20 Surprising Reasons the 2020 Presidential Election is Being Contested

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The 2020 presidential election drama isn’t over.

Despite overwhelming evidence of massive voter fraud and election theft:

  • The media says it’s over…
  • Biden and the Democrats say it’s over…
  • Social media is censoring all news about election fraud.

But Biden is not yet president until he is inaugurated on January 20th. And he cannot be inaugurated on January 20th unless the U.S. Congress approves of the Electoral College vote on January 6th.

How did this controversy about the election happen?

Could Trump still win?

Let me explain 20 surprising reasons why the presidential election still isn’t over…and what still may happen.

1. The election is being contested – and it should be.

It’s not about Republicans vs. Democrats.

It’s not about Trump vs. Biden.

It’s not about what the media or the politicians say about Trump being a sore loser.

It’s about election integrity.

It’s a foundational fact that our Democratic Republic depends on fair and honest elections that the people trust.

Election integrity is justice, not politics.

Hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of ballots should have been disqualified and not counted. There was enough ballot and election worker fraud to easily steal the election from President Trump.

Illegal ballots in all states corrupted and destroyed the trustworthiness of the 2020 election.

Here are the latest counts in the very close swing state elections.

For Trump to win the Electoral College, he would have to win three of these states:

  • Pennsylvania – 81,597 votes…20 Electoral votes.
  • Georgia – 12,670 votes…16 Electoral votes.
  • Michigan – 146,007 votes…16 Electoral votes.
  • Wisconsin – 20,565 votes…10 Electoral votes.
  • Arizona and Nevada are also very close.

It’s shameful. And millions agree:

  • 36% of all voters believe the election was stolen from Trump.
  • 77% of Trump voters believe it was stolen.
  • 26% of independent voters say it was stolen.
  • 10% of Democrats say it was stolen…that’s over 3 million Democrats.

2. The evidence of illegal and unconstitutional votes for Biden that would have changed the election results is overwhelming.

For the past few years I’ve been talking about voter fraud to groups, on TV, and in my newsletters and books.

In the 2020 election, the proof of fraud has been well-documented and will be presented before Congress on Wednesday.

It has been proven that:

  • Thousands of dead people voted.
  • People voted more than once.
  • People double voted in two different states.
  • Illegal ballot harvesting took place.
  • And more.

Then there were unequal standards used for accepting or rejecting ballots. 

Ballots were accepted without signature verification. Required poll watchers were not permitted to supervise the processing of ballots in Democrat-controlled counties. Software “glitches” that caused votes to be switched by voting machines were never explained, nor were the voting machines in other counties that used the same software checked for similar “glitches.”

Some states even blatantly and knowingly violated their own state election laws.

As a result, 74 million legal voters who voted for President Trump were disenfranchised by illegal, fraudulent and dishonest votes.

Democrats and Republicans all agree that trust and the integrity of our elections must be restored.

It is the duty of Congress to object to voter fraud and to refuse to tolerate it even once.

3. The House and the Senate meet in joint session on Wednesday, January 6th to officially count the electoral votes state by state and name the next president.

Many House members and at least one Senator – and possibly more – will object to accepting the electoral votes from one or more states in which election fraud was the greatest. 

If – due to the electors from some states being rejected because of election fraud – neither presidential candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, the election will be decided by the House of Representatives using a procedure outlined in the 12th Amendment.

4. All eyes will be on Vice President Pence on January 6th.

The vice president presides over the joint session of Congress on January 6th

He will count the Electoral College votes state by state in alphabetical order. He will see if there are enough challenges to any state’s electors.

He theoretically has the authority to unilaterally reject the electoral vote of a single elector, or of all the electoral votes from any state if he suspects there was sufficient election fraud so as to declare victory to the wrong candidate.

5. Any House member or Senator can object to the Electoral College vote from any state.

So far, over 100 House members and 12 or more Senators plan to object.

Arizona’s electors will be the first state’s electors objected to since the states are called in alphabetical order.

6. Six states are targeted for objection.

They are:

  • Arizona
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

New Mexico might also be added.

Voter fraud occurred in most if not all states. But these are the states in which the fraud was enough to affect the outcome of the state vote total.

The Democrat socialists knew this and concentrated their organization, money and fraudulent activities in these key swing states.

In other words, the election was probably stolen, and disqualifying the fraudulent votes in these states would flip the electoral votes from Biden to Trump.

7. Challenging the legitimacy of the Electoral College vote in a state is not new.

For example, Democrats have challenged the Electoral College delegates for George Bush I, Bush II…and Trump in 2016.

On January 6, 2005, a group of Democrats objected to the counting of Ohio’s 20 electoral votes due to voting irregularities uncovered on election day. 

This year, Republicans are challenging the integrity of the 2020 election because of the preponderance of evidence of voter and election fraud.

