Election Shocker! President Donald Trump and the Meltdown of the Liberal Left

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Election Shocker! President Donald Trump and the Meltdown of the Liberal Left

America dodged a bullet.

There is no other way to say it, but this was a miracle election which should not have resulted with Trump as President.

There was a revolt against the liberal ideology, against socialist economic stagnation.

A rebellion against liberal politics, internationally and at home.

Shelly and I spoke at over forty churches on the Election, and we spoke to over 10,000 people to get out the vote.

Our website with Election 2016 recommendations had a record number of visitors.

We are so excited about the result of our efforts … and the election!

For example, the turnout of Christian voters for Donald Trump was historic.

Never before has there been anything like it. Never has there been so much prayer and grassroots activism. Never before have we seen evangelicals so activated.

While some of the churches split, 81% of the Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump vs. 13% for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton received a historically low voter turnout for a Democrat because of her pro-abortion views and anti-religious freedom plans, plus her insulting remarks and arrogance. She also wanted to carry on the failed liberal policies of the last eight years.

Trump rallied up not only people faith, but people who felt disenfranchised and angry about the where the country was headed.

Now it’s a time for change. Now it’s a time for prayer, and a time for making sure that the thigs promised will actually happen.

The most important, of course, will be who is appointed to the Supreme Court.

Action point for this week:

Pray for the transition team. They hold the key to the future.

Pray that the transition team will pick outsiders, game-changers, people who will stir things up.

Not the Washington elite, not the insiders who promote a culture of corruption and refuse to shake things up.

It‘s time drain the swamp.

In the next issue, I will give a complete analysis of the results, and things yet to come.

Let me know what you think. Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

7 Comments on “Election Shocker! President Donald Trump and the Meltdown of the Liberal Left”

  1. Craig (and definitely Shelly) – thank you for all your hard work and prayer. The saddest thing in your presentations is to see that the evangelicals are not voting in any numbers and that previous election results could have been changed if they did. Not this time! I actually heard the news say that evangelicals made the difference. Praise GOD and thank you for your tireless effort to get the word out. Now the really hard part starts for all the elected officials – putting words into action; and for us to pray and support them. I am also praying for Mr Trump’s salvation and that he will acknowledge that GOD is in control.

  2. Thank you, Craig, for your tireless travel, and for educating us on the substance, behind the shadows on the ballot. We will continue to pray for our country, and it’s leadership.
    Kay Matteson

  3. This is not an encouraging sign. “Secretary of Treasury: Steve Mnuchin has already been promised the job. A former Goldman Sachs executive and head of Trump campaign fundraising.”

    Guy’s like this just cycle between the Fed and Wall Street to make sure nobody interferes with the Fed’s credit based monetary system that keeps the money flowing to Wall Street and keeps those not in the asset owning class poor.

    That’s why there will never be any real economic recovery regardless of which party is in the White House.

    1. As so many have said,time & again, Donald Trump is his own man – meaning, no one really tells him what to do. Our diligent prayers have been that his heart soften to hear God’s voice, and we believe that has happened and will continue to happen, only because the true dedicated Christ followers will not relinquish the Power of Jesus Christ to anyone or any other spirit. We shall remain steadfast in keeping President Trump under God’s dictate so the right things will be accomplished. So this is to say perhaps we should worry not about the talk of the Goldman Sachs individual because God’s Hand is most certainly going to be “all over this,” His children will make sure. If this election was not PROOF of the power of prayer, and more importantly the Power of God through Jesus Christ, then nothing is. God is making a statement with regard to His power and His desire is that more people will see that and be attracted to that pure sweet power that brings goodness. Many of us never backed away because we remained fervent in His presence and felt the movement all along.

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