Outrageous Media Bias in the First Trump-Clinton Debate: Values Voters Ignored

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Outrageous Media Bias in the First Trump-Clinton Debate: Values Voters Ignored

NBC news has a history of slanting the news and creating its own reality.

This was clearly seen during the debate with Trump and Clinton.

The liberal moderator, Lester Holt, never asked a “Value Voter” type of question about Israel, life, religious freedom, and other key issues.

In fact, ISIS was only briefly mentioned once.

But that’s not all.

Lester Holt, who conducted the first presidential debate, showed his bias and immediately in the first question.

He claimed that “There’s been a record six straight months of job growth and census data show that incomes have grown at a record rate.” This is the liberal media’s way of slanting the news that the economy is doing well.

That’s a lie.

This lie enabled Hillary Clinton to spread the lie by repeating Lester Holt’s liberal commentary.

The fact is, we have the longest prolonged stagnation of the economic in history.

The fact is that the underemployment and the people who have given up looking for work is at a historic high.

The fact is that unemployed, especially among millennials and minorities is tragic and historic.

The fact is wages are stagnant, new jobs pay lower wages than lost jobs, and over 70% of new jobs are part time.

The economy is not moving ahead for the vast majority of Americans. This could be a vibrant economy.

Other areas of bias …

Lester Holt challenged Trump at least five times. He also silenced the audience when they applauded for Donald Trump, but allowed Hillary Clinton supporters to show their support.

Holt asked Trump about his tax returns, but did not ask Hillary Clinton about her emails, Benghazi, or her incendiary remarks about minorities.

Overall, despite the bias of the debate moderator, Hillary Clinton earned a B-, and Donald Trump a C-

Hillary Clinton was able to rally her base, and carefully articulated her positions. It was obviously well-rehearsed, well [-prepared, and was good for her base, and to generate support.

Donald Trump was obviously not well-prepared did not make all the points he could have made, but still he was able to show himself presidential. He made some significant points that resonated with his base.

Did either of them persuade the persuadables? That’s the big question. The answer is: “Probably not”.

The next two debates coming up will be critical for both candidates.

The question is: will the moderators continue to be biased?

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12 Comments on “Outrageous Media Bias in the First Trump-Clinton Debate: Values Voters Ignored”

  1. Yes, the moderators will continue to be biased and horrible, why oh why do the Republicans agree every time to accept these loons that only want to ruin our candidate? Yes, Mr. Trump needs to be better prepared, and keep his answers pertinent, or change the subject and talk about what HE wants to talk about. He needs to hammer Hillary on all of her weaknesses, of which there are MANY, and she has no answers. She has nothing except to bad mouth Trump. It is sickening to watch the media fawn over her, they are truly evil.

    1. EXACTLY, Nancy. I totally agree. Hopefully, Trump will go on the offensive in the next two debates, and ROCK HER back on her heels. She’s the Queen of Lies. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. I wonder if she learned how to lie early in her life? That she could lie, get what she wanted, with no consequences? Interesting thought. Anybody know about her parents??

  2. Media biased journalists will be in charge; however, Trump needs to be well prepared to
    counter Hillary’s statements and positions at all times. He can succeed!

  3. Yes,bias in the media will definitely continue. It’s unfortunate, however, that neither candidate will take the high road (in other words, not bad mouth the other). Throughout this entire election season, the only candidate I have ever seen do that the majority of the time was Dr. Ben Carson. If Trump wouldn’t bash Hillary so much and focus on positive points, perhaps he could have a chance on getting some Clinton supporters to convert.

  4. I’d like to know if the candidates can request who they want to be moderators. Do all of the moderators HAVE to be from the liberal left-wing news networks who are quite obviously on the side of Democrats? How is it that Republican candidates have to take this all the time? Can’t they challenge the networks to get someone who is TRULY fair and balanced or say that they will not participate in the debate? I watched both Donald Trump and Ben Carson do this in the primary Republican debates. They demanded to get better moderators or they wouldn’t participate. We can’t let the media have their way–Republican candidates must make this demand!

    And yes, Mr. Trump should not allow himself to get personal in answering the questions. He should stay with the facts and go after Hilary based on those facts. Put her in the place where she will find it difficult to respond back to what the people already know. If she lies, they will see it first-hand and all that everybody already knows will be validated by her own mouth. She does not want to be questioned on her scandals and cover-ups because then she’ll be forced to explain them and she knows her campaign will be hurt and reeling in the aftermath. That’s why the liberal left-wing moderators won’t go in that direction in asking her questions. So then it’s Mr. Trump’s job and he has the opportunity to do it and do it well based on his own personality and tenacity for telling people about themselves! I am not being mean here because I pray for both of these candidates and that the will of God will be done. I believe God is exposing the evil corruption in government and in government officials right now, including and especially Mrs. Clinton, since she’s running for the highest office in our nation. It’s time that she comes face-to-face with her past and her present, so that by God’s grace and mercy to her, she can repent and get saved. She needs Jesus now!

    I pray for Mr. Trump’s success in the next two debates, and that he will make sure to pray and ask the Lord for wisdom on what to say and how to say it, and, stay on the facts and address the issues at hand; keep his composure and don’t take the bait to get on a personal attack; stay focused and answer the moderator’s questions completely, don’t deviate unless absolutely necessary, and, make his rebuttals to whatever Mrs. Clinton says in opposition to his answers. The will of the Lord be done in Jesus name!

  5. As we have seen, he is a worst debater in Presidential election history. He could be fitted as bombastic insult speaker in reality show. He is not only sophisticated but also very thin-skinned ignoramus. All the knowledge can’t be built in few days. See, every time after debating his poll jumped down. Ridiculous excuse is his one of skill but he better excuses debate in the future. Otherwise he will lose.

  6. Mr. Trump is a successful businessman who is not polished in the ways of the lying, politically slick, lawyer double talking, dredge like, corrupt politician that we have with Hillary the Snake. He should stay focused on nailing her on her corrupt and failed record in order to expose the danger she poses to our county.

  7. Apparently the debate was rigged as many had thought it would be. Newsmax posts a You Tube video, that has now gone viral, showing Hillary rubbing the side of her nose every time she wants Lester Holt to switch back over to her. At the end of the debate when everyone comes up on stage, they show a man entering from a side curtain, going over to Hillary’s podium, removing some papers or a folder and meeting Lester Holt for the hand-off. It all looks too suspicious!

  8. Disappointing. All we need is a few simple charts showing each candidates positions on major issues. PBS has 2 or 3 of those and I wish we could get copies.

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