Election Deception Alert: Slate Recommendations You Are Getting Are “Fraudulent and Misleading” [Video]

Craig HueyElection, Government, Politics4 Comments

The 2022 election cycle is in full swing… but don’t be deceived.

By now you are being swamped most every day with postal mailers, emails, videos, text messages, and Facebook ads about many of the candidates and propositions on the ballot.

There’s a good place to file all these mailers. It’s in the trash.

This is especially true of so-called “slate mailers” – mailing pieces that come from organizations that recommend who to vote for – but are subtle and deceptive.

Watch this video to learn more. Click HERE to see a 2-minute video on election deception. What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org

4 Comments on “Election Deception Alert: Slate Recommendations You Are Getting Are “Fraudulent and Misleading” [Video]”

  1. Excellent CRAIG. We have been following your advice for a number of years now..
    Thank you for being here… Jim Reichgelt

  2. Please, write me the Guidelines for California. I might have missed it (have been ill).
    Elzi Fourcher.

  3. To get our recommendations all you need to do is go to electionform.org… Click on the voter guide… And then click on your county and you’ll see all the candidates including judges

  4. Craig & your team at ElectionForum.org How helpful your research and recommendations have been for this primary election. There are so many positions, with so many candidates running, that voting responsibly is a mind-boggling responsibility – – THAT IS – if it were NOT for people like you who put in soooooo much time and effort in to researching these candidates and their suitability for responsibly representing the people whom they are meant to serve.
    Thank you for your help. Myself and people from our church rely heavily on the work that you have done to help clarify our decision-making process. Again, Thank You !

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