November 3, 2015 Election Recommendations for L.A. County

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Here you’ll find the candidates running for the 2015 election in L.A. County.

Before your read about the recommendations, please take a minute to understand how the rating system works.

Rating System Explained

  • thumbupthumbupthumbup 3 Thumbs Up = strongest endorsement for values voters
  • thumbupthumbup 2 Thumbs Up = above average
  • thumbup 1 Thumb Up = better than opponent. Some races are between candidates that you will disagree with. You may not want to vote for any of them, but at least a 1 star makes one candidate as better than the other. It’s the lesser of the two evils. 1 star is not really an endorsement.
  • 0 Thumbs Up = no endorsement: We either oppose the candidates or have found no reason to support a candidate. If you don’t vote for a candidate or issue, all your other votes you make for other offices still count.

Agoura Hills

Council Member; City of Agoura Hills

  • Illece Buckley Weber
  • Meril S. Platzer
  • Chris Anstead
  • Linda L. Northrup
  • John O’Meara
  • Jan Gerstel thumbup


Governing Board Member; Azusa Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Russell Bryan Rentschler thumbup
  • Jeri Bibles-Vogel
  • Thomas Stephen Sanchez
  • Yolanda Rodriguez-Pena
  • Ralph Frank Rodriguez

Baldwin Park

Mayor; City of Baldwin Park

  • Joe Armendariz thumbup
  • Cruz Baca
  • Manuel Lozano

Council Member; City of Baldwin Park (2 Elected)

  • Daniel “Danny” Damian
  • Roman Rodriguez thumbup
  • Monica Garcia thumbup
  • Ricardo Pacheco

Governing Board Member; Baldwin Park Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Santos Hernandez thumbup
  • Christina Lucero
  • Saul R. Barrientos thumbup
  • Deanna Coronado Robles
  • Edwin Borques
  • Blanca E. Rubio


Governing Board Member; Bellflower Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • John Hugo Coleman thumbup
  • Jerry L. Cleveland
  • Ole Nervik
  • Debra “Debbie” Cuadros

Beverly Hills

Governing Board Member; Beverly Hills Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Mel Spitz
  • Carter C. Paysinger
  • Isabel Hacker thumbup
  • Noah Margo thumbup
  • Lewis C. Hall


Council Member; City of Calabasas (2 Elected)

  • Steve Roseman
  • Fred Gaines thumbup
  • Alicia Weintraub thumbup

Governing Board Member; Las Virgenes Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Linda Menges
  • Mathy Wasserman
  • Gary L. Mittin thumbupthumbupthumbup


Measure E School Funding — Las Virgenes Unified School District (Special Tax – 2/3 Approval Required)

To protect the quality of education in our local schools, fund core programs in math, science, reading, technology and the arts, attract/retain highly qualified teachers, counselors, and technology specialists, maintain smaller class sizes, enhance student achievement and prepare our students for success in college and careers, shall Las Virgenes Unified School District continue for twelve years the existing $98 annual school parcel tax without raising the current rate, with an exemption for seniors, and all money staying local?


Governing Board Member; ABC Unified School District; Trustee Area 1

  • Greg R. Uttecht thumbup
  • Letty Mendoza

Governing Board Member; ABC Unified School District; Trustee Area 4

  • Maynard G. Law thumbup
  • Latha Vasan

Governing Board Member; ABC Unified School District; Trustee Area 5

  • Hugo Enciso
  • Sophia M. Tse thumbup

Governing Board Member; ABC Unified School District; Trustee Area 7

  • Silvestre Vasquez
  • Christopher T. Apodaca



Measure PS Adopting A Special Parcel Tax for Public Safety Facility — City of Claremont (Parcel Tax – 2/3 Approval Required)

Shall the Claremont City Council adopt the ordinance levying a new special parcel tax of $286.00 per parcel per year commencing on July 1, 2016 and ending on June 30, 2056, for the purpose of funding the site acquisition, design, construction and furnishing of a new public safety facility?


