Election Fraud Alert: Toss Slate Mailers in the Circular File [Video]

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The 2018 midterm election is next Tuesday!


For the past few weeks you’ve been swamped every day with postal mailers, emails and Facebook ads about many of the candidates and propositions on the ballot.


There’s a good place to file all these mailers. It’s in the trash.


This is especially true of so-called “slate mailers” – mailing pieces that come from organizations that recommend who to vote for – but are subtle and deceptive.


Watch this video to learn more.

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One Comment on “Election Fraud Alert: Toss Slate Mailers in the Circular File [Video]”

  1. I totally agree the trash is the place for all the election junk mail. However, lots of seniors and illiterate persons will grab one and go with it, if they vote at all that is. It is not an easy process to weed and research all the many dashes we must place on an election form today. Many don’t know how to acquire valid information with which to make choices, nor do they want to use the time to try. I am grateful for the Election Forum to take the major headache out of the process and I try to tell many few circle of friends about Reality Alert! God Bless everyone who makes a voice heard.

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