#1 Reason to Vote for President: The Supreme Court

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#1 Reason to Vote for President: The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court … its liberal justices are transforming America for the worse.

If nothing else concerns about you about Election 2016, then you need to be concerned about who the next President will nominate to replace the upcoming retirements on the Court.

Three to four new Supreme Court justices will be appointed for life.

These appointees will either be judicial activists (JA) who believe in legislating from the bench to transform society …

Or they will be strict constructionists (SC), justices who are more conservative and want to interpret the Constitution, not make new laws.

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Clinton has created a litmus test for her judges:  pro-abortion, pro same sex marriage, opposed to religious freedom laws.

The Supreme Court (Scalia, second from the left seated, has passed away)

The Supreme Court (Scalia, second from the left seated, has passed away)

Trump also has a litmus test:  pro-life, and he published a list of 10 qualified strict constructionists who he would appoint to the Supreme Court

Notice that five justices are past retirement age (65 years old).

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton appointing five supreme court justices?

There go our First Amendment, Second Amendment rights.

Illegal executive actions would go unchecked by a rogue court holding the same liberal, progressive ideology of President Clinton.

Environmental regulations, invasions of our privacy—all of it would pass under a Clinton-dominated Court.

Abortion would be expanded to any time, and taxpayers could be forced to pay for these murders.

For California Voters

Please keep in mind that there are crucial judicial races to watch and vote for, too!

If you live in any one of these counties, download the voter guide hyperlinked to find out how to vote in the upcoming November Election:

Kern County

Los Angeles County

Marin County

San Bernardino County

San Francisco County


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4 Comments on “#1 Reason to Vote for President: The Supreme Court”

  1. Craig, thank you and your excellent team. If Hillary is elected, you can kiss our great United States of America GOODBYE. And I’m being Generous! As you say, even more important than just the Presidency is nominating Supreme Court Justices AND Federal Judgeships, which is equally important. We are at a critical juncture in our history. Either we get back to a Constitution-based Republic and democracy, or we fall into the Abyss and become a Second-Class, possibly Third-Class country. I personally think this is the Most Important Election in our country’s history. EVER!

  2. Yes, this election will have an outcome of repercutions that will impact us for many years to come. Are we willing to vote for God’s ways or keep it in Satan’s corner.

  3. Hi Craig. SCJ appointees is the biggest issue this election IF we value our 1st amendment, religious freedoms and 2nd amendment rights. We could very easily see speaking in opposition to homosexuality a hate crime and the same with speaking out against Islam punishable by fines or jail time. Possibly even lawsuits against Christians. This is not far fetched. Hridtiabs who are upset at the poor choices in this election need to understand that WE ARE THE PROBLEM! As a whole, only 1 in 4 Christians vote. We must be more involved. But if we lose our religious freedoms as a result of the justices Hillary will no doubt nominate then we lose it all. Our children will inherit a much harsher world than we ever thought could happen.

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