Governing Board Member; Compton Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Arturo D. Frazier
  • Richard Michael Alatorre
  • Sandra F. Moss
  • Skyy D. Fisher thumbup
  • Justine Michelle Landeros
  • Francisco J. Orozco
  • Gregory Pitts
  • Diana Padilla thumbup
  • Denzell Otis Perry
  • Micah Ali
  • Janette Mora
  • Jolena Lomax
  • Omar C. Spry
  • Kim Smith
  • Barbara Jean Calhoun
  • Charles Davis
  • Lizette Lucha Arévalo
  • Carol “Ann Bradley” Jordan
  • Maria Hechavarria
  • Jerry Randle


Measure S School Funding — Compton Unified School District (School Bonds – 55% Approval Required)

To make schools safe and modern, and to inspire learning; shall the Compton Unified School District issue $350,000,000 in bonds at legal rates to construct and renovate local schools, sites, and facilities, including research libraries, modern classrooms and science labs, media and performing arts centers, technology centers and athletic complexes; repair safety hazards and security systems; replace worn-out roofs, plumbing, heating, electrical, and other systems; with mandatory audits, independent citizen oversight, no money for administrator salaries, and all funds staying local?


Governing Board Member; Covina Valley Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Alice Suzuki thumbup
  • William L. Knoll
  • Sue L. Maulucci
  • Darrell Alan Myrick thumbupthumbup
  • Sonia Frasquillo thumbupthumbup
  • Kien Lam

Culver City

Governing Board Member; Culver City Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Kelly Kent
  • Anne Allaire Burke
  • Scott McVarish thumbup

Diamond Bar

Council Member; City of Diamond Bar (2 Elected)

  • Robert “Bob” Velker
  • Robert Nishimura
  • Ruth Low  thumbupthumbup
  • Carol Herrera  thumbupthumbup


Governing Board Member; Downey Unified School District; Trustee Area 3

  • Claudia Medina
  • Willie Gutierrez thumbup

Governing Board Member; Downey Unified School District; Trustee Area 4

  • Donald E. La Plante
  • Linda Salomon Saldana thumbup
  • Maria Avalos

Governing Board Member; Downey Unified School District; Trustee Area 6

  • Vanessa Rodriguez thumbup
  • D. Mark Morris


Governing Board Member; Duarte Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Lillian Rose Cabral
  • Tom N. Reyes
  • Lupe Valerio
  • Douglas Guthery Edwards
  • James “Jim” Dinsmore thumbup
  • Cheryl Taylor
  • Robert N. Jole

El Monte

Mayor; City of El Monte

  • Andre Quintero
  • Norma Macias

Council Member; City of El Monte (2 Elected)

  • Jerry Velasco
  • Victoria “Vicky” Martinez
  • Art Barrios
  • Bart Patel

Governing Board Member; El Monte City School District (2 Elected)

  • Jennifer Cobian
  • Cathi A. Eredia
  • Julia Ruedas thumbup
  • David S. Siegrist thumbup

Governing Board Member; El Monte Union High School District (2 Elected)

  • Carlos G. Salcedo
  • Gracie H. Retamoza thumbup
  • Maria “Villalobos” Morgan
  • Salvador Ramirez

Governing Board Member; Mountain View Elementary School District (2 Elected)

  • Jacqueline Saldana
  • Christian Diaz
  • Irma L. Zamorano
  • Blanca M. Figueroa
  • Alfonso Somilleda

El Segundo

Governing Board Member; El Segundo Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Chris J. Powell thumbup
  • Nancy L. Cobb
  • Jeanie M. Nishime thumbup


Governing Board Member; Glendora Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Linda A. Chan
  • Lisa “Lee” Ross thumbup
  • Robin G. Merkley
  • Maura E. Murabito
  • Linda Boyd thumbupthumbupthumbup

Governing Board Member; Citrus Community College District; Trustee Area 5

  • Gary L. Woods
  • Joanne Montgomery thumbup

Hawaiian Gardens

Council Member; City of Hawaiian Gardens (2 Elected)

