelago.

    If it were the Founding Fathers they’d been stacking bodies by now.

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