Who Else is Endorsing Ted Cruz?

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Ted Cruz (credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ted Cruz (credit: Gage Skidmore)

More influential evangelicals are lining up behind Ted Cruz. Who are they?

Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family

Brian Brown, National Organization for Marriage

Bob Vander Plaats, Head of the Iowa Family Leader Organization

David Barton, Director of the Keep the Promise PAC

Unlike other front-runner conservative candidates like Donald Trump, Ben Carson,  and Marco Rubio, Cruz has expanded his outreach to Christian communities, engaging churches and registering voters.

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17 Comments on “Who Else is Endorsing Ted Cruz?”

  1. Just heard from a co-worker that Ted Cruz was not born in the US. His mother is a US Citizen and Father a Cuban. Won’t this disqualify him to run for President? If so, I am bummed.

    1. Ted Cruz is qualified to run for President “All the sources routinely used to interpret the Constitution confirm that the phrase “natural born Citizen” has a specific meaning: namely, someone who was a U.S. citizen at birth with no need to go through a naturalization proceeding at some later time. And Congress has made equally clear from the time of the framing of the Constitution to the current day that, subject to certain residency requirements on the parents, someone born to a U.S. citizen parent generally becomes a U.S. citizen without regard to whether the birth takes place in Canada, the Canal Zone, or the continental United States.” (Citation: From Neal Katyal & Paul Clement, Harvard Law Review Forum, On the Meaning of “Natural Bord Citizen” 11MAR2015. http://harvardlawreview.org/2015/03/on-the-meaning-of-natural-born-citizen/)

  2. Neva, keep your head about yourself. The Cruz/Canada thing is just another distraction. If that were true, children of citizens in the military and missionaries born outside of the U.S. would not be allowed to run for president. The left used the same argument to try to confuse voters when McCain ran.

  3. They Dems recognized the rule that allowed children of citizens to run when it was their candidate… Cruz is qualified period end of story. CRUZ 2016!!!

  4. Why is no one talking about a candidate born in the US who is a wonderful example of having Christian values and exhibiting them in many ways, Ben Carson.

  5. It is too bad these Christian leaders are not considering Dr. Ben Carson who would be a better president than Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz is a politician and will not do as good a job as Carson.

    1. Unfortunately, with Dr. Carson’s inexperience and his campaign headquarters in arrears, (Too many people leaving, which is never good!) it’s going to hurt him, so I don’t think he’ll make it. But as President, he probably would have made a good and honest one!

  6. I really believe we need God on our side. Been Open to Cruz and Carsen, and I’m on both their mailing lists. They both demonstrate a strong Christian worldview in words and deeds. I want God to lead me in who to vote for. The verse keeps coming up, that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. As I prayerfully listen to each of them on TV and in their emails my heart leans toward Ben Carson because I sense more humility in him.

  7. This is just to advise those followers of Ted Cruz that he is a self-proclaimed advocate of
    an Article V, Constitutional Convention, aka, A Convention of the States.
    In this perilous time in our beloved nation’s history nothing would be more dangerous to our founding document than a ConCon.
    In interviews in both Mother Jones and National Review magazines Mr. Cruz told the reporters
    that he was for the calling of a Convention of the States, which is another term for a ConCon.
    He told the NR interviewer that if he became president the “first thing I’ll do is call for a
    Convention of the States.”
    If you love your country please reconsider your choice for president.

  8. To Kelly,
    There has been only one time in the history of these United States that a Constitutional
    Convention was asked for and convened. It was at a time when our federal government
    was run under the Articles of Confederation.
    When our Fore Fathers gathered in Philadelphia to debate the Articles they eventually
    threw them out and replaced them with our present Constitution and its first ten
    amendments, known as the Bill of Rights.
    This set a precedent for any future Constitutional Convention. Once convened a
    Convention’s members can do pretty much what they want to do. There are no rules,
    not even how the members would be elected, or selected. Nor how many there would be.
    The proponents have written a balanced budget, and other conservative amendments, they hope will get passed once in the Conventon. But the danger is that there will also be present radical democrats and socialist members who have their own agenda and amendments
    which, if passed, could change our Constitutional Republic and destroy our freedom forever.
    If that sounds sinister, reflect on the way our nation, in 227 years, has been burdened with thousands of crippling rules and regulations by members of Congress who believe the federal government should control every aspect of our lives, from womb to tomb.
    There were once among us men who schemed to institute The New Constitution (that’s what they called it). It was written in Santa Barbara, CA by The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in the 1970s and was funded by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations This proves our Constitution has been in jeopardy for many decades from evil men wanting to replace it.
    And I believe there are still men who would do the same thing today.

    One final thought,
    George Washington, the night before a major battle, warned his officers, “Put none
    but Americans on guard tonight.”
    We should remember his words as we go into this coming election year.

  9. First thought, God is in control. Second, a Constitutional Convention is not called by one man, the President, if it were and the threats you speak of Joan were real I see no reason Obama wouldn’t have called for it when the Dems had the House and the Senate and the White House. I also see no reason why they wouldn’t call for it right this moment it all it takes is the President.

    Another thought, we must remember that the enemy and his minions want to cause confusion and doubt, after all he is the author of confusion and doubt. Ask yourself which of the candidates are Christians. Then ask which have proved it BEFORE running. Then ask yourself which have stood firm under pressure.

    It is an obvious choice for me. I have supported Huckabee and Santorum and Bachmann and Reagan and sadly as a new voted Carter who claimed to be a Christian. I am much older now and I want to see more proof. I don’t believe Trump and frankly am quite surprised anyone does, and even more so that Bible believing Christians do…

    Huckabee and Santorum and Rubio and Trump have been attacking and frankly that bothers me. I don’t see Cruz as having the same motivation or purpose… his confrontations are not personal or ad hominem. They have been exposures of errors and in some cases betrayals.