  • Teresa Macias thumbup
  • Hank Trimble thumbup
  • Victor Farfan
  • Myra Maravilla


Mayor; City of Hawthorne

  • Analilia Joya
  • Angie Reyes English
  • Chris Brown
  • Alex Vargas thumbupthumbup

Council Member; City of Hawthorne (2 Elected)

  • L. David Patterson
  • Frances Stiglich
  • Amie Shepard
  • Osvaldo Ramirez
  • Haidar Awad
  • Nilo Michelin
  • Katrina Manning
  • Olivia Valentine

Governing Board Member; Lennox Elementary School District (2 Elected)

  • V. Mercedes Ibarra
  • Angela C. Fajardo thumbup
  • Marisol Cruz
  • Enio Augusto Melgar thumbup

Hermosa Beach

Council Member; City of Hermosa Beach (2 Elected)

  • Trent Larson thumbupthumbup
  • Jeff Duclos
  • Peter C. Tucker
  • Justin Massey
  • Kenneth A. Hartley thumbupthumbup

City Clerk; City of Hermosa Beach

  • Elaine C. Doerfling

Treasurer; City of Hermosa Beach

  • Karen S. Nowicki

Governing Board Member; Hermosa Beach City School District (2 Elected)

  • Monique Ehsan
  • James Scott
  • Lisa R. Claypoole thumbup
  • Patti S. Ackerman thumbup


Measure H Hotel Tax Incease — City of Hermosa Beach (Ordinance – Majority Approval Required)

Shall an ordinance be adopted that would increase the Hermosa Beach transient occupancy tax (hotel bed tax) from 10 percent to 12 percent of room revenue?


Governing Board Member; Bassett Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Aaron “Simental” Rodriguez
  • Patrice Stanzione thumbup
  • Armando Barajas
  • Natalie Marie Ybarra

Governing Board Member; Hacienda La Puente Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Gino M. Kwok thumbup
  • Jeffrey De La Torre thumbup
  • Denny Guido
  • Herbert S. Chin
  • Klaus Peter Hornell
  • Martin Medrano


Council Member; City of Irwindale (3 Elected)

  • Mark A. Breceda thumbup
  • Frederick S. Barbosa
  • Larry G. Burrola thumbup
  • Manuel R. Garcia thumbup
  • Carmen Marie Roman


Governing Board Member; Antelope Valley Community College District (2 Elected)

  • Jack D. Seefus thumbup
  • Laura U. Herman
  • Miguel A. Coronado
  • Lew Stults thumbup

Governing Board Member; Antelope Valley Joint Union High School District (2 Elected)

  • Donita J. Winn
  • Jill McGrady
  • Amaka Eugenia Donn
  • Robert “Bob” Davis thumbup

Governing Board Member; Eastside Union Elementary School District; Trustee Area 4

  • Joseph “Joe” Pincetich thumbup
  • David Owens thumbup

Governing Board Member; Lancaster School District; Trustee Area 1

  • Susan L. Corso
  • George Chris Zelazo thumbup
  • Keith Giles
  • Cheryl D. Gayfield
  • Debra M. Cook-Lewis
  • Merle “Mel” Kleven thumbup

Governing Board Member; Lancaster School District; Trustee Area 3

  • Shannon Renee McDonald
  • Gregory A. Tepe thumbup
  • Antoine Hawkins
  • Chuck Simons
  • William R. Buck


Governing Board Member; Centinela Valley Union High School District; Trustee Area 3

  • Lorena L. Gonzalez
  • Daniel Urrutia thumbup

Governing Board Member; Centinela Valley Union High School District; Trustee Area 4

  • Gloria A. Ramos thumbup
  • Vanessa Martinez


City Clerk; City of Lynwood

  • Maria “Lulu” Quinonez
  • Andrew Nuñez

Treasurer; City of Lynwood

  • Denise Rodriguez thumbup
  • Nicolas Sanchez
  • Antoinette “Toni” Dixon
  • Gabriela Camacho
  • Iris Pygatt

