Shocker: Evangelical Christians and Their Pastors Determined the First Presidential Primary!

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Ted Cruz (credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ted Cruz (credit: Gage Skidmore)

The Iowa Presidential primary results are in, and they shocked the liberal media, the establishment politicians, and the candidates themselves.

The surprise: The Evangelical Christians and their pastors were the #1 influence in the election, and that explains how Cruz beat everyone in the Republican field by a large majority.

The other shocker? Hillary almost lost to Bernie Sanders (49.9% v. 49.6%)

And another surprise: Rubio almost beat Trump (Trump: 24.39% vs. Rubio: 23.19%)—thanks to Evangelical Christians.

Here is what you should know:

  1. The Evangelical vote changed the election.

The turnout vote was historic: 48% higher than in 2012. All the experts and media said that the higher turnout would help Donald Trump. Wrong. The higher turnout was mostly Evangelicals: 64% of all Republican voters, 50% more than 2012.

Most went for Cruz, giving him a stunning victory.

These voters went for Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, too. Trump did not pick up as many as experts thought. Most went for Cruz, giving him the stunning victory.

Cruz had 180 pastors organized for mobilizing their churches. He had one pastor in charge of every district. He had specific evangelical messages by mail, TV/radio, email, banner ads, retargeting, Facebook, and more. The advanced micro-targeting was the best among all the Republican candidates.

In churches, town halls, and interviews, Cruz quoted the Bible, earned the endorsements of key Iowa Christian leaders … and national leaders like James Dobson and Tony Perkins. 1,500 organizers directed 15,000 volunteers to get out the vote … along with advanced marketing strategies and techniques.

Cruz mobilized the pastors. The pastors mobilized the churches. When this mobilization happens, Christians win.

There are 90 million Evangelicals. 50% of them in your church are not registered to vote. And 50% of those registered, do not vote. In 2012, 22 million Evangelical did not vote. Cruz changed those percentages in Iowa.

Iowa’s church mobilization can spread nationwide.

  1. Advanced Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Most of the Republican candidates’ marketing was consultant driven, something out of the 1990’s. Every candidate had something from the new marketing that Obama used to transform politics in 2012. They largely played with the new tactics, but did not use them well.

Except Cruz and Clinton. They used the most advanced marketing to support a powerful ground game … and they won.

For example, Cruz captured much of the libertarian vote—by targeting libertarians with his free market and pro-liberty positions … at the expense of Rand Paul.

Trump used Twitter well, but tweets won’t determine the win without the other tactics … and an integrated ground game.

Rand Paul was the second best of the Republican with digital media, but no ground game.

  1. Ground Game is Key!

Check out Tony Perkins’ take on Cruz’ victory here:


The Cruz volunteers knocked on doors … knowing who the voters were and their key issues. They then made sure all who supported Cruz got out to vote.

Hillary beat out Sanders only because of the integration of the advanced microtargeting and her 1,500 volunteers. She used the same team and tactics as Obama did in 2012 to get voters to the polls. Obama’s campaign veterans determined her efforts.

But she lacked the enthusiasm and the excitement which Bernie Sanders generated. Millenial women abandoned her and went for Bernie. And the Millenials got out their friends.

Rubio had the third strongest ground game, and it sure paid off. He almost got more votes than Trump, finishing third.

  1. Money Can’t Buy an Election

Bush spent about $2,500 per vote, yet only got 2.8%. Money can support good marketing and a ground game. But the massive media buy and marketing of the politicians, candidates … including Trump … make old-fashioned political consultants rich … and do little to get a candidate elected.

  1. Standing on Principle Wins.

Voters also appreciated honesty, clarity, and principle.

For example, Cruz stood on principle, not political expediency. And it paid off. Instead of pandering to the special interests in Iowa, Ted Cruz did not back down on his opposition to energy subsidies, such as ethanol—a big issue for Iowans. He even took the time to explain to angry Iowa farmer his intent to stick to free market principles, in which the government does not pick winners and losers in any field.

He also stood for his opposition to NSA spying, even though the vast majority of the GOP field caved on that issue, too.

