California Recall Election Recommendation

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I wanted to let you know that you can view our recommendation for the California Recall election.

This recall has national implications and interest.

For readers outside of California, this will give you insight on what is happening plus an opportunity to send it to any friends or family that you have in California.

And for our California readers, this is your guide to making sure we remove Gavin Newsom as Governor and replace him with someone who will have the courage and ability to help Reclaim the California Dream.

Please take a look by clicking HERE.

Be sure to watch in upcoming issues of Reality Alert for interviews, insights, and commentary that I have on the election and when you go to the website home page you will see not only our recommendation but for you to be able to vote in our election poll for which gubernatorial candidate you prefer. You can participate in the poll by clicking HERE.

Let me know what you think. E-mail me at

22 Comments on “California Recall Election Recommendation”

  1. Who do you recommend to replace Newsome?
    I vote for Larry Elder. He knows all the issues and what a we should be doing.
    He is experienced as a political commentator.
    He will show blacks that they can easily become conservatives!
    Will you remind the public that New3some has been chastened twice by the U.S. Supreme Court
    for interferring with religeous liberty? He was fined $1 million.

  2. It’s problematic that, because of the 2020 vote fraud connected by left wing criminals, that all elections moving forward will be any different than the last election. Until widespread voter fraud is dealt with, in which the voice of the people is stamped out, what’s the likelihood that will happen again in this age of massive deception?

  3. Sadly, whatever Conservative we may get, the Democrats will fight them tooth and nail. So whoever it is, they will have to be strong enough to pick up their cross and carry it. Satan’s time grows short, so it’s just starting to get ugly! Maranatha!

  4. Seek the Lord God first and give Him and His Word priority in our lives so that all we do, including voting, brings Him the glory and honor that He is due, and that the holy name of Jesus Christ is glorified and looked to for salvation.

  5. As the people of California, we must stand firm and vote on a Conservative who loves this state. We must hold up and keep the leftists accountable for their wrong doings. and PRAY!

  6. Curious as to why Election Forum included John Cox in the group of other likeable candidates. He is a RINO. We will be voting for Larry Elder.

    1. Thank you Traci. I didn’t know Cox was a traitor. Good to know.
      Why isn’t anyone talking about Kevin?
      Didn’t Kevin get this whole recall going?

    1. It does matter, every vote matters. We need to change this entitlement that the democrats seem to think belongs to them. Larry Elder appears to be the best candidate. He is able to communicate very well due to his background as a radio talk show personality. I am sure Newsom would not debate him.

    1. Dear Doreen, there are a lot of issues at hand in California that concern me and other Californians. High taxes, unrealistic mandates that he doesn’t abide by himself, laws that are crippling our economy, etc. I don’t know where he was speaking that he did not address the voter fraud. He is running against the biggest fraudulent Governor. We need to change this democrat entitlement change of democrats.

  7. The interview where Larry Elder said Biden won fair and square is manipulated fake news, they cut the interview off at that sentence. Go to Real Life with Jack Hibbs YouTube for Sunday 8/15/21 and see Larry speaking

  8. WARNING: Your YES or NO vote can be read through both the yellow and white sides of the envelope.
    Fold over the flap on the ballot to cover your vote, so it can NOT be read through the envelope.

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