Council Member; City of Lynwood (2 Elected)

  • Rebecca “Becky” Castro thumbup
  • Domitila “Tila” Aguilar
  • Salvador Alatorre thumbup
  • AidÉ Castro
  • Omar Espinoza
  • Edwin R. Jacinto

Governing Board Member; Lynwood Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Gary Hardie, Jr.
  • Linda M. George
  • Briseida Gonzalez
  • Gloria Garcia thumbup
  • Maria Guadalupe Lopez



Measure W Construction of a Commercial Shopping Center — City of Malibu (Ordinance – Majority Approval Required)

Shall an ordinance be adopted approving the Civic Center-Northeast Specific Plan for property located at the northwest corner of Cross Creek and Civic Center Way that regulates development and limits uses to allow construction of a commercial shopping center up to 38,425 square feet, proposed to include a grocery store, retail and recreational/educational uses?


City Clerk; City of Maywood

  • Gerardo “Gerry” Mayagoitia

Treasurer; City of Maywood

  • Salvador Contreras
  • Gloria Viramontes

Council Member; City of Maywood (2 Elected)

  • Oscar Magaña
  • Sergio Joseph Calderon thumbup
  • Ramon Medina thumbup
  • Veronica Guardado


Council Member; City of Montebello (2 Elected)

  • Fernando Chacon thumbup
  • Christina Cortez
  • Vanessa Delgado thumbup
  • Kimberly Ann Cobos
  • Bill Paolisso
  • Jack Hadjinian
  • Michael W. Samarin-Popoff
  • Randy Smith

City Clerk; City of Montebello

  • Christina Gonzales
  • Annette Ramirez thumbup
  • Irma Barajas

Treasurer; City of Montebello

  • Ashod Mooradian
  • Rosemarie “Rosie” Vasquez thumbup
  • Charles Pell

Governing Board Member; Montebello Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Edgar Cisneros
  • Nancy Hernandez thumbup
  • Joanna Flores
  • David Vela


Governing Board Member; Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Jesus G. Urquidi
  • Karen Morrison thumbup
  • Chris Pflanzer thumbup
  • Victor Juan


Governing Board Member; Keppel Union Elementary School District (2 Elected)

  • Evelyn L. Hall
  • Dominique M. Ballante thumbup
  • Vance D. Pomeroy
  • Georgia Halliman thumbup
  • Matthew Todd Gaines

Governing Board Member; Palmdale School District (2 Elected)

  • Dave Markov
  • Robert “Bo” Bynum
  • Dennis M. Trujillo thumbup
  • Vajezatha Zaccai Payne
  • Sharon A. Vega thumbup


Governing Board Member; Pasadena Area Community College District; Trustee Area 2

  • Martin Enriques
  • James A. Osterling thumbup
  • Tom Selinske

Governing Board Member; Pasadena Area Community College District; Trustee Area 4

  • Hoyt R. Hilsman
  • Bill Thomson
  • Marshall Lewis thumbup

Pico Rivera

Council Member; City of Pico Rivera (3 Elected)

  • Joey Arnold Moreno thumbup
  • Gregory Salcido thumbup
  • Bob J. Archuleta
  • Brent A. Tercero

Governing Board Member; El Rancho Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Arlene Perez thumbup
  • Alfred Renteria
  • Victor “Coach” Gonzalez
  • Raul Elias
  • Gabriel Orosco
  • Teresa Lugo Merino thumbup

Rancho Palos Verdes

Council Member; City of Rancho Palos Verdes (3 Elected)

  • Jim Knight
  • Greg Royston thumbupthumbup
  • Jerry Duhovic thumbupthumbupthumbup
  • Ken Dyda thumbupthumbup
  • Susan Brooks thumbupthumbup

Governing Board Member; Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Dawn Lenzie
  • Linda Reid
  • Barry Andrew Rondinella thumbupthumbupthumbup
  • Suzanne Seymour thumbupthumbup

