Where Do the Remaining Presidential Candidates Stand on Religious Liberty? September Update

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Where Do the Remaining Presidential Candidates Stand on Religious Liberty? September Update

With four candidates remaining in the race for the Presidency this year, here is everything you need to know about the candidates’ diverse stances on religious liberty.

We want to know where the candidates stand on these specific issues:

  • Protect churches, charities, and Christian owned businesses for freedom of conscience
  • Protect women and children from transgendered bathrooms
  • Protect church and Christian college tax exemptions
  • Religious Liberty Restoration Acts
  • Johnson Amendment
  • Judges who support religious liberty

How do the Presidential candidates rank on religious liberty?

Candidate Ranking (0%-100%)
Hillary Clinton 9%
Gary Johnson 20%
Jill Stein 5%
Donald Trump 82%

Presidential Candidates for 2016: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein

Now check out this chart to find out where the candidates rank on key issues:

  Hillary Clinton Gary Johnson Jill Stein Donald Trump
Protection of Christian

Business Owners

No No No Yes
Protection of Christian Government Employees No No No Yes
Biblical prayer and witnessing in the military No No No Yes
Fairness Doctrine Yes No Yes No
Tax Exemption for Churches and Christian colleges No No No Yes
Christian Colleges forced to abandon their beliefs Yes No Yes No
Stop Human Trafficking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repeal Johnson Amendment No No No Yes
Support for Transgendered Bathrooms Yes ? Yes No


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15 Comments on “Where Do the Remaining Presidential Candidates Stand on Religious Liberty? September Update”

  1. Hi I would like to thank you for this information. It is really informative. Are you going give us information on the props also? Thank you.Ellie De Young


  3. Norma
    We just MUST all get out and vote for the man who will lead our country back to where it should be, believing in God and leading us into peace someday. We need truthful candidates who will work for we the people…not for themselves.

  4. Thank you Craig for giving us the stats between the 4 candidates on Religious issues. Those who claim to be a true believing Christian really have only one choice. That is very obvious for these issues and so many other issues. Looking forward to your voter guides.

  5. I’m so thankful for your leadership and info. I hope you will advise this Police Chaplain on the many Proposition on the ballot. I don’t like what I see on prop 52 and 56 so I want your recommendations. Thanks again

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