Join Me for a Private Briefing About What to Expect After the Election…

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This election is going to have historic consequences. It is going to impact not only the direction of our nation … but, much more.

That’s why I have a special announcement…and invitation.

You see the election will impact jobs and wages. It’s about if we have a solid economic recovery and economic growth, or not.

· It is going to impact issues involving a future lockdown or not.

· If masks are mandatory or not.

· It is going to impact freedom.

  • Will it result in a growing government control? Or less?

· It will impact religious freedom.

  • Will Christians find their rights continue to be trampled upon?
  • Will churches be forced to shut down again?
  • Will First Amendment rights be violated?
  • Or … will we see a reversal and protection?

The next four years are going to be consequential for those in retirement or investors.

It will impact anyone with retirement.

It will impact anyone who is an investor. That’s why I’m inviting you to an exclusive “under-the-radar” in person conference.

Since its beginning I have been a speaker at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas.

Freedom Fest is the largest gathering of free market, Libertarians, and conservatives in the world.

Its speakers are among the best. You will get to interact with the top minds. Ask them questions you want. Hear their honest opinions.

It is truly a conference you are not going to want to miss.

I am going to be a speaker at Freedom Fest after the election. You can get the full details and register by clicking here.

Some of the top political and economic experts are joining me for this private meeting in Las Vegas.

It is an election analysis of what’s to come.

Few people know how an election can impact our future. That is why I think you will find this conference to be so outstanding.

Among the speakers joining me will be:

  • Dr. Mark Skousen, one of the world’s leading free market economists and newsletter writers.
  • John Fund, senior editor of National Review, and expert on election results.
  • Jim Woods, editor of the extraordinary newsletter, Successful Investing.
  • Jo Ann Skousen, director of the Anthem Film Festival and author.
  • Hilary Kramer, author of Game Changers, and an investment newsletter writer. She is considered one of the top investment analysts in the world.
  • Bryan Perry, editor of Cash Machine, which focuses on high-tech and high-income.
  • Adrian Day, I have known Adrian for 30 years as an insightful investment analyst and expert in gold and silver.
  • Barbara Kolm, vice president of the Central Bank of Austria, and voted by NewsMax into the leading position among Europeans and ranked globally as one of the top six women out of 100 women for her global initiatives and free market solutions to today’s challenges.
  • David T. Phillips, COO of Estate Planning Specialists and expert in retirement planning.

Most of the speakers, like her, are from the “Austrian School of Economics”, the free market answers, which get it right.

  • Again, my talk will be on Saturday morning, November 7th, and I will be discussing “17 New Marketing Trends in a Post-pandemic/Election Economy to Super Charge Business Growth”.

This is information that is fresh, hot and with people who have proven to be successful….and right.

I hope you will join us in Las Vegas for two days.

It is time to get out.

It is time to not be afraid of the pandemic.

It is time to be prepared for what is ahead.

I hope you will join me in Las Vegas. You can get all of the details and register by clicking here.

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