8. The most serious major Electoral College challenge was the election of 1876.

After a controversial and contentious post-election process, the Democrat popular vote winner, Samuel J. Tilden, conceded the election to Republican Rutherford B. Hayes in exchange for the end of Reconstruction and the withdrawal of federal troops from the South.

The arrangement came to be known as the Compromise of 1877.

9. “Dueling” electors. In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada there are two sets of electoral delegates.

  • The Biden delegation, certified by the governors of the states
  • The Trump delegation, certified by the state legislatures of the states

If the joint session of Congress votes for the Trump delegation in any of the contested states, the Trump delegation will replace the Biden delegation’s electoral votes.

The House – controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats – will vote “No” to the objections, and will vote to accept the Biden delegation’s electoral votes.

The Senate – controlled by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans – will probably also vote “No,” but it could vote “Yes” to some of the objections.

In the event of a deadlock on accepting a state’s electors, Vice President Pence would break the tie and likely refuse to accept the contested electors.

This will go on, state by state, with the House and the Senate each having a single vote to accept or reject each state’s electors.

10. Call for a 2-hour debate period.

If a state’s electors are challenged, there must be a 2-hour debate by the Senate and by the House in which the evidence for fraud in each state will be presented and challenged.

After the debate, the vote on accepting or rejecting the electors will take place.

11. The goal: to reduce Biden’s electoral vote total below 270.

If neither presidential candidate receives a majority of the total number of electoral votes, the 12th Amendment comes into play.

This would require the House of Representatives to choose the next president using a formula prescribed by the Constitution.

12. The 12th Amendment prescribes that each state would cast a single vote for president. 

Each state’s vote would be determined by which party has the most representatives in that state.

Currently, 27 states have more Republican representatives than Democrat, while 20 states have more Democrat representatives than Republican. Three states have the same number of Republican and Democrat representatives.

If the election ends up being decided by the House, Trump would likely win.

Is this likely to happen? No. Is it possible? Yes.

13. What will most likely happen?

Most likely, one of two options will happen:

  • Congress ignores the election fraud, refuses to change the Electoral College vote and certifies Biden as the president-elect.
  • Congress changes the electoral results… but it must be enough to cause Trump to win and Biden to lose.

But there is one other effort underway…

14. Calling for an election audit.

Senator Ted Cruz and a dozen other Senators are calling for a commission of 5 Senators, 5 House members and 5 Supreme Court justices to study the evidence of election fraud for 10 days prior to the inauguration on January 20th, and then make a recommendation for action.

This would be similar to what happened following the contested 1876 presidential election, which led to the Compromise of 1877 and the declaration of Rutherford B. Hayes as the winner of the election by an Electoral College vote of 185 to 184 over Samuel J. Tilden.

15. Is this election challenge wrong?


Striving for truth, honesty, and upholding our Constitution is not wrong. 

But many are saying we should ignore what happened in the 2020 election and move on.

If we do that, we are committing two errors:

  • We are doing nothing to prevent voter fraud and election corruption in the future.
  • We are allowing those who committed fraud in 2020 to get away with it with no accountability and no consequences.

Some are going so far as to say that challenging a fraudulent election is attempting to overthrow democracy.

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut said, “Let’s be clear – those contesting the Electoral College are trying to overthrow democracy. They want to turn America into a state akin to Russia or China, where elections are for show and one party rules.”

This rhetoric is over the top. Challenging the 2020 election debacle is not an attempt to “overthrow” democracy. It’s an attempt to protect it – both now and in the future.

What if Biden wins – is voter fraud of 2020 ignored and fair voting for 2022 impossible?

NO. The courts have not wanted to quickly judge the decision of who is the next president. But after the certification, court cases going to trial with testing and careful examination could go on. 

And each state can investigate…and change their election laws for 2022.

Reform even in the contested states can happen where there’s a Republican-controlled state legislature.

16. Is the Electoral College still valid? 


Our Constitutional Democratic Republic needs it to protect all Americans and to ensure that voters in every state have a voice in our national elections. 

17. Be very careful about the false rumors and false information.

In something as big as this, disinformation is everywhere.

There are false “facts” issued by Trump supporters.

There are false “facts” issued by Biden supporters.

And there are false “facts” issued by the media and the so-called “fact-checkers,” who have their own biases.

Videos…”projections”, dreams… be very careful about opinion vs. Facts, speculations vs. Truth.

Over the years, I’ve learned to filter out the falsehoods and to be careful to make sure I’m right about an issue… and never spread inaccuracies. 

18. Is the Deep State stealing this election? 

The Deep State consists of government officials and bureaucrats and their allies everywhere.

They use influence, money and power to manipulate and change outcomes. 

We see the Deep State at work on the local level with power-hungry, corrupt and dishonest local election officials.

We see “power plays and abusive decisions” from state election officials under the states’ Secretary of State.

We see evidence of the Deep State with politicized, judicial activist judges:

  • All trying to cover up their acts
  • All denying wrongdoing
  • All ideology-driven, not fair and impartial

For a full explanation of the Deep State and their tactics, ready my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know. To order, click here.

