Voter Guide: Vote For Not Against Your Values

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The March Primary Election is critical.

Most will ignore it…and great candidates will lose.

So your 1 vote in the primary is like 7 in November. It is very important.

In order to help you vote for, not against your values, we have once again created the voter guide.

  1. Voter guide Recommendations: For California voters: From Northern California to San Diego, we have rated and made recommendations for President, Judges, Propositions, Congress, State and local offices. For outside of California, we have links to recommendations and original research on many races including judges in every state.

You can go to the voter guide at

Our voter guide will also be available in Spanish this next week.

  • Presidential comparison charts: Comparison charts of all top Republican and Democrat candidates are listed. With the charts, you can see where they stand on the key issues, including non-negotiable issues. You can view that here.  This can also be viewed in Spanish here.
  • Our California Election Webinar: We will host an “Election Forum” webinar that will cover the president, the propositions, and a survey of all the judges. It will be seen any laptop or mobile device. We will be sending out that link and very information soon.

We need your help to get the information out.

You can post about this on your Facebook here.

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And if you can help donate for the voter guide so we can complete it, expand it and promote it. Click here.

Thanks in advance for voting your values.

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2 Comments on “Voter Guide: Vote For Not Against Your Values”

  1. Hi Craig, thank you for all that you do to keep us informed. You and your staff have done so much to inform me and my family. The subjects in your blogs have sparked many great discussions in my family. Keep going by God’s Grace.

  2. Hi Craig! So appreciate you for all your work you do to help us be and stay informed. Sure hoping to see a voter recommendations for the Judicial picks for El Dorado County very soon!!!

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