Facebook Discriminates Against Conservatives and Christians

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Facebook Censorship (Credit: UK Pinterest)

Facebook has enormous power. More than the liberal mainstream media.

And now proof of bias and distortion of objectivity has been finally publicly proven on their “trending topics” and newsfeed. Even after many scandals with politicians who buy Faceboook likes.

Even Christian and conservative groups have experienced being blocked in the past … but this is their “objective” news service.

Facebook is no stranger to liberal bias. Facebook president, Mark Zuckerberg used Facebook to help President Obama’s presidential campaign and will do so with Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

Once exposed, Facebook leaders invited some conservatives to visit them so they could defend themselves and defuse the controversy.

So what happened?

Watch here, about 6 minutes:

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7 Comments on “Facebook Discriminates Against Conservatives and Christians”

  1. Facebook runs scripts on your browser. The company can easily track not only what you write on the page (whether you send it or not), but also the other pages you visit (even in another tab or page). Facebook also uses the ubiquitous “LIKE” button that appears on most websites to track Internet users, even those who do not have a Facebook account.

    After coming under fire for using ‘cookies’ (small programs that are loaded on users’ computers in the background to maintain certain settings, hold passwords, and allow tracking), Facebook introduced the “Tracking Pixel.” It is a ‘1×1 .gif’ file, invisible to the naked-eye in most cases, which allows the company to track users even after they leave the site. Since users who do not even have a Facebook account and have not agreed to Facebook’s ‘privacy policy’ are tracked as well, such tracking is not always consensual. Because the pixel is typically invisible, very few users (whether they have an account or not) could even be aware of it.

    Now that Facebook has announced the new changes for how it will ‘feed’ articles to users, Facebook will have even more control over content and data-mining. Facebook will use its surveillance capabilities to see what users read and how long they stay on the article to determine the article’s value rating, regardless of whether or not a user “likes” or “shares” the article.

    As often occurs in America’s apathetic, moral-relativist, Christian-relativist, and constitutional-relativist society where apathy is maintained by ‘reasoning to inaction’ and denial of those things that if true require those knowing about them to take action, anyone claiming there is ‘something conspiratorial afoot’ at Facebook, the United Nations, with ‘establishment’ democrats, ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors infecting the GOP like a cancer, or the like, are demonized as mere ‘conspiracy-theorists.’

    Truth being intensely powerful, those social and politically reengineering and deconstructing America necessarily fear Americans knowing truth and then acting upon such truth more than anything. This, because truth, and the lies required to reengineer America ensuring it accommodates a future ‘new world order’ spoken of on national TV by President(s) Bush, Secretaries of State, Gingrich, Obama, etc, cannot coexist with truth – especially Biblical truths.

    Facebook evidences being more invested in social-engineering against patriotism/ constitutionalism and editing through omission subject matter supporting those with a Judeo-Christian world view, than they do in pursuing profitability. The issue being that their profitability would be even higher if they did not engage in manipulative and deceptive social-engineering. Last summer, the company used the occasion of the Supreme Court overstepping its constitutional boundaries to overrule state-laws and even state constitutions by legalizing same-sex marriage to conduct a psychological experiment on users with the “Celebrate Pride” rainbow filter for profile pictures. It was a huge success.

    The fact remains that the company will continue to increase its ability to engineer the way ‘society thinks’ of America’s ongoing slide toward national-suicide and Christianity by deciding what articles millions of people see on those topics. The primary tactic at play, along with highly manipulative algorithms, being to engage in what is called ‘editing through omission.’ This omits ideas that would preclude deception and manipulation of society toward a predetermined moral and national destination. A destination where Christians are highly pressured to shut-up about Christ, while the rest of society is made to feel comfortable in having a disdain for patriotism, national sovereignty, and any ‘non-lukewarm version of Christianity.’

    More important than everything written above, is the fact that all these things occur because since approximately the year 1900, most pulpits of America, and those enabling them by their silence, have ‘edited through omission’ Biblical absolutes that include the obligation to represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of God offending world-views and governance. Bottom line, is that an increasingly lukewarm version of Christianity has infected America like a cancer whereby Christians find Christ worth emotionalizing, talking about, and reading about, but not worth representing in society and government.

  2. Why is the text in light grey which makes it more difficult to read and consequently takes more time?
    If readability is not important, then it’s not worth taking the time come to the site.

  3. I have a @yahoo.com email address. Just recently, I’ve noticed that more and more of my “conservative” emails are ending up in my Spam! Even when I click Not Spam, the same emails STILL end up in Spam. I mentioned that to a conservative ministry and they said that other people have noticed that, too! I’m getting to the point of maybe deleting my Yahoo account and using something else. But it’s very hard to switch email accounts, having to let all of my contacts, etc. know my new account. If you have a Yahoo email account, I suggest you check your Spam every time. Plus, the Yahoo news stories are biased to the left, every time, so why keep it?

  4. Facebook has deactivated my account 2 times within the week. They now request all kinds of information…more than what you would have to show to vote in this election. I truly believe it is politically motivated that they shut my account down twice. I contacted them and asked for an explanation …so far no response. I am supporting Mr. Trump and cited factual quotes from reputable news outlets. I never cursed or behaved in any way to be removed from Facebook. I believe they are discriminating against me for my own political beliefs and that I was logically able to vocalize them in an effective way on Facebook.

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