Voter Guides Available Next Week

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Next week we will have our Voter Guide up on the website.

We are short on our funding so unfortunately its not as complete as previous years.

But we have done our best.

For California, we have the Judges, Propositions, and major candidates for Northern California to San Diego.

For other states we have as much as possible, come more details then others.

I’ll send everyone a note.

What do you think? write me at

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One Comment on “Voter Guides Available Next Week”

  1. As always, information on candidates for judges is crucial … and the most inscrutable, since these positions are technically “non-partisan.” They’re nothing of the sort, but candidates all seem to avoid making their positions known on key issues. Thank you for revealing where they stand — your research here is invaluable, and I plan to make your findings known in my church.

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