There is also a chapter on voter fraud you’ll want to read.

19. Never underestimate the power of prayer!

Finally, pray!

Remember that the effective prayer of the righteous can accomplish much 

(James 5:16). 

Also remember that “the Lord is not restrained to save by many or by few.” 

(1 Samuel 14:6)

Pray that any fraud, dishonesty or deceit is found.

Pray that truth and integrity will prevail, and honesty would be established for the 2022 election.

Pray for Joe Biden and Donald Trump, that they would have wisdom and that they would act in a way that would be a witness to future generations and to the world.

Here are a few other prayer suggestions:

  • Pray that America’s election integrity would be restored and preserved.
  • Pray that our election reforms would gain the confidence of Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives.
  • Pray that the world would want to see our form of Democratic Republic in their nations, and that they would have confidence that our example is something they want to emulate.

20. Let others know! 

Send this to friends, relatives and those who need to know the truth of what is happening.

What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

12 Comments on “20 Surprising Reasons the 2020 Presidential Election is Being Contested”

  1. Well sequenced and well presented — clear, concise outlining key facts and way forward. May God continue to bless our great country, and may we who abide by the US Constitution, as true Patriots, prevail.

  2. Can you, Craig, and others posting here join those patriots who have denounced the rogue man who incited and continues to incite such violent behavior as we saw in Washington DC today? It may be time for some soul searching to see if your legitimizing of President Trump’s baseless lies about a stolen Election contributed to this brazen attack on our democracy. Even Pat Robertson has seen the light, noting that President Trump lives in an “Alternative Reality”. This blog could more accurately be called the “Alternative Reality Alert”.

  3. Please show viable and substantiated proof of this allegation. I am not unreasonable enough to think that your “facts” could CHANGE the outcome of the election. I hope that all of the constituents of these legislators are intelligent enough to see these people for what they are, dishonest cowards who do not belong in our country much less making our laws. These people need to be prosecuted for abetting the people who think it is okay to loot and destroy our country. You are no better than they are. An Honest and law abiding person.

  4. Hi Joe, I agree with you that we should denounce the person(s) who incited the peaceful rally into a “riot” and definitely breaking and entering the US Capitol Building. It is a federal offense, and it was no fun to watch. My cousin, Trey, feels they should be prosecuted by the full extent of the law. I am very concerned, as you are, but, when I was watching yesterday’s events, it appeared to me that Capitol Security was not at the level that it should have been for such a significant event — and that begs many questions, like, “who is in charge of Capitol Security? Why weren’t they ready for any disturbance?” — it almost appeared like they “Let their guard down.”

    And also, then, other questions come to mind. As we have seen from the George Floyd fall out, where a “peaceful protest” often turns to a riot based on mob rule, right? So I’m now asking myself, “what if this particular insurrection was actually forged by an evil insurgent, not patriots?” We, the American people, need answers. After all the facts that I have seen at the State level regarding election discrepancies, why are they not being shown on every news channel in the land. Our freedom depends on it. So I am posing back to you, what about an alternative reality that the deep state of corrupt lawmakers — on both sides — are actually to blame along with the main stream media who continue to persecute us by censoring us. Why was the President of the United States censored? Are you willing to give up your First Amendment right of free speech?

  5. Hello Lizzie,

    Like you, I am feeling that our legislators are dishonest cowards. They should be called out. It is both Democrat and Republican, it is deep state, it is the swamp. Unfortunately, the main stream media is not calling them out, in fact, they are “looking the other way.”

    I feel all of the allegations and the proof should be allowed to be surfaced. Simple. Unfortunately, many officials, both elected and appointed, have blocked it. That’s a sad state for America. I am still praying for all. The truth will prevail,


  6. K, the Mayor of DC asked for National Guard support on January 5th, but President Trump denied his request for obvious reasons (he didn’t want more resistance to the uprising that HE had been planning and publicly discussing). The results were predictable; the Capitol Police were overrun. After the Trumprising, the head of Homeland Security, in conference with Congressional leaders (but not Trump) called for the National Guard. If anyone still believes that enough fraud existed in the Election to change the results, ask yourself why the proof was never brought to court. The answer should be obvious; Trump’s lawyers knew they would be purjuring themselves if they repeated the same lies in court that they spouted on Fox, OAN, and Newsmax. Dominion and Smartmatics took legal action to force these 3 networks to backpedal on their baseless lies about their voting machines. Here is Lou Dobbs’ version of the Big Backpedal from a couple weeks ago: https: //youtu.be/yE6s7P6wThI Unfortunately, Craig can’t see through Trump’s charade. It’s a sad day for Evangelicals when their ideologies cause them to continue to side with a pathological liar, no matter how far-fetched Trump’s lies have become.

  7. This is a fantastic reference and outline of events Craig. Please revise it, keeping it as concise/short as possible, then this should be shared by all to get out there to multiple outlets as summarized truth of events !!

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