Election Forum For Your Church and the 2016 Primary

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Now more than ever, the Body of Christ must stand for religious liberty, values and common sense.

And there’s no place more crucial than the ballot box on Election Day.

Do you know how to vote in the upcoming 2016 Presidential primary? Besides President, what about US Senate? Congress? Assembly? Judges? Those confusing propositions?

More importantly, what about your church?

Sadly, 50% of most church members are not registered to vote, and 50% registered voters are not voting.

We must change that!

In 2014, I spoke at over 40 churches, including Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, The ROCK, and Angeles Temple. We helped churches of all types: small and large; Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, Black, and White; Baptist, Catholic, Assembly of God and more.

We have all the information ready for you: videos, bulletin announcements, and inserts … everything approved by the Pacific Justice Institute and the Alliance Defending Freedom.

I would love to speak at your church and help Get Out the Vote!

Start the process now, as dates fill up quickly. Call me at (310) 212-5727 or email me at craig@electionforum.org

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