Who Should be the Next President of the United States? [Poll and Results]

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Who Should be the Next President of the United States? [Poll and Results]

Last week, I asked readers to vote in our online poll for who should be the next President of the United States.

Here are the results:

Hillary Clinton (D) Former Sec. of State


Gary Johnson (Libertarian)2.6%
Jill Stein (Green Candidate)0.2%
Donald Trump (R) Businessman94.2%


If you haven’t already, don’t forget to vote in our poll.

I will share the results on press, radio, and social media!

Click here.

What do you think of the results? Email me at craig@electionforum.org

6 Comments on “Who Should be the Next President of the United States? [Poll and Results]”

  1. I guess some of your readers are not Christians. I would hate to have to stand before God and explain why I voted for the candidate who supports murdering defenseless babies still in the womb, supports all forms of sexual perversion, lies at the drop of a hate, has been associated with the death of dozens of people —– etc. etc.

  2. Dear Craig,

    Thanks for doing the poll!

    Glad Donald got 94.2%… to assure his victory we need the other approximately 6% on Board for Trump/Pence!

    God bless,


    PS we must assure a Pro-Life Victory!

  3. Craig, thank the Lord for your stand and leadership through the years! We believe this Presidential campaign is bringing Christians to really choose righteousness. Anyone already been persecuted because you say you support choosing the candidate who wants to “Make America Great Again?” We have! (11 Chron. 7:14)

  4. Thank you Craig and your team. You guys do an excellent job of presenting the Truth. I have always enjoyed your column and evaluations. I read an article recently that you might have heard about. It says that maybe NOW is the time for a General Patton-type leader. One who does as he says and not just talk, talk, talk, like our present so-called leader does. We don’t all agree with how he says things, but he at least says that we need to get this country back to the greatness that we once had, and can have again. And we all know what Billary wants: POWER, POWER, AND NOTHING BUT POWER. She is totally against everything this country stands for. Pray and Vote, good Christians.

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