California’s Recall: Why Did Newsom Win…Is There Any Hope for California? (My Startling Interview With One America News Network Nationwide Broadcast)?

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With the failure of the recall election in California, more businesses and more individuals will be leaving California.

Many have given up hope about turning California around.

Is there hope?

And why did the election turn out the way it did?

I was just interviewed by Dan Bell of One American News (OANN) for a nationwide broadcast on the recall election.

Watch this report to get some insider information and insight you won’t find elsewhere.

You can watch the 11-minute video HERE.

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15 Comments on “California’s Recall: Why Did Newsom Win…Is There Any Hope for California? (My Startling Interview With One America News Network Nationwide Broadcast)?”

  1. Good interview now please dont back cox because he is going to run against larry you know he is Anne

  2. This recall was certainly in the hands of God the Father, who…………………….
    is far wiser and all of us put together. So the real question is: What is it
    that God wants me to learn from all of this? Despite my wishes, how will
    God use this man to challenge my Faith (keep your eyes open) ? And
    Since my way is not always God’s Way……..I guess God wants to exercise
    my Faith and Trust in Him.

  3. This election was to get Newsom out. We accomplished a historical 2.1 mil. petitions VICTORY. Kevin Kiley was wuth us day 1 plus helped us all the way. Kiley fiought Newsom in court representing himself against Newsims mandates. This should not have been Ekder vs
    Newsom. We were in a tie between yes or no recall until Elders stepped in. This should have been the state of CA vs Newsom recall.
    Elders muddied the water is one reason why we lost. There was also
    many incidence of voter fraud. And election interference. We need to secure our votes. Lets make that our priority.

    1. God showed up to prevent CA from becoming another Florida, with a self-interested Governor only interested in gaining the approval of Trump and the ReTrumplican Party, no matter how many people die of Covid as collateral damage. Craig is stooping to OANN, a conspiracy-driven alternate reality “news” network; don’t look to him for reality. Compare CA vs. FL during this latest Delta Variant. FL ICU’s are overwhelmed, yet DeSatan insists on no mask nor vaccine mandates. Antivaxxers depending on Ivermectin, etc. are dying left and right. Time to start thinking for yourselves, people! The life you save may be your own.

      1. One more point: this election was such a landslide against Larry Elder that even he didn’t have the “heart” to keep pushing the bogus “stolen election” narrative that he had raised on his website the DAY BEFORE the election even took place.

  4. Christian voters allow the Holy Spirit to guide their vote. They are accountable to God and read everything. They will not be mislead. They will vote character, principles of God and above all keep God’s commandments.

  5. Well, I believe this election, as the 2020 Presidential Election, was also fixed. REASON: MAIL BALLOT to ALL; the VOTING MACHINES rather than PAPER BALLOTS; Many people being told “YOU’VE ALREADY VOTED and FORCED to use PROVISIONAL BALLOTS;” and California is a CORRUPT ONE-PARTY RULE state. I saw tons of Recall Newsom and Elect Larry Elder signs all over the San Fernando Valley of L.A. City and surrounding cities in the L.A. area. No, “Something definitely STINKS in Denmark.” I NO Longer trust any government run by the DemoCOMMUNISTS.

  6. Bob, no…. It was not God‘s will for a pro-choice, anti-Israel, pro LGBTQ Gy to be our governor in California. We as voters and as people and as a nation has free will, just like Israel did. God is sovereign yes, but his sovereignty ends in most cases where our wheel begins. We live in a fallen world, and except for the intervention of believers in prayer, God allows us to do good things and to do bad things while we’re here. Believers are his only bond slaves who are bonded to do as well. But yes God does answer prayer and bends the will of certain people according to his will, and he also lays responsibility on our shoulders to see through things in prayer. Having read the end of the book we know how it turns out, but in the meantime there is no “what does he want us to learn from Gavin to be Governor .” That sounds pious and religious but it’s just not true. What is true is Ephesians 612 it says it we wrestle not against flesh and blood….. The excess sovereignty that you espouse leaves nothing for us to do but hope, it doesn’t give us any responsibility to pray, or speak, believe and pray the scriptures, and to walk in faith after that. What I just described is hard that’s why most Christians don’t do it, and that’s why they teach excess sovereignty that way there is no responsibility on their own Shoulders. God put Trump in office I’ll be at for a short time, because he wanted him there. God’s will is never for a tyrant or an evil person to be an office, but… if a bad thing like Newsom being allowed to stay in office because of our ignorance happens, then Romans 8:28 comes into affect.

  7. Californians were urged to vote by mail and all ballots had to be postmarked by September 14. I have to complement the post office for transporting all of the ballots mailed that afternoon to the registrar’s office to be duly counted by the time the election was called about 8:01pm. Plus we were told to trust the “honest” dominion voting machines if we voted in person.

  8. You’re right, James! Choices have consequences, and many are made outside of God’s will, and He allows it. He chose to in the beginning. Since the people are the government and in authority, we need most to pray for “those in authority” to make the right choices.

  9. We need to INSIST that we HAVE TO SHOW VOTER I.D., and vote as we did BEFORE the pandemic, at our regular polling places.

    We need to show voter I.D., SIGN THE REGISTER, NO VOTING MACHINES, and vote and submit your ballot into an impartial electronic-eye vote collection box that counts your vote immediately when you submit it, as we did before–you can HEAR it being counted as you submit it.

    This mail-in balloting places the corrupt Post Office system between you and your ballot, and there should be NO ONE between you and your ballot–the whole situation is ripe for FRAUD, as in November, 2020.

    Even in a pandemic, people are able to go to the market and shop with their masks on, so there is NO EXCUSE for not voting in person at our REGULAR POLLING PLACES, as we did before, with the safeguards mentioned above–show voter I.D. and sign the register. One person, one vote. SO SIMPLE!!!

  10. God allow this election to happen this way, for God purpose and perfect will. When the time comes then we will know why.

  11. They just plain lied.
    All those who wanted to be governor was a trick from demoncrats.
    Remember when Jerry brown first won…many ballots were stolen but demoncrats have made their own laws that long ago.

  12. This nation was founded on the principles contained in the bible. Got to get your priorities straight individually and collectively. One nation under God for and by the people, as a republic. There is not going to be any changes take place until the people turn to their creator and pray for guidance daily. The Holy Spirit within will bear witness to those seeking with sincerity of heart. Let those with ears hear what the Spirit is saying to all His people. There is a season for all things under the Son. Evil and darkness has a season to rule and when that season is over then the children of Light will rule in Righteousness goodness and truth.It is growing in the hearts of those that are chosen. There is no power to stop the will of God and every knee will bow to the Light of Christ. It is Right on to be upright, just, and honorable in the Light of the Lord. There is no other solution for mankind. Trust in what is real within you. Cast out all darkness that Christ reveals within and without. There is no darkness within Heaven. Amen

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