Rolling Hills Estates

Council Member; City of Rolling Hills Estates (3 Elected)

  • Velveth Schmitz
  • Frank V. Zerunyan thumbupthumbup
  • Judy Mitchell
  • Carl Southwell thumbup


Governing Board Member; Garvey Elementary School District (2 Elected)

  • Angela Marie Rios
  • Henry Lo
  • Keilley Meng thumbup

Governing Board Member; Rosemead Elementary School District

  • Nancy Armenta
  • Mary Jo Merenda

Rowland Heights

Governing Board Member; Rowland Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Susan Hsu
  • Judy Nieh
  • David M. Malkin
  • Roy L. Humphreys
  • Donna Freedman thumbup

San Marino

Council Member; City of San Marino (2 Elected)

  • Scott T. Kwong
  • Steven Huang
  • Steve Talt
  • Eugene C. Sun
  • Dennis B. Kneier


Measure U Utility User Tax — City of San Marino (Ordinance – Majority Approval Required)

Shall an ordinance be adopted to update and extend for a period of ten years the Utility User Tax and reduce the maximum rate of the tax from 6% to 5%?


Measure SA Paramedic Services, Fire Protection, and Police Protection — City of San Marino (Special Tax – 2/3 Approval Required)

Shall an ordinance be adopted to continue a Special Public Safety Tax for Paramedic Services, Fire Protection and Prevention and Police Protection in the City of San Marino?

Santa Clarita

Governing Board Member; William S. Hart Union High School District; Trustee Area 1

  • Gloria Mercado-Fortine
  • Linda Storli thumbup

Governing Board Member; William S. Hart Union High School District; Trustee Area 4

  • Steven M. Sturgeon
  • Andrew Taban

Santa Fe Springs

Council Member; City of Santa Fe Springs (2 Elected)

  • Nancy Romo thumbup
  • Albert “A. J.” Hayes thumbup
  • Louie Gonzalez
  • Joe Angel Zamora
  • Ron Beilke
  • Bill Rounds
  • John M. Mora
  • Carlos Tovar
  • Edward Madrid, III
  • Annette Rodriguez

Governing Board Member; Little Lake City School District (3 Elected)

  • Janet E. Rock thumbup
  • Dora Sandoval
  • Lynn Berg
  • Richard A. Martinez

South El Monte

Mayor; City of South El Monte

  • Luis “Louie” Aguiñaga

Council Member; City of South El Monte (2 Elected)

  • Willhans Ili
  • Manuel “Manny” Acosta thumbup
  • Gloria Olmos thumbup
  • Hector Delgado
  • Gilbert “Gil” Zepeda

Governing Board Member; Valle Lindo Elementary School District (2 Elected)

  • Ruth E. Gonzales
  • Veronica Castillo thumbup
  • Richard Angel thumbup

South Pasadena

Council Member; City of South Pasadena (3 Elected)

  • Richard D. Schneider
  • Marina Khubesrian
  • Robert Joe

Governing Board Member; South Pasadena Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Jon Primuth thumbup
  • Joseph Loo thumbup
  • Suzie Abajian

Temple City

Governing Board Member; Temple City Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Kien C. Tiet thumbup
  • Robert “Bob” Ridley
  • Kenneth E. Knollenberg thumbup
  • Manuel A. Gimenez, Jr.
  • Larry A. Marston


Governing Board Member; Torrance Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Don Lee thumbup
  • G. Rick Marshall thumbupthumbupthumbup
  • Terry L. Ragins
  • Clint Andrew Paulson thumbupthumbup


Governing Board Member; Mount San Antonio Community College District; Trustee Area 1

  • Rosanne M. Bader thumbup
  • John Mendoza


Measure O Walnut Valley Local School Improvement Measure — Walnut Valley Unified School District (School Bonds – 55% Approval Required)

To upgrade facilities to maintain excellent education/college readiness by providing facilities/technology for advanced math, science, engineering, upgrading outdated classrooms, science labs, libraries, computer systems, improving school safety/security, and repairing, constructing/acquiring classrooms, facilities, equipment, shall Walnut Valley Unified School District issue $208 million in bonds at legal rates, with independent citizen oversight, no money for administrator salaries, and all funds used for neighborhood schools in/around Diamond Bar and Walnut?

Governing Board Member; Mount San Antonio Community College District; Trustee Area 5

  • Renee “Lucy” Chavez
  • Jay Chen
  • Garrett C. Terrones
  • Frederick “Fred” Chyr thumbupthumbupthumbup

Governing Board Member; Walnut Valley Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • S. Sean Monemi
  • Larry L. Redinger thumbup
  • Phillip Chen thumbup

West Covina

Council Member; City of West Covina (2 Elected)

  • Tony Wu
  • Kimberly Caceres
  • Joe Lara-Gardner thumbupthumbup
  • Fredrick Sykes
  • Brian A. Gutierrez
  • Lloyd A. Johnson

Governing Board Member; West Covina Unified School District (3 Elected)

  • Brenda I. Martinez
  • Eric Pinal thumbup
  • Daniel C. Monárrez
  • Camie Poulos thumbupthumbup
  • Suzanne C. Augino thumbupthumbup
  • Michael T. Flowers


Measure C Appointment of City Officials — City of West Covina (Ordinance – Majority Approval Required)

Shall Ordinance No. 2279 be approved to amend the city’s municipal code to eliminate illegal qualification requirements, require professional recruitment for the city manager, require that hiring and retention of the city manager be based on skills and experience, eliminate requirement that interim city manager be selected only from department heads, eliminate most restrictions on removal of the city manager, and provide that any appointment which violates state or local law is null and void?

Westlake Village

Council Member; City of Westlake Village (2 Elected)

  • William Kehaly
  • Ned E. Davis
  • Kelly Honig


Governing Board Member; Los Nietos School District (2 Elected)

  • Nicholas Vincent Aquino
  • John H. Guzman
  • Emilio Sosa

Governing Board Member; Rio Hondo Community College District; Trustee Area 2

  • Vicky Santana
  • Lorraine De La O thumbup

Governing Board Member; South Whittier Elementary School District (2 Elected)

  • Jan Baird
  • Sharon Luzerne Stys thumbup
  • Elias Alvarado

Special Districts

Governing Board Member; Newhall County Water District (2 elected)

  • Daniel R. Mortensen thumbup
  • Lynne Plambeck
  • Jeff Ford
  • Don Cruikshank

Governing Board Member; Orchard Dale Water District (2 elected)

  • Yvette Stevenson Rodriguez
  • Dennis R. Azevedo thumbup
  • Loyd G. Timm thumbup

Governing Board Member; Palmdale Water District; Division 3

  • Gloria A. Dizmang
  • Marco Henriquez thumbup

Governing Board Member; Pico Water District (2 elected)

  • Raul Murga
  • David Raul Gonzales
  • Henrietta Correa Salazar thumbup
  • Michael Barba
  • Barbara Contreras Rapisarda
  • Adrian Lamont Diaz thumbup

Governing Board Member; Quartz Hill Water District (2 elected)

  • Keith Michael Scott
  • Michael G. Schafer, Jr. thumbup
  • Sheldon A. Carter
  • Christ L. Gross
  • Dennis J. Hoffmeyer

Governing Board Member; San Gabriel County Water District (2 elected)

  • Larry G. Taylor
  • Lawrence Marsey Zavala
  • Mary Cammarano
  • Piper Fogle thumbup

Governing Board Member; Sativa-Los Angeles County Water District (3 elected)

  • Efren Haas thumbup
  • Vanessa “Vj” Hamilton thumbup
  • Luis “Louie” Landeros
  • Juan “Johnnie” Aguilar thumbup
  • Roxsana Zepeda
  • Jose M. Torres
  • Billy Richie Reyes

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