Special Report: Voter Fraud? Myth or Reality

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I’ve done several interviews since the November election on the subjects of voter fraud, election corruption, and the influence of Big Tech censorship.

These are must-see, must-hear interviews containing important information you are not hearing from the biased mainstream media.

1. Voter Fraud: Fact vs. Fiction: My Epoch Times Interview [Video and Transcript]

I just did an intense TV interview on voter fraud with Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times – the “American Thought Leaders.”

This is a must see interview – see the video or read the transcript.

It explains what is really happening today, despite the confusion created by the media and Big Tech such as Facebook and Google.

Click HERE to see the TV interview.

Click HERE to see the transcript if you would rather read it.

2. What Will Be the Election Outcome? [Video]

I’m being interviewed by Dr. Tyra Hodges.

Click HERE to view the 56-minute video.

3. What Happened to the Christian Vote? [Audio]

I’m being interviewed by Roger Marsh on the Bottom Line.

Click HERE to listen to the 22-minute interview.

4. The Future of Our Nation: What You Can Do About the Historic Georgia Senate Races

The future course of our nation is dependent upon the election results in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election.

If the two Democrat Socialists – who are running against two conservative Senators – win the two Senate seats, we will have 4 years that could destroy America.

Right now it’s a virtual tie with two socialist candidates running who are:

  • Anti-Israel
  • Opposed to religious freedom
  • Want radical, unlimited taxpayer-funded abortion
  • Against free enterprise and for socialism

The races will be divided by a few thousand votes, one way or the other.

Right now the Senate is 48 Democrats to 50 Republicans.

If the two socialist Democrats win, it will be 50/50…with radical socialist Vice-President Kamala Harris holding the deciding vote.

Millions are being spent by Hollywood and Big Tech on this election.

We can’t outspend them, but we can do something very powerful that could win the election.

I need your help to do something the socialists can’t do:

Help me mobilize the Christian vote…it’s the only path to victory…and to stopping the radical transformation of our country.


By sending the “The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values” to key evangelical voters in Georgia:


  1. It’s the only large voting group left that did not fully vote in November.
  2. 36% of the evangelicals are not registered to vote.
  3. 48% of those registered did not vote.
  4. 76% of the pastors did not mention the November election.

So we have mined the voter data and targeted:

  • Pastors
  • Church leaders
  • Evangelical Christians who did not vote in November
  • Conservative Catholics who did not vote in November

It will cost about $10.00 to FedEx each person a book.

A book that could change the election outcome with your help. Remember, the runoff election is on January 4th.

Can you help send the book to:

  • 100 Pastors…$1,000.
  • 50 Church Leaders…$500.
  • 25 Evangelical Christians…$250.
  • 10 Conservative Catholics…$100.

Maybe you can send 1 book for $10.00.

Whatever you can…in what has become the most important Senate race in American history.

You can donate online by clicking HERE.

Or you can call 615.814.6633 between 9 am and 5 pm CST to donate over the phone.

Or you can mail a check to 1313 4th Avenue North, Nashville TN 37208.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Questions or comments? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

8 Comments on “Special Report: Voter Fraud? Myth or Reality”

  1. You’re reaching for new lows in your disinformation campaign, Craig. Epoch Times? What’s next, Alex Jones? Where is your discernment? Don’t give these conspiracy theorists the time of day. Haven’t you noticed the disconnect between what President Trump’s lawyers say in the media and what they say in court? The reason for that is that they know they’ll be purjure themselves if they claim widespread voter fraud in a court of law. Stop enabling their lies at the expense of our democracy. The Election is over, and no evidence of widespread fraud anywhere near enough to change the results has been presented despite almost 40 court cases.

  2. I’m so thankful that you’re putting out information here that causes others to question the censorship and over reach of the oligarchs- they have come into our school systems forced their agendas on young minds, mandated vaccines with a global agenda of having every person vaccinated with or without permission and all while we say- ‘oh Craig- you believe in conspiracy theories…you’ve come to a new low’? I say ‘ NO, you have not come to a new low’ – we are at war. A war between dark and light, good and evil. God help us!

    Craig be the Watchman on the Wall – make the war cry tell others that we are sheep gone astray. The evidence is in front of us for all to see.

    ‘Lord Jesus, give the blind man eyes to see before it is too late’

    Thank you Craig. I’m grateful for you and your stand for righteousness! Stay courageous and strong in Jesus.

  3. Maria, Trump has a history of contesting elections he doesn’t like the results of, with no basis. He also lies constantly. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me 20000 times, must be Emperor Worship Blindness Syndrome. We’re at war with the truth, and the man that brought you the Birther Conspiracy, “Coronavirus is going away next month” 8 months in a row, etc. has shown that he has no allegiance to truth. The question is why do so many Evangelicals still have allegiance to Trump? https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-longstanding-history-calling-elections-rigged-doesnt-results/story?id=74126926

  4. Roy, our allegiance is not to Trump but to God’s Word. Jesus said you are either for me or against me. You can’t be for Him and support the devil’s agenda, abortion, homosexuality, etc. which are all supported by Biden, his crew and the media.

  5. Roy- your an ignorant fool- don’t preach to me – talk to the Hand, dude-
    Go school yourself and believe what you want- then sue me.

    Signed –
    A freedom loving homeschooling mother of three-
    Supporting the unapologetic bulldog, President Trump

  6. Shame on you. Ask your media why they aren’t showing YOU the fraud. Try watching the hearings before you point the finger. It only makes you look misinformed.

  7. The “hearings” are a sham. Nobody is speaking under oath, so they are free to spin yarns and spout totally unsubstantiated lies. There is a reason why Trump’s lawyers lost more than 50 cases in court: they had no legitimate evidence, and his lawyers knew that they would perjure themselves if they presented the lies in court that they have been feeding to Fox News, OANN, etc. Additionally, Trump couldn’t get any decent lawyers to take the case, as they knew they had no evidence.

  8. Roy you my friend have been deceived! You obviously don’t know our creator——God! Creator of heaven! Earth! you and me!. I pray for your salvation! God is in charge here! And he well!!! Show you and everyone else that has been lied too, the truth! And when that happens I pray you repent and come to God. I may have faith the size of a mustard seed but with that faith I can move mountains ( of lies,deciet) to be revealed, cast into hell! And truth to shine. Thanks be to God! And thank God literally for our 46th president—- Donald J Trump!

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