Election Upset? Tipping the Outcomes by Gerrymandering – 5 Things Every American Should Know

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The 2022 midterm election will be a historic turning point.

At issue is who controls the Senate and House – as well as state legislatures across America.

Every 10 years – and 2022 is one of them – candidates for office will run in newly redrawn districts.

The “pros” thought that since the Republicans have complete control in 23 states and the Democrats in only 14 states, the new districts would favor the Republicans.


They should.

But they’re not.

Here are five things you should know about how the Democrats outsmarted Republicans:

1. The Democrats in every state funded and founded millions in Democrat-dominated areas to increase the census counts in key Democrat areas.

And it worked.

They planned. They organized. And they outsmarted the Republicans.

Based on the 2020 census, the Democrat states only lost a few House seats instead of the dozens expected.

The new census to correct this failure by Republicans won’t occur for another ten years.

2. The Democrats in the newly-drawn districts should pick up 5 to 7 House seats – when they should have lost more than that.


3. The term “Gerrymandering” means either redistricting state borders, or a state legislature carving out districts that favor one political party over another.

In Democrat states like New York, California and New Jersey, the redistricting hurt the chances of Republicans winning.

And in Republican states, for the most part, the Republicans avoided giving Republicans any advantage, largely out of fear of lawsuits by the Democrats.

Courts in Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania superceded Republican efforts, or even took over the redistricting process from the Republicans.

Not surprisingly, the Biden Justice Department (DOJ) joined radical political activist groups and organizations to save states that didn’t compromise with Democrat demands.

4. What it Looks Like

Let’s take New York.

The Democrats gerrymandered the new districts – they look irrational the way they are structured.

The result is that about 50% of the existing Republican district areas are now changed into having a solid Democrat majority of registered voters, which will probably wipe out the existing Republican representatives.

In Maryland 10 years ago, there was only one district that had a majority of registered Republicans. That district now has a 20-point Democrat registration advantage.

5. What It Means

Even with this embarrassing blunder by the Republicans, and the loss of previously solid Republican districts, the political, social and economic failure of Biden should still result in a Republican Senate and Republican House.

But nothing is certain.

And now because of the largely Democrat gerrymandering victories, the House races will make it harder to kick Nancy Pelosi out and stop the dangerous, radical legislation in Washington D.C.

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7 Comments on “Election Upset? Tipping the Outcomes by Gerrymandering – 5 Things Every American Should Know”

  1. A very good analysis of the importance of a well planned, organized and executed Census…which the 2020 Census was not. As a census taker, my health didn’t allow my finishing my mission.. Many issues arose of how, when, what, and where do census takers count individuals. Threats of bodily harm were a real concern. Hostility (responding to avowed Census Takers credentials) was seething. I’m really sorry, but 2020’s Census, from a “foot on the ground” volunteer.. wasn’t what instruction booklet and training classes had “authorized.” So, Gerrymandering is but one aspect of a Census, Democratic sympathizers flooded calls for Census takers with reams of “one party applicants.” No, the 2020 Census, from “foot on the ground” observers was not run “By The Book.”
    There’s so much more…suffice it to say…the CENSUS has become (sorry) immaterial.

  2. The elections now days are totally rigged. If they don’t get rid of Dominion voting machines it’s over. There’s no way Sleeepy Joe won that election. Remember what Joseph Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who casts the votes, it matters who counts the votes.

  3. I think this rise in number of people[voters] in blue districts is due mostly to illegal aliens. Why else do dems want ’em counted in the census? I also think this explains why they support open borders.

  4. I agree with the above statements. I also was part of the 2020 census (as well as the 2010 census). This last census was fubared more than anyone could imagine. We were forced to ask irrelevant questions and mandated not to ask some important ones, such as whether that person was a citizen. There was unbelievable hostility from those we were instructed to follow up on, I’m not easily frightened but more than once I feared for my life. On a sub-Redditt for Census takers, I saw many woke political activists who declared they were fudging the results to “screw with Trump.” The APP that was created was horrible… they had years to create it and it had unbelievable bugs, I’m sure they had a backdoor into the app to increase numbers in Democratic areas. The delay due to Covid (by months) which could have easily started on time (just have the person several feet away asking the questions) made the majority of time the workers were out canvassing during the hottest part of summer during a horrific heat wave. Many workers fell ill across the country from heat related issues… it aided in many sitting in their cars making up names and numbers! The Census Bureau (filled with career govt workers) is completely incompetent, I had an insider view of what was happening and why they sued to push the finish date while activists screamed about counting every person here (without stating they were here illegally, so they could help their side).

  5. It is the Republicans who are gerrymandering the Districts much more than the Democrats Get it straight Get the truth Quit watching Fox news the propaganda channel for Putin and the Russians who run Carlsons and Mike Pompeos lies on Russian TV

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