California Reader Alert: Voter Guides Are Up and Petition Deadline Is Near

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1. For readers in many California counties, it’s time to vote…

But you can’t believe the misleading voter guides. And you can’t believe the deceptive mail or ads.

The radical left is trying to take over your city council and school board.

That’s why we want you to now we have posted our recommendations for those in California on who to vote for.

If you live in LA County, Riverside County, Marin County, or San Francisco County, check out our website for voter guides. More are coming.

We need to defeat these progressive liberals. Please let others know we’ve posted our recommendations.

To take a look at it and see how to vote your values, click here.

2. Time is also running out for signing the petition to put a privacy protection for kids’ restrooms bill on the California ballot.

If you live in California, or know someone who does, this is urgent.

This privacy protection bill will overturn the California state law that allows public school students to use any restroom and school shower based on their “perceived gender.” It would also extend this protection to all government restrooms in the state.

Our office has the petitions if you need some.

This petition must have 365,800 valid signatures by November 20th in order for the bill to be put on the ballot in 2016. They are hoping for 500,000 signatures to compensate for potentially invalid signatures.

Under state law now, any student can use any bathroom or shower of the opposite gender – all they have to do is say “I feel like I’m a girl/boy.” The law doesn’t require any formal documentation – so students can change their mind at any time.

Sign the petition today, and let’s get this privacy bill on the ballot so we can protect our kids.

Questions? Call me at (310) 212-5727 or email me at

7 Comments on “California Reader Alert: Voter Guides Are Up and Petition Deadline Is Near”

    1. You really can create magic with fonts, it’s astounding to me – someone who steers away from doing tydotpirec-ien work. And I always love a person who enjoys white space over clutter

    2. It is ya know, like, also important to note that when creatin’ a Facebook Ad, you have thuh choice of sendin’ guys who click either to an offsite web page or to a specific Facebook Fan Page

  1. For those living in the San Francisco area, I wish there was a guide to vote for the BEST most likely to win person who hold to our Christian values!

  2. Yes, I too would like to know where to sign this restroom privacy petition. “Moonbeam” Brown and our liberal legislature screws us again.

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