  1. The Republicans:

Now it’s onto New Hampshire. Trump’s second place finish has broken his winning image. As promised, Huckabee dropped out of the race. So have Rand Paul and Rick Santorum.

Rubio’s two advantages helped him nearly surpass Trump:

a) He got a large amount of Carson, Trump, and Cruz evangelical voters because of the last Republican debate, when he said:

“Let me be clear about one thing, there’s only one savior and it’s not me. It’s Jesus Christ who came down to Earth and died for our sins … Why are we some of the most generous people in the world? Why do American contribute millions of dollars to charity? It is not because of the tax write off,” Rubio said. “It is because in this nation we are influenced by Judeo-Christian values that teach us to care for the less fortunate, to reach out to the needy, to love our neighbor.”

Across Iowa, evangelicals began to like Rubio, and now he can carry the momentum into the next primaries.

b) His understanding of the new media marketing is mediocre … but his ground game is good.

Cruz is now the #1 target. He has to overcome the Republican Establishment attacks, including former US Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, the unfair attacks from the Iowa Secretary of State, and the liberal media.

It will be brutal.

  1. The Democrats:

Hillary almost lost. She will lose New Hampshire, unless her advanced marketing/ground game can overwhelm Sanders. And it just might. Governor Martin O’Malley also dropped out. No surprises there.

  1. The Bottom Line in Iowa:

This little state set the tone for the next primaries, and a vicious, hard-fought climb to the top. And it clearly showed what can happen when the pastors and the Evangelicals vote their values.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Contact me about hosting an Election Forum at your church, where I can talk about a Christian world view, and go down the ballot on where each candidate stands on the issues.
  2. If you need legal clarification for what a pastor or church can or cannot do, email me at
  3. Vote in our poll.

Please vote here.

4. Go to our Presidential Central to see where the remaining candidates stand on the issues.

5. Send the newsletter to your friends so they can read the update.

Check out CBN News analysis on Cruz’ Iowa win here.

Thoughts or questions? Who do you think will drop out next? Email me at


Here are the results from the Republican field:

100% reportingDelegatesVote %
Cruz (won)827.6%



Here are the Democratic results:

100% reportingDelegatesVote %


4 Comments on “Shocker: Evangelical Christians and Their Pastors Determined the First Presidential Primary!”

  1. I wonder what’s going to happen when the Supreme Court rules that Cruz is ineligible to be President because he is a naturalized citizen and not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution.

  2. Christians must begin to focus on the fact that the destruction of America at the hands of democrats-socialists, constitutional-deconstructionists infecting the GOP like cancer, and global-engineers infecting both mainstream parties, only occurs because these factions are merely filling the ‘Christ-void’ created in society and government by the post-1800s pulpits of America. Pulpits rarely admonishing their flocks of their obligation to represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of competing and anti-Christian world-views – which would have 98 million Christians voting to ensure the election of godly constitutionalists, thereby preventing Americas century long economic emaciation and related deconstruction of its government.

    When we apply the command of Christ stating “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesars…” to our constitutional-republic form of government, the biblical version of ‘Caesar’ is the entity America’s politicians, law-enforcement, and military take an oath to defend – which is the Constitution of the United States according to the original intent of its amended form. Therefor, Christ’s command in this matter obligates Christians to use ‘the original intent of America’s amended constitution as their measure for electability and governance.

    The past century of GOP voters winning elections against Democrats by voting for GOP ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionist, evidences GOP voters ‘winning battles but losing the war.’ We GOP voters continue to fail to see the irrefutable corruption, manipulation, and deception occurring within the GOP that has the GOP functioning as ‘the lesser of two America destroying mainstream political parties.’ Constitutional-deconstructionists infesting the GOP justifying their actions in the name of national security. This, because we GOP voters fail to ‘police our own party’ – especially given history proves that functionally deconstructing the original intent of our amended constitution in the name of national security encourages ‘tyrants-in-waiting’ who may take advantage of such unconstitutional concentrations of power into federal government.

    The MEASURE for that which constitutes true “POLITICAL CONSERVATISM” exists outside the realm of opinion. The MEASURE for political conservatism being THE ORIGINAL INTENT OF AMERICA’S AMENDED CONSTITUTION – not the opinions of ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionists” On-Air” personalities and pundits seemingly ‘anointed’ by globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News as “conservatives” and “constitutional experts.”
    The United States Supreme Court is NOT the arbiter of constitutionalism, which is why America’s founders placed a mechanism in our constitution for citizens to pressure congress to overturn rulings by a Supreme Court ‘poisoned with constitutional-deconstructionists.’ Make no mistake about it, unconstitutional Supreme Court rulings in favor of abortion, anti-2nd Amendment legislation, abuse of Executive Orders, government turning healthcare into ‘health-control,’ homosexual marriage, and the like, ALL ONLY OCCURRED BECAUSE A JUSTICE APPOINTED BY AN ‘ESTABLISHMENT’ GOP PRESIDENT, JOINED WITH DEMOCRAT APPOINTEES IN RULING UNCONSTITUTIONALLY!

    And what gave the ‘establishment’ GOP appointed Justices confidence to join Democrat constitutional-deconstructionists? The fact that they knew today’s pulpits would neglect their biblical obligation to admonish their flocks to represent Christ within the very constitutional-republic form of government with which Christ blessed them – by pressuring congress to overturn such unconstitutional and godless rulings.

    If editing of God’s Word through omission had been occured in America’s pre-1900s pulpits as it does today, America would likely have remained under European rule and slavery would likely have remained legal due to a lack of opposition.

    America’s most destructive issue is a matter of what no longer flows from its post-1800s pulpits. Pulpits now minimizing the biblically mandated obligation for Christians to lovingly represent Christ in ALL THINGS – including society and government to the exclusion of competing world-views. This is evidenced when comparing to pre-1900s hundreds versus post-1900s teachings and sermons from the pulpits. A fact evidenced in 72 sermons I have read that were recorded from the period of the 1620 to 1900.
    Today, the warnings and commands in James Chapter 2, Ezekiel 3:20, Psalms 82:3-4, Proverbs 25:26, and many other verses commanding us to engage in ‘works’ glorifying God and evidencing faith is real and not assumed, receive minimal attention. And while the ‘works requirement’ has been minimized post-1800s, a fixation erupted on verses telling Christians ‘what they are to receive from God’ functionally suppressing the fact that ‘the created exists to glorify the creator.’

    Right or wrong in their assumptions about Ted Cruz aside, those Christians ensuring Cruz won the Iowa primary while in pursuit of a desire to obey and glorified God with ‘works’ evidencing their faith is true appeared to have succeeded during this particular opportunity. I am not convinced of Cruz’s authenticity as a conservative when examining Cruz’s long-term historical past associations with the highly anti-national-sovereignty and globalist Council on Foreign Relations, and his voting record as evidence. That said, when using ‘THE ORIGINAL INTENT OF AMERICA’S AMENDED CONSTITUTION’ AS A MEASURE for conservatism, and when holding up the voting records and associations of Rubio, Bush, Kasich and several others, to the only true measure for conservatism, it is crystal-clear that these men are 100% conservative and Christian talking ‘establishment useful-pawns.’ Men who will at best, continue America’s slide towards national suicide, albeit down a different path and potentially slower then would a Democrat – with restoration nowhere in sight.

  3. As a Follower of Jesus Christ for over 5 decades, I am amazed how little evangelical Christians know about the candidates they vote for.

    Cruz’s wife was an employee of Goldman Sachs until her company granted her a leave of absence to support her husband’s presidential aspirations. Not surprisedly, GS provided a generous campaign contribution for her to take along.

    As for Rubio, evidently very little notice has been given to his homosexual background which included dancing on stage at Chippendale’s in South Florida..

    Cruz and Rubio both will be part of the “Establishment” if either of them wins the presidency. Do you really think they will change much of anything if either of them occupy the White House? Too much is set in stone by the predecessors for them to be able to do anything about. After all, they owe their donors and lobbyists too much.

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