Election Recap: Christian Worldview Implications

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Mark your calendar for the following midterm election recap events:

  • In the next issue of Reality Alert, I will provide an overview analysis of the 2018 midterm election from the perspective of a Christian worldview.
  • On December 5th, I’ll be doing a Post-Election Results webinar from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time – 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

This will give you more detailed results and analysis of what lies ahead from a Biblical Christian worldview perspective.

We will be sending you a link next week to register for the webinar.

Stay tuned…

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3 Comments on “Election Recap: Christian Worldview Implications”

  1. Is anyone bothering to look into this? County goes to Cox by 200k votes yet all Republican reps lost??? Orange County, CA vote count suggests fraud: “I’m a lifelong Californian & want this exposed. I was a Democrat until recently & know many former CA Dems like me who are sick of what’s happening in CA. These seats were stolen.” https://bit.ly/2BpAIFy

  2. I’ve lived in O.C. for 48 years and was interested in Chris Genge’s comments about O.C. congressional seats being stolen. Dana Rorahbacher was my congressman in O.C. I knew the O.C. seats were stolen and have some thoughts about how, but not sure. I’m interested in what has been discovered about probably illegal voting.
    Jan Fenati

  3. I am amazed and sadden like all of you to know that all good men and women willing to serve in a right and fare way lost their term in the elections. Porter sent people to knock on apartments and home doors requesting their vote, making it personal with the voters. I know that because they knock on my door and my neighbors doors asking for their vote. As a Latin woman I share with all of you this…Many, many, Latin votes are made illegally and don’t even have the right to vote, but they vote anyway. Many, many Latin people don’t care about the issues of our country or state and the few that care don’t understand because for them propositions and everything that has to do with is difficult to understand. If they hear that a person like Porter or Newsom are for the Latin people then the people don’t care for right or wrong they will just vote for that person.

    Many people do not understand that we are out of balance because now specially in California are more Latin people that any other people group.

    The immigration laws were set to bring a balance so every culture could have an opportunity and be able to balance our society, but right now we are more Latin people that anything other culture within California.

    Politicians and even people like you and me had allowed this to happen and if we continue this way very soon we will have another Mexico because the majority of Latin people do not like to follow the laws or the rules that is why Mexico is the way it is…lawless.

    My point for sharing this is for people like you to understand the power that Sacramento and the government has given to the Latin community. Like Licensee to have the right to drive, they have up to five kids so they can get food stamps and in some cases rent paid and they cannot afford them, but the government allows it. My family who are citizens cannot even get something like that. Amaze me how the majority of Americans do not understand my culture and live in great ignorance. Like me few Latin people are willing to stand for what is right but if you do not wake up and understand on how the government is working on the emotions of Latin people then will continue to see this type of results.

    Wake up people!

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