    Whoever is voted in they will be a sinner as was every President before them and as are all of us so you will be able to find fault. That doesn’t surprise me.

    The birther attack is disingenuous and just a political weapon to try to confuse and inject doubt to blunt the move to Cruz and his momentum. If it were really an issue it would have been used to disqualify him long ago.

    Cruz is the best candidate for believers and religious liberty, he is the best candidate for Tea Party adherents, he is the best candidate for pro-life, he is the candidate with the most experience fighting the entrenched establishment, he is the most conservative candidate by the measures I have looked at, and he is the candidate that probably values and loves the constitution the most. He is also the candidate who most able to take on the establishment lawyers and the flawed judiciary. He is also the candidate that is most likely to fully prosecute those who have tramped on the Constitution and the rights of the people. I do not say this lightly as we have sacrificed to help him get elected. We are praying for he and Heidi and their family constantly. We DO NOT consider him the answer, only one man of many, that God may choose to use to answer the prayers of many.

  10. TO KELLY – Joan Masters comments above correctly set forth the extreme danger inherent in a Constitutional Convention (which must be ratified by the states) – especially during this day and age of both constitutional-deconstructionism occurring under the pretense of ‘national security,’ and Christian apathy whereby Christians do not find their God worth representing in the very representative government with which God bless them and expects them to maintain.

    What those who would modify the constitution may want to consider, is that constitution inadequacies are not what continues to slowly emaciated and deconstruct post-1800s America. We cannot remedy problems caused by all democrats and most republicans engaging in constitutional-schizophrenia while in pursuit of a ‘new national, regional, and global order,’ by changing the very constitution they selectively ignore in the name of things like national security and social-justice.

    TO ALL:
    LUKE 12:57 – YES, AND WHY, EVEN OF YOURSELVES DO YOU NOT JUDGE WHAT IS RIGHT? Far more important than electing GOP politicians who never bring restoration, is the ultimate source of that which destroys America. To know what destroys America today it is helpful to know what originally catalyzed America’s trajectory toward prosperity. Having read 72 historical sermons recorded from 1620 to 1900 (some being 50 pages), and comparing the historical sermons to the ‘works deficient’ sermons flowing out of today’s pulpits, it becomes apparent that early American Christianity was an immensely greater influence over society and government and has little in common with today’s Christianity.

    Prosperity was initially brought to America by the pre-1900s pulpits of America admonishing Christians of their obligation to engage in ‘works’ evidencing the faith is real and not assumed,’ and to fulfill the primary purpose for their existence which is to glorify God. This pressured Christians into representing Christ in society and government to the exclusion of competing and pathological world-views. This healthy fixation on ‘works’ manifested in the fight to expel British tyrants, the fight to end slavery, aid to the needy, preserving the biblically-correct portions of the Constitution, and the like, and kept America on a general but sometimes erratic trajectory toward prosperity. Conversely, it is the post-1800s American pulpits ‘editing Gods Word’ by minimize emphasis on ‘works’ that has created the ‘Christ-void’ in society and government which has been filled by lucifer and his useful-pawns who destroy America while Christians provide little opposition.

    The past century of GOP politics evidences GOP voters no longer using the ‘ORIGINAL INTENT OF AMERICA’S AMENDED CONSTITUTION’ as their MEASURE for electability and governance. Since the only MEASURE for political conservatism has been nullified, as evidenced by by GOP voters continually failing to elect constitutionalists during the primaries, ‘conservatism’ now functionally exists as being relative to ‘that which governs to the right of democrats while trash-talking Democrats.’ All the while, the GOP is paralleling democrats as democrats continually drift away from constitutionalism and toward pure democracy, national and global socialism, and with neo-fascism.

    It should also be noted that unconstitutional gun laws, abortion, government ‘health-control,’ homosexual marriage, and the like, were all deemed constitutional by rulings from individual U.S. Supreme Court justices appointed by ‘establishment’ GOP Presidents. These constitutional-deconstructionist justices appointed by GOP Presidents, sided with democrat Supreme Court appointees creating a court majority, though such rulings were blatantly in direct opposition to ‘the original intent of America’s amended constitution.’ Unconstitutional Supreme Court rulings that, up until the past a few decades, were at times overridden by the United States Congress after congress was pressured by constitutionalist GOP voters who threatened to throw their own GOP politicians out of office if they did not produce a congressional remedy to a Supreme Court poisoned with constitutional-deconstructionists.

    What is truly scary regarding the 2016 GOP primaries, is that GOP voters appear to be maintaining the century long status-quo of continuing to fail in their obligation to use past records of governance and associations as disqualifiers from electability for candidates during GOP primaries. And instead, are being manipulated by the threat of Hillary being elected, outcome-based polling anointing an ‘establishment’ candidate as “the one to beat Hillary,” and turning to opinions of ‘conservative-relativists’ anointed as ‘conservative’ by the ‘establishment’ media (FOX), along with hollow campaign and debate rhetoric the past century proves must not be trusted.

  11. I’ve heard Ted Cruz in the Senate. He is a man of integrity that is not only willing to go against the flow of his fellow republican Senators but he has gone against them time and time again when they have refused to stand up for our Constitution. He has been studying the Constitution since his teen years and will keep doing everything in his power to protect it. Cruz has fought and won for the supremacy of the laws of the United States over the laws of the United Nations and he won. He has fought for the rights of religious liberty and won. He has fought for 2nd Amendment rights and won. We need him